Favorite (Rebel) Things

Yes, it’s that time again… Favorite Things Friday! I have kind of been waiting for this post all week. Last week my husband and I celebrated our five year anniversary with tattoos (no, not matching ones).

I debated heavily over exactly where to place my new tattoo. My shoulder? My husband quickly nixed that idea. My foot? Kinda boring , I thought. I decided I would place one right smack dab on my forearm. The tattoo artist expressed some hesitation on wanting to place one there, since I don’t have any other tattoos. “It’s kind of a serious spot,” he said. I liked that. Here was my logic: when I am 50, a tattoo on my hip or foot would look like I was an older lady who once got a young woman’s tattoo. But if I got one on my forearm, it would always  look punk rock… now, or even when I’m 60. Hey, it may not be the most rational line of thinking, but that is what I did nonetheless.

Since I call myself a reject, I also consider myself to be a bit of a rebel. I’m no anarchist, of course, but I do dabble in a bit of danger (well, danger for a mom of two who happens to also be a believer). I think it is fun and freeing  to, every once in a while, show your rebellious side.

So, in honor of my new tattoo and the streak of rebellion in me, here are my Favorite (Rebel) Things for Friday:Music. Music has always been a way for generations to express their frustration and sentiments towards society. The Rolling Stones sang about “satisfaction,” or the lack thereof. Music is essentially began the punk rock movement including the Ramones and the Sex Pistols. I know it’s cliche, but I really do love all kinds of music. Dependent upon my mood I will listen to everything from hip-hop, to emo, to acoustic singer/songwriter melodies. Being a so-called rebel in your music choice is a lot easier these days, too, as the Internet has made discovering new music easier. What are some of your favorite “rebel” artists?

Converse sneakers. Okay, here’s the deal… I love Converse sneakers, like love them. They are perhaps a secret obsession of mine. I saw a story about a man who holds the world record for owning the most pairs of Converse. I secretly wanted to be him. He was shown sitting on a rainbow colored rug of sneakers. I once wasted an entire hour on their website drooling over all the pairs I wanted to buy for my kids and myself. Usually, when something is universally popular, I tend to avoid it. I don’t like being trendy, but Converse have broken my rules for some reason. Everyone from Kurt Cobain to Kanye West, skater kids to suburban prep school students have rocked Converse at one time or another. As the shoe company says, “Get Chucked.”

Haight Ashbury. This district in San Fransisco was once a mecca of Punk Rock activity for everything from the music to the kids who roamed the street in full punk garb. The street has transformed over the years and is now a commercial and tourist stop in San Fran, complete with a Gap. Today, while a few mohawk-wearing punks still cruise the area, it is nothing like its glory days of the 1960s. However, the punk rock essence still remains on The Haight and probably always will.

Mohawks. Who doesn’t love a good Mohawk? Sure, not everyone can pull one off, but some people do it so well. As for “fauxhawks,” they are kinda cool, but I say, if you’re gonna do it, do it right. I have even considered rocking the fauxhawk, Rhianna style, but we’ll just have to wait and see. I personally like Mr. T’s version, though. It’s a classic.

Viviene Westwood. When I was in high school, I seriously considered attending fashion school. I sketched and drew constantly, daydreaming about sending a collection down the runway. Instead, I chose political science and have never looked back. These days, the closest I get to design is the stacks of fashion magazines piled next to my bed and watching the adorable Heidi Klum on Project Runway (by the way, anybody else ticked that Gretchen won last night?). Well there are tons of designers that I love who are considered to be a bit punk rock and Avant-garde, but Vivienne Westwood is my favorite. Many credit her with single-handedly launching punk-rock fashion into the mainstream. She is personally a bit of a kook and even tied to U.K. punk rock bands, but her clothes are impeccable.

Tattoos and piercings. This one may not be a surprise, but I dig this stuff. I used to have quite a few piercings, but I have relented to my mom status and removed most of them. I would personally never be covered in tattoos, but I don’t hate on people who are. Of course, my generation and generations after me find piercings and tattoos more and more acceptable. I wonder if my kids will be interested in tattoos or if, by the time they are 18, tattoos will be considered passe?

Like I said before, I’m no anti-authoritarian punk rocker, but I do appreciate a streak of rebellion. I think stepping outside the “norms” can be both eye-opening and, well, a little cool. I’m still a mom, wife, blogger, etc., but I can live a little bit of a “dangerous” life vicariously through fashion, music, and even my newly inked tattoo. I’m content in Christ, yes, and I also happen to be a little bit of a rebel.

What are some “rebel” things you like or use? Are you a  little bit against the grain or status quo? What do you consider edgy, unusual, or a little daring in your life?

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  1. Oohhh…music. I’ve got a whole blog about that, growing up in the Christian sub-culture during my teen years…

    but the music that honestly has classified me as “rebel” has been a lot of Christian music, because I have had non-Christian friends. Heavy stuff like Living Sacrifice or Statvesacre, punk from MxPx, shoegazer from Starflyer 59, the list could go on and on.

    For my Christian friends, they were shocked, I think, that I loved the Beatles, or Metallica and Anthrax, and I’ve always loved Pearl Jam.

    Maybe like you, I’m a bit of a reject in all the circles I run in. And I kind of like it that way.

    I’ve got 7 tattoos–4 of which are Christian themed, one is in Arabic, and 2 are from my ex-marriage (our wedding band, and her initials on my wrist). Not sure when I’ll get my next one. My ears are gauged out to a 0 size, and I have to take out my plugs every day for work. But I wear them all other times, even here in the UAE. The Filipino’s seem to love them, for some reason.

    I’m not very “punk” in a traditional sense, but I love me some hard, fast, loud hardcore and punk, and I look like a crazy English school teacher. So I guess I don’t quite fit in anywhere. Glad I have a blog I can come to and find someone in a similar boat as me! :)

    1. Josh, your “punk” list is great! I love that you have 0 guages too. I dated a few double 0 guys before landing on my husband who has no piercings and until last week, no tattoos either. Funny isn’t it?

      7 tattoos is quite a few. It can be such a huge decision for some or nothing at all. For me, it was a pretty big deal.

      I dig your music taste too! Thanks for sharing Josh and yeah, it’s cool to feel like you’re not the only one. I’m glad MR is some of that for you.

  2. Fun post today Nicole, I think for the most part you probably didn’t anger any readers today, however the comments are a little less today! I guess people actually like to get all riled up and write in their heated arguments, maybe more than they admit!!

    Anyway, I am not all that rebellious, so not a whole lot to say here! Back in the day, jr. high and high school I was very much into alternative music groups – Depeche Mode and OMD my absolute favorites, saw them in concert a few times in high school. Also really liked the Cure, Smiths, New Order, etc. Does that count? I also did have 3 piercings in one ear, which at the time in the late 80’s and early 90’s was not as mainstream as it is now, it was actually a little rebelious…especially seemed that way when I told my mom that I was going to get my second piercing (only the second for heaven’s sake) and she looks at me disaprovingly and exasperated and says, “But you’re such a pretty girl….” For real, that is what she said!! Of course I gave her the standard teenage roll of the eyes and did it anyway. I WAS 18 afterall!

    In college I actually did want a tatoo, but the reason I never got one was because it had become so trendy, everyone was getting them, at least at my college, so I decided to be the “rebel” and not get one. Secretly I still desire one, and Jason does too, so maybe we’ll do the husband and wife tatoos too someday. Sounds like fun!

    Maybe the other slightly rebellious things I did, besides sneaking out of the house with my friends and walking miles across town in the middle of the night to TP someone’s house (so tame, I know!! But we were only 14), was drive down to Tijuana or Rosarito to go clubbing when we were 18-20.

    Nowadays, I love my worship music, can’t get enough, so not very rebellious there! And no more clubbing anymore, I dance in church now! The more Holy Spirit the better as far as I am concerned!!

    About the most rebellious thing I do nowadays is differ in many political views than most (dare I say almost all) evangelical Christians, and don’t hesitate to voice my opinions, even when I am the only one. I hardly look at the Christian voter guides, maybe a little bit, but I pray and try to listen to the Lord on the votes I make. For candidates, I have mostly voted Republican in the recent elections simply because certain issues that I am very conservative about seem to trump some of my liberal views in importance to me. Is it wierd that during the last presidential election I took an online quiz that lined you up with the candidate that is closest to your views, and my results from that quiz showed my top candidate to be Mike Huckabee, and a very close second was Hilary Clinton. (And not because I am for socialized healthcare, no no no), but because deep inside, my little heart is really liberal. Not very popular in Evangelical Christian circles.

    And that may be the extent of my rebelliosness. I am definitely not into mohawks, although the fohawks are kind of cute on some of the little boys, but the Mr T kind, cant’t stand!! Can we still be friends Nicole? Me with my shaggy hair, and you with your mohawk?

    1. Wow, didn’t realize my comment was so stinkin long!! Well, atleast you don’t have as many others to read today! :)

    2. Jill, you definitely have a little rebellious streak in you. I love it!

      The Cure and The Smiths are some of my favorites! Love them. And yeah, three piercings in one ear…totally rebel!

      And as for being a liberal at heart and voicing it within the Evangelical church community, well that takes guts, for sure. I don’t agree with liberalism (as last weeks post clearly established) but I respect people voicing their opinion. Saying what you believe even when it is not popular or accepted is a rebel move. Looks like you are more of a rebel than you thought!

      Thanks for commenting and sharing Jill!

  3. One of the biggest rebel things now I think to do, at least in part of the US, is to be in the Political Left and be an outspoken Christian. Very hard to be taken seriously, or listened to. But then again, in certain Christian circles, it would be very rebellious to announce yourself as a Conservative.

    But I think the biggest rebel thing of all is to state calmly that there are solid, reasonable point to both the Conservative and Liberal sides. I find that those that seek peaceful dialogue in the realms of abortion debate, or women’s right, or or or…are then condemned by both sides for being wrong. I think being non-partisan in today’s world can be a big rebellious move. :)

    (Sorry for my second posting. Not to hog it…the post above got me thinking)

    PS. Totally forgot to mention my love of the Cure. Had the shirts, most all the tapes, and then CD’s and now working on my iTunes Cure collection. It never ends….

  4. So what tattoo did you guys get?!?

    I loved your list!

    Just a random story for you-
    When I was in high school, or maybe junior high? It was really popular to cut off the top of your jeans like Britney Spears. I did it, and I wore the jeans once, but I couldn’t stand being like everyone else. I went home, threw the jeans away, but kept the waistband I had cut off, and I wore it over a pencil skirt. IT was really cute (IMO), and very rebel of me. :)

    1. I could so see you doing that with your waistband! I’m sure you rocked it too. Isn’t it funny too how some of us (like me) don’t like something when it gets trendy?

      My tattoo is of a dandelion breaking off and turning into birds. It is suppose to represent freedom in Christ…Galatians 5:1 “For freedom sake Christ set us free.” I think there aer pictures on Jon’s facebook page. I need to upload some of my own!

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