My Dirty Little Secret

Want to know why today’s post is a vlog. Well it has something to do with my failure in a certain area. Just watch and see…

So now you know my secret. Crazy right? (wink wink.) Who would have guessed? Well, now I’m turning it over to you. What do you pretend to be good at, but maybe aren’t? What areas has God spoken to you about growing in, even when they maybe don’t seem necessary or needed? I’ve shared mine, so if you feel so inclined to share, what is your dirty little secret? I promise I won’t tell anyone.

11 thoughts on “My Dirty Little Secret”

  1. I usually never click through to Vlogs- even though it is supposed to be the “future” of blogging- I have never really cared. But you have changed my mind! Maybe it’s because you have rock-star hair and a cute voice, but I loved this!

    I share your disorganization gene, and two children has helped me (forced me) to become more organized. I wish I was organized BEFORE I had children though- that would have made the transition to motherhood so much easier! :)

    Thank you for the reminder today.

    1. Thank you from one unorganized girl to another. Has blogging helped you to personally become more organized, just curious. It sure has given me a kick in the pants.

      And hey, I only know a few people who were expert organizers pre-children and even those people got their butts kicked when baby came. Being a mom is hard.

      Maybe vlogging is in your future. I don’t want to rely on it by any means but it’s a fun break from writing. I think people feel like they get to know you more too. Since you are so stinkin’ adorable, I say vlog it up baby!

  2. Does anyone have an organizer gene? I think I was forced to learn it by one, living with a super neat freak in college and two, being a teacher. If it wasn’t for that, I’d have never learned it. Love the hair!

    1. I’m not sure but I venture to say that my husband has some kind of organization gene. I mean he LUH-VS it. But my mother-in-law, she is really the one. She had colored coded files at age 5.

      But yeah, even they have learned as they go. Thanks for the hair compliment. I am really digging it myself.

  3. Ok, For SOME reason I can’t play your Vlog… but BEFORE I read this I had to admit to myself my Dark Dirty secret was disorganization….now after reading the comments I see I am not alone, hopefully can view it soon.. plus I really want to see the hair!

  4. I am a very organized person but lately, everything has gone awry! I blame my husband. :) Seriously, though…I do!

    In different areas of our lives, we are both “free spirits.” Lately, he has been at home during the day, which is usually when I do what I need to do. I homeschool our 5-year-old, work part-time for our church and for a lawyer (both from home), I am on the beck and call of our 5-month-old, and now we are trying to blog. Obviously, my life NEEDS organization!

    I got in the habit of planning my weeks on Saturday nights. With him at home, my schedule goes out the window…so much so that in the last few weeks I haven’t even bothered to make a schedule.

    My solution? Get him out of the house during the day! No, I love having him at home; I love spending time together. I think I am just going to try and get him hip to scheduling our lives–at least a portion of it and leave a block of time for him to run us wild!

    1. My husband worked from home briefly and I hated it! It totally threw my schedule off, so I totally understand.

      You are a busy woman!And hey, if you ask me, it’s okay to blame your husband every once in a while (wink wink)

      I dig your blog too by the way! Thanks for the comment Anji!

  5. Yes, organization is a bad one for me, but I have an even darker secret. People always thought I was the perfect mom when in fact I am not. I tried to be so much. I made my own baby food, never let sweet Jonas’ eyes grace tv really until now, room mother, preschool board,Sunday school teacher,basketball coach,scheduled crazy activities around holidays to create perfect memories, even supplementing Jonas’ school curriculum with homeschooling (which bit me in the butt since our district cut gifted programming and my perfect little angel keeps getting in trouble at school). Then I finally admitted to myself that yes pre child-I LOVED children, all children. That’s because I just wanted one of my own. Now, children in general kinda annoy me. I love the children of the people I know but random children not so much. I feel awful for feeling this way,like there is something wrong with me. But, even though I work full time I still manage to volunteer in the class once a month instead of being room mom and hating it, instead of trying to coach basketball(which I know nothing about and had to Google the rules just to coach)I get to cheer the kids from the sideline which is way more fun. I think Jonas enjoys this more relaxed version of his mom that sometimes gets a holiday creative burst and plans fun things but knows that its perfectly ok to just stay in and sip hot chocolate instead of running around town just so I can list and post pics of our “perfect” memories. I am glad that I have achieved this wisdom before baby number 2 arrives in March. I will still make my own baby food because well processed food in general grosses me out plus it’s easier now than when Jonas was little. There I said it, not a perfect mom and don’t want to be.

  6. Well Misti, I have to say that I share your dirty little secret. I am far from the perfect mom and some people assume I am.

    I thought God had healed me of so many things and then I had kids and realized that, no, I was still broken and in need of His grace.

    On my bad days, I yell at them and get angry. Patience escapes me in those times. But, I am learning to forgive myself and not condemn myself but repent and move on.

    There is no such thing as a perfect mom. Jonas and your baby to be needs a mommy to love them, hug, them, affirm them, and guide/discipline them. You will do great! Don’t get down on yourself where you aren’t just focus on where you are.

    Congratulations on your new baby news! So awesome!

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