A Strange New Thing…

A Strange New Thing

Something has been happening on Modern reject lately… something mysterious and a bit concerning. Actually, it involves all of you and, to be honest, I’m not too happy about it.

For some reason, over the last few weeks, less and less of you are commenting on posts. Maybe it’s because we are approaching Christmas and everyone is really busy. Maybe you feel like you have nothing to say or add. Or maybe you are computer illiterate, like me, and aren’t actually sure how to comment.  I’m not sure, but before you think I am comment- and feedback-hungry, let me explain my concern.

I write because I like you. I really like you. My favorite part of blogging is not writing a post, but having you all respond. I so love and enjoy the ongoing conversations in the comment section of a post, like this one, or this one, or even this one.

I crave conversation with all of you. I desire to encourage and motivate, cheer you on or hold you up.

The flip side is that all of you do that for me, as well. I have been so overwhelmingly blessed by each and every one of you–your constant readership, your positive feedback, your gracious and kind words of encouragement. It seems that it is never ending.

Let me be clear, too: this is not about my ego. I desire Modern Reject to be a community. Some bloggers don’t worry about comments and have said that they desire to be writing to the Lord and only the Lord. I went through that just a couple of weeks ago.

I desire to write for the Lord, too. I have committed this blog and the success of this blog to Him. However, I also think the Lord wants Modern reject to be about relationship and community, as do I.

Modern Reject isn’t any fun, enjoyable, or worthwhile without you guys being an active part. That doesn’t mean I’m expecting all of you to comment on everything I write, every single time. I just hope you will know and realize how important it is to me and how much better you all make Modern Reject.

With that said, I also want to let you know that when I comment and say that I am praying for you… I really am. I commit to praying for each of you, whenever I know what to be praying for. It’s that simple. I don’t say, “I’ll be praying for that,” just to sound like some super-nice, good Christian. I say it because it is one of the ways I can bless you, in exchange for your blessing me.

Which leads me to today’s opportunity for you to leave a comment. (See how I did that? Tricky huh? Yeah, I’m gooood.)

Alright, it’s simple. I’d like to know how I can be praying for you. What is burdening your heart right now? Or what is God doing that you are eagerly awaiting? What do you need–peace, patience, hope, strength, joy, all of the above? Be as detailed or as general as you’d like.

I commit to be praying for each and every prayer. I will petition the Lord on your behalf because I like you. No, more like, I love you and I care and you make this blogging thing all worth it.

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32 thoughts on “A Strange New Thing…”

  1. I’m hoping for safe travels to France with my girlfriend. But more importantly, I’m hoping I can really spend the next week focusing on Christ’s advent, and the coming of the Savior into the world. The more I focus the holiday on God, the better it is, because it’s His holiday, not mine. So that’s what I’m looking forward to: a week of time spent in front of a fire, thinking about the Lord, spending time with my girlfriend, and exploring the backroads of Normandy. Merry Christmas!

    1. Josh, I love what you said: ‘it’s His holiday, not mine.” I will be praying that the next week is focused more on Him, as you enjoy the time with your girlfriend in Normandy. Blessings!

  2. I’m hoping I can get through the holidays. My brother died ten years ago December 21, and each year has been better, but I am always haunted by it.

    I also feel the pressure about gift giving. My husband is incredibly hard to buy for; it has to be either very practical or something that is very unique, and he hates getting gifts but also secretly (i suspect) dislikes being ignored. His birthday waa awful. He cancelled it in a fit of temper two days before, after I had bought his presents. So I’m pondering whether to return those presents or use them for Epiphany, or if he’ll hate those.

    Sometimes I just want to go on a trip every Christmas season and come back when it’s all over.

    1. Karen,
      One year we did “skip” Christmas, as a family. My mother was getting over the loss of my beloved stepfather and she said “will you all go on a trip at Christmas, somewhere NOT Christmas-y and help me forget the holiday?”. We did and it was WONDERFUL. It was a *tad* difficult for my little ones who still expected Santa (who we had said would not be coming) but overall, it’s the Christmas they still seem to remember the most. The trip WAS our gift. . .a gift of time, a gift of togetherness. And for me, NO STRESS. And we met families there who do it every year. That is their gift to one another. I hope to do it again in the future. I was able to relax and enjoy the season b/c although we of course were around for the holiday parties and such, there was no heavy gift-buying, no stresses about what to make for Christmas dinner, no arguments about who we would be visiting, etc. Everyone was invited and almost everyone came. Even if just you and your husband do it, stress to everyone else that you don’t want to exchange gifts, you just want to enjoy time with them with no further expectations.

    2. I’m so sorry Karen, that Christmas is still a little tough for you. My grandfather died on December 23rd and each year I watch my mom and grandmother struggle with the holidays.

      I’ll be praying for your Christmas as well as the pressure of gift-giving. I hope your husband is appreciative of whatever he receives.

      P.S. I vote a tropical vacation/no Christmas would be pretty groovy too.

  3. You don’t need to pray for me, Nicole. :) Well, if you pray for anything, please let it be for sweet Fiala, that we find out what’s at the core of her health issues.

    What I was already planning on leaving as a comment was that I totally understand you. When I started blogging (lo these many years ago!), it was just to have an outlet for my writing, and I never really considered the idea of a community. Now, I’m so there. I have definitely prayed for some of my commenters (not all of them), and have had some amazing fruit — like a dear woman staying with her husband, which I had urged her to do, when all her friends were saying to ditch him… and just yesterday, a reader sent me pictures of herself and her three happy children who just made their first gluten-free, dairy-free gingerbread house (with my recipe)… That delights me: to have an impact. I know you STARTED blogging to have an impact, and I’ve kind of fallen into the impact part of it. But each person who comments to say that I’ve made them think about something, or try something new, or drawn them to Jesus, or just found a like-minded soul… Golly, that is what compels me onward.

    1. Karen, thanks for the encouragement and understanding. It’s so nice, isn’t it to be able to bless, or encourage, or even just listen to those people we meet through blogging.

      I would have never guessed that I would have been so blessed and so invested in readers lives. I love it though and like you said, it can spur you on.

      I will continue to pray for Fiala and the root issue…sweet, sweet Fiala.

  4. Yay! I love this idea! I’m new here. I’m not even sure we’ve officially met, but we are facebok friends, and have some friends in common, so I must have found your blog that way. I never have a shortage of things to say :) but may be short on time to comment. I love the “Modern Reject is a community” idea.

    Prayers…Okay. I’ve been married for 6 weeks (YAY married!!!) and I’m loving it! But there are challenges and adjustments that are to be expected when two humans spend that much time together under one roof. Pray for a smooth transition from “mine” to “ours”. I’m so used to my time and my schedule and my space and my house and my cat and my….. and now it’s ours. I’m naturally such a selfish person. ICK!! God is showing me the areas that will create conflict if not dealt with, so please pray that He would work on my heart to change the thoughts and actions and responses that do not glorify Him. Pray that God would give me the heart of a helper and not a criticizer, and that my husband and I would grow closer through our time in the Word together.

    Also, I’m feeling a little bahumbug this year. Not so Christmasy feeling when it’s in the low 80’s still outside. Pray that I would get in the true spirit of the season and experience the real joy of Christmas. We are traveling this weekend, so please also pray for a safe trip and that we would enjoy each other. Thank you!

    1. Jinny, hello and nice to officially meet you!

      Oh, sister, I so empathize on the adjusting to marriage thing. I’m an only child and so marriage (and my stuff and my space) was a bit of an adjustment for me too.

      I will be praying for that, as well as your Christmas spirit, or lack thereof. Blessings to you Jinny.

      P.S. congratulations on your marriage.

  5. I love the sincerity in your desire to create community here. My blog is definitely not community-oriented and at times I wish it was, but I’m learning and praying about it. I don’t frequent many blogs (although I have a GAJILLION in my reader), but yours is one I visit almost daily so thank you for continuing to share your vision and process with your blog.

    Thank you for prayers. Since Thanksgiving there has been a lot of division in my family, ultimately stemming from my dad’s death in June. We have had to take a stand as believers and that has caused even more separation. God has made it so clear that we are in His will, but I still feel defeated and sometimes doubt. Pray for me to trust that the battle is won in Christ and that He will make a way for reconciliation in His time!

    Praying for your family too, and your little one who was hurt yesterday. I think that is one of my fears, too!

    1. Melissa, thank you so much for reading and contributing to Modern Reject. I am blessed by your comments and voice.

      I will absolutely be praying for your family to find peace, resolution, reconciliation, and unity. It can be so discouraging when it is your own family, but God will prevail.

      Thank you too for your prayers!

  6. unspoken….hahaha (I think there is a post about that somewhere on here).

    peace, patience, strength, hope….

    Thanks! XOXO

  7. I love commenting on your blog, although I try to restrict how often since I read it on my lunch at work.

    I’d like to ask, how can I(we, your readers) pray for you?

    For me, 2011 is going to be a big year. My husband and I are committing to a church planting launch team and I’m not yet sure what our new schedule will look like. I’m so excited and eager, but I need the Lord to show me how to be a good wife through all of it.

    Thanks for all that you do and say Nicole!

    1. Heather, what exciting things you will have in store for 2011. I hope to hear all about your adventures in church planting…and I’ll be praying.

      As for me, thanks for asking! I could always use prayer for my health–migraines and fibromyalgia symptoms. Also, next month my husband and I have some big changes in store (which I will reveal more of as we get closer). So I could use prayer for vision, wisdom, balance, and energy.

      Thanks Heather. Thank you for being a regular MR commenter. I so appreciate your contribution to the ongoing conversations. You are a blessing.

  8. Ha! Funny, funny. . .I just made a “random” post, highlighting blogs I enjoy. I highlighted yours in there and said something about I love the comment section so much b/c of all the different people who read and comment! http://jennisseasons.blogspot.com/2010/12/yep-it-was-snow-week.html
    So. . .here’s my comment. . .usually I have *tons* to say (and have before) but today it’s time to unplug and go enjoy my children. They’ve been home all week on “snow” days (you’ll have to read to understand the irony in that statement) and I haven’t been the most patient mom. Hoping the stress of my last final tonight is the cause and they’ll have a new, happy, engaged, loving mother tomorrow — the official start to winter break.
    Keep writing Nicole, you certainly have some good ideas to share!!!!

  9. I don’t want to post what I need prayer for, just to reiterate and be a testament to what you’ve written here. Modern Reject readers, listen up: she means it! She prays for you. She loves the community when you’re participating. They’re not empty words. Modern Reject isn’t about her, it’s about you.

    Nicole, keep pressing on. Never give up. It’s for the stories you hear from others. It’s for these here 9 commenters above. You compel others–and me–and I just couldn’t be prouder of you.

  10. I like it that you like people’s feedback!! So awesome. I would love prayer!! There are several things I am waiting for. Please pray conintued strength in waiting. And continued growth healing and patience for the one I am waiting for. Pray that I would have wisdom in how to be a great girlfriend and wisdom in how to best bless my boyfriend. Also pray for strength in overcoming my struggle with food. Thats a biggie. Thank you Nicole for the blog. I will be sure to comment more often because it truely blesses my life!!

  11. We (5 of us) have been living in a little granny flat for 4 1/2 years now, so I”m praying that this next year (hopefully even the next six months) brings us into the house we’ve been building (for over six years). My hubby has been busily working without pay for a year now and I’m also praying this next year brings income! He has been working with a group of guys starting up a company and they’ve all been working so hard and I pray that the product they’re producing is really well received on the market. and I pray for you my dear cousin that this wonderful site will continue to attract the right people that God brings into your web life. Love to you and your gorgeous ones!

  12. Hi Nicole, I hope that this comment can bless and enrich your life as you work toward making this blog of yours an emence blessing to all the people that read it. I am personal ask for understanding as I try and deal with whatever medical problems I am having. I really need prayer for this right now. I know something is wrong, but so far no doctors or test can come up with anything. So I ask for you to pray wisdom and strength for myself. I know God has some sort of plan, but what it is would be nice to know. Anyway God bless you guys again, I still think about the day you guys got married in our backyard. It was really nice.

  13. Hi Nicole, I hope that this comment can bless and enrich your life as you work toward making this blog of yours an enormous blessing to all the people that read it. I am personal ask for understanding as I try and deal with whatever medical problems I am having. I really need prayer for this right now. I know something is wrong, but so far no doctors or test can come up with anything. So I ask for you to pray wisdom and strength for myself. I know God has some sort of plan, but what it is would be nice to know. Anyway God bless you guys again, I still think about the day you guys got married in our backyard. It was really nice.

  14. Hi Nicole !

    I read your blog (and Jon Acuff’s) every morning before i go to sleep… yep I work nights!

    Often i think I should comment but find some excuse not to. I’ll try to be more community minded now :)

    Prayer? Yes please… I won’t go into detail, but unless some major changes happen, my marriage probably won’t last another year. Worse, its only been 2 yrs. Thanks everyone

    1. Andrew,

      My heart is burdened for you and your wife. I will continue to pray fervently for reconciliation, healing, redemption, and hope. Thank you for sharing this here and trusting me to pray for your marriage.

  15. Hey Nicole! I know I’m a day late on this, but I just wanted to let you know that even when I’m not commenting, I’m reading just about everyday. Things have been so busy the last several weeks at work and home that I just haven’t had time to comment, but I’ve been loving your posts!

    In terms of prayer… I would love some prayer for refreshment this weekend for me and also for Devin. We’ve both had really long weeks and are needing some R&R (and some time to hang around and connect with each other!). :) Thanks!

  16. I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago and am already loving it! So this post seemed like a good one to post my first comment on.

    This year I’ve made a covenant with God that I won’t let myself fall into the romantic, deep, fluttering, be-still-my-beating-heart attraction that I so often do with so many guys. Almost every time it happens, I treat it as rejection when he doesn’t like me back, and I’ve realised that I’m letting it damage my self-esteem way deep down. Like I don’t believe I’m good enough and I don’t believe anyone will ever want me. So this year I’m focussing on letting Jesus be enough for me, and letting Him be everything to me. I need to let Him show me that I am good enough for Him, and maybe one day He’ll give me a husband who believes I am good enough too.

    So my prayer request is for the here and now, that God will give me the strength to stop falling into these passing fancies, because I know they’re not good for me and they’re hurting me deep down. And that God will continue to show me that I am good enough and I am complete in Him.

    1. Hi Rachel,

      It is so nice to meet you!

      I so hear you on your prayer request. I used to struggle with very much the same thing.

      I will be praying that God–Jesus–becomes your source of fulfillment and satisfaction. That you would allow Him to be the lover of your soul and that you would find completeness in Him.

      Blessings to you Rachel…I hope to see you around here again soon.

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