Top 10 Phrases that I Never Want to Hear Again

Top 10 Phrases

The last couple of days on Modern Reject, I have written about some heavy and somewhat controversial issues. I needed a break and figured you all did, too. So, today’s post is me letting off some steam and complaining about the Top 10 Phrases that  I never want to hear again. I hope you enjoy, but secretly, I hope that, if you are guilty of using any of these phrases, you will stop, so we can rid them from pop culture. (Wink wink.) What phrases do you never want to hear again? Be sure to add them to the comments!

1. Got _____? Honestly, how is this phrase still in existence? The original “Got milk?” ad was launched in 1993. That was 17 years ago. 17 years! Good Lord, can’t people think of anything else? I’ve seen it used for any and everything from landscaping to medical care. Churches are the worst, and they continue to hang onto this phrase with t-shirts and mugs printed and embossed with “Got Jesus?” How effective is that really? Is someone in your office going to pass by your cubicle while you are sipping chamomile tea from your Got Jesus mug, glance at it, and say, “Hey, you know what? I don’t got Jesus, but I’m gonna get Him.” How ‘bout a mug that just says “Jesus” on it? For the love, please kill the “Got.”

Top 10 phrases

2. Go with the flow. This phrase was submitted by one of my friends who really dislikes this expression. I find it mildly annoying, I admit, when people who are attempting to calm you down or redirect your opinion will say, “Just go with the flow.” Usually, what people really mean is “Just do what I say,” or “Just do what I’m asking you to do, not what you want to do.”

3. It is what it is. This expression is a newer one, but man, has it taken the mainstream by storm. I first heard this phrase two seasons ago on Top Chef (one of my very favorite reality shows). It annoyed me then and it really annoys me now. What does it even mean? People throw this phrase around as some kind of trump statement that they think justifies them not having to answer the question. Are you upset that you lost the competition? It is what it is. Do you think you could have performed better? It is what it is. Who’s to blame for the economic downturn? It is what it is. No, Obama hasn’t actually said that, but he might as well.

4. It’s all good. This is an oldie, but not a goodie. I could definitely see this one die and not return. The worst part of this particular expression is people’s apparent need to place emphasis on the “all,” or the “good,” or worse, both. It becomes “It’s all gooood.” Kill me, kill me now.

5. Ramblings, musings, rants, etc. Okay, I may hurt the feelings of a few bloggers with this one, but I just can’t stay silent anymore. I apologize in advance if I hurt your feelings. Please do not take it personally. The problem with these words is, at least in the blogosphere, they are used overused, that they have become trite. Can’t you come up with something better than, “The musings of a girl named Jane” or “Robby’s Ramblings”?!

6. Omg and lol. Do I really need to explain why these are so horrible? It extends so far beyond those two as well, into the weird world of text abbreviations–things like ROFL, BTW, YNK. I could go off on a tangent, but I’ll just leave it at this… they must DIE!

7.  X-treme. This word covers a multitude of grammatical sins we commit daily. Why do we think that, if we drop the “E” and capitalize the “X”, it is somehow a cooler word? It’s not. It still says “extreme,” but now it is just spelled wrong. Americans do this all the time: Kids Kuts, Kool Kidz, Kidz Klub—and those are just the “kid” examples. How about instead of misspelling something, people try to instead create a catchy and unique name, title, or trademark?

8. I’m the kind of person who… This one others might not sympathize with, but this one gets under my skin for some reason. I feel as though people use this phrase, often when they are about to list some excuse as to why they do something unattractive or uncool. Oh, you are quick to judge people, but you say something like this, “Well, I’m the kind of person who just likes you right away or doesn’t.” Or you are the guy or girl who can’t be on time for anything and you say, “I’m the type of person who just takes my time and gets there when I get there.” Beyond frustrating. Take some responsibility and be honest. Say, “I’m the kind of person who has a lot of excuses for why I do or do not do something and pass them off as my personality rather than my responsibility.” That would be honest.

9. Git ‘er done. The fact that this phrase has lasted as long as it has is either a testament to the power of Larry the Cable Guy, or a statement on the absurdity of the American people. Either way, it’s a little scary.

10. You go, girl. This is the winning phrase. I asked on Facebook and Twitter for people to submit their least favorite phrases. I chose ,”You go, girl,” submitted by Danielle Hilgendorf, because I find it to be like nails on a chalkboard. Its overuse is astonishing and I am voting for this phrase to be retired from now on.

So the obvious question is… What are some phrases that you would like to never hear again? What kills you or makes you squirm? Any old school phrases you’d like to BRING BACK, like Mr. T’s “I pity the fool!”? Share!

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64 thoughts on “Top 10 Phrases that I Never Want to Hear Again”

  1. I thought of another one. I really can’t stand where in social networking “About Me” sections, girls preface their information with, “I’m not like most girls.”

    MOST GIRLS write things like that. Therefore it’s null and void. Sure, fine, you’re an individual. You’re unique. But for the LOVE, please stop having to point out that you’re not like most girls, when in fact, using that very phrase makes you just like most girls.

    Phew, glad I could get that off my chest.

    1. So good Brittany! I was smiling and nodding my head as I read your comment.

      Everyone tries to make themselves sound like an individual, which is understandable, but it’s also okay to be like other people too. Sometimes what we have in common is more important than what we don’t.

      Now, excuse me while I go check my about page just to make sure I don’t have an incriminating line about being “unique”, in there. EEK!

      1. I’ve got some more! (I tell ya, I’ve been thinking of these/discussing them with co-workers all day! Haha!)

        “That’s just the way the cookie crumbles.” (What kind of cookies are we talking here? And if you’re going to offer me some lame-o catch phrase instead of real consolation or encouragement, please actually give me some of those crumbly cookies, as they’d be more sensitive to my feelings.)

        “Ya win some, ya lose some.” (Is this supposed to be comforting?)

        “I’m just saying.” (We know you just said it. We were there.)

    2. I have one, special for you, Brittany. I hate it when people use the phrase, “for the LOVE…” and don’t finish with “…of God”, probably because they’re either mormon or disabled or a disabled mormon.

    1. I don’t know the “do work” one. When and where is that one used? Sounds like an office place expression like FYI.

      “Gotta do what you gotta do” is pretty annoying and it means nothing! I hate those kind of expressions, sorry excuses for a statement. Thanks Kelly for adding those!

      1. Wait! I am truly laughing out loud on this one. What is an “extremely black person? I have never heard the phrase do work. I guess that makes me just black and not extremely black (no offended at all, by the way) just thought it was hilarious).

  2. On point number seven you touch on a topic near and dear to my heart. At my son’s pre-school, where he is supposed be learning about reading and writing, the big sign on the front as you enter the building reads “Kid Kountry”. Not cool. (is it okay if I say “not cool” or does that have to go to?)

    Anyway, that’s my rant ;-)

    1. I know, it is so a*# backwards. Don’t they realize that they are hindering kids in their ability to read?

      On the flip side though, Chic Filet, has their cow mascots misspell “chicken”. Apparently teachers write in all the time and complain. The company has stuck by their guns though and sends concerned parents and teachers work sheets with the misspellings to encourage kids to spell the words correctly. Smart.

      And “not cool” is still cool…in my opinion anyway.

    1. Who still says or writs J/K? If you know those people, stop hanging out with them.

      I totally agree with “Forget about it” with an Italian accent! Hilarious! Great addition to the list!

  3. I don’t intend to steal your thunder here, but you set me off on this one (many of these are grounded in verbal laziness):

    “Vacay” – short for vacation.
    “Cali” – short for California.
    “Boss” – e.g. “Hey boss, thanks for shopping with us boss.”
    “Son” – When old people call me son.
    “_____ justice” – Justice is the new buzzword for socialism.
    “at the end of the day” – people will stop using this.
    “Now I’m not a ________, but” – This phrase is used right before someone says something that would identify them as something they claim not to be.
    “frenemy” – Please stop now.

    So many more I could add, but I’m just glad that I call my blog “mental vomit.”

    1. Okay, honestly, you did steal my thunder a little and I’m a little peeved you had to actually go and point it out! You win Joey! Best list. I’m retiring…but before I do…

      Let me just agree with you on the shortening of words like vacation to vaycay irks me. “Delish” kills me but “Casz?” For casual makes me want to get a gun. Is casual so long a word that we need to shorten it to some kind of epileptic slur?

      I agree on “____ justice” too. That is a great observation, so astute…like I said, you win! Not that’s it a competition or anything, but I’ll be shipping you your trophy next week.

    2. Yes! I notice all the time that people say “I’m not_____________, but……

      Usually the word “prejudiced” fills that blank, right before someone makes a prejudiced statement.

  4. Finally someone tells it like it is about X-treme! Wait… was “tells it like it is” on your runners up list?! Crap.

  5. Sooo funny, even though I am way guilty of using the LOL a lot but in defense of the LOL it is hard to convey tone in a text and that is my attempt at keeping it light and breezy. Can I take this time to mention one of my favorite phrases? “because I said so” especially when said to my own child.

  6. I think “I’m the kind of person who” and “go with the flow” go nicely together… basically giving yourself an excuse to treat others badly…

    Such as, sorry we always cancel on you last minute… we just like it to be “go with the flow”…..

  7. What’s wrong with J/K? What if you really are just kidding? Do you have to write out the whole words? Or do you just not kid anymore…unsure…or are you referring to when someone makes a mistake and then says “Just kidding!”…

    How about the phrase “NOT!” That kind of bugs…oh wait, is “bugs” out too?

    I want to nominate a word to bring back: Rad! heehee, I didn’t get enough of it in the 80’s!

  8. Oooh, I am so with you on the ramblings/musings thing. That does SO not not make me want to read that person’s blog. I have purposefully avoided saying anything like that on mine. It was old five years ago, when I started blogging, but apparently, too few have gotten the memo.

    My friend Chris came up with a more honest version of LOL: SQUMB. “Snickering quietly under my breath.” He found he was too often typing LOL when he wasn’t truly laughing out loud. Any more, even when I am laughing out loud, I won’t put “LOL” because it’s so over-used that no one would believe I’m really laughing.

    I have never given any thought to “I’m the kind of person who…” but I can understand your point. I’m totally against any kind of passive voice in speaking or writing. MAN UP (unless that has been over-used) and accept responsibility for what you’re thinking and feeling!!

    Along that line, this isn’t really a phrase, but what annoys the h#ll out of me (and, yes, that’s as close as I come to cussing, and yes, it annoys me that badly) is people talking in 2nd person when clearly, they are referring to themselves: “Sometimes, when you get frustrated with other drivers, you just gotta cut them off.” Well, no, actually, I don’t have to do that, but apparently, you do!!

    (One day, Nicole, I’ll have a really short comment, and you’ll be shocked.)

    1. I just totally lol-ed as I read your comment. My eyebrows went up and my mouth fell open at your almost expletive! It really did let me know how much you dislike the 2nd person…um, person… ’cause I have never seen you type that before. I love it, for the record (gosh, should “for the record” be on the list? everything is suspect now)

      Short comments not required, by the way. I always enjoy every word you write!

  9. I hate when people use the word “literally” incorrectly. Did it really, literally give you a heart attack? Did you really, literally pee your pants? Do you really, literally not know what the word “literally” means?

  10. Ok first of all, I’m the kind of person who… haha no but seriously- I love to make up new “abbrevs” and confuse people with them. One of my favorites is “Don’t be self-conch!” …get it? “self-conscious”? So I’m gonna have to disagree with you on the “Omg and lol” part… i think they’re presh. :)

    But here are my 3 most annoying phrases:

    1. “I’m just sayin'” – SERIOUSLY?! what does that even mean??? i think someone might have already mentioned that one, but it infuriates me SO badly that I had to “ditto”.

    2. People who quote Romans 8:28 to you when you’re going through something really hard. It is cliche and trite. I’m not saying Scripture is cliche and trite, but if you don’t know what to say to someone, PLEASE resist the urge to “wax theological” and spout that verse.

    3. And possibly the worst one: “I could care less”

    Really? Could you really care less? Then go ahead! PLEASE for the love of all that is holy, CARE LESS! If you “couldn’t care less,” then I’d actually be able to understand your level of apathy, but “I could care less” means NOTHING to me. Ridiculous.

  11. One phrase that I’m sooo sick of hearing, and I hear it multiple times a day, is ‘how are you doing.’ It is just thrown at me when someone I know, or work with, would pass by. Why can’t they just say hi?? They really aren’t wondering how you are doing cause once I actually answered them and they looked at me stupidly so what is the point???

    1. Dude, I had the same thought. I know for a fact, that I have written some, if not all of these, at one point. I’m mildly ashamed but I’m going to make changes moving forward. It’s all about the future.

      You’re funnier.

    1. Thank you for bringing these up! I can’t believe no one else did yet. I am already sick of “epic” and “game changer” is getting there. I agree on “Do work, son” being reserved for black folks. Seriously.

  12. OK, I know I am late. I stumbled across your nifty little site and started reading. I usually don’t post my opinions in fear of being publicly humiliated but I can’t keep this one in. I am TRULY hoping that a majority of the intercontinental population read this and hear my cries!

    “I’m not gonna lie…” AHHH I immediatly judge any person I hear say this. I would rather pierce my ears with a rusty nail or eat glass muffins than ever hear this again!Please Nicole…make it stop!! PLEASE!

    I’m not gonna lie, I never want to hear this again…AHHH Its contagious…I caught I’m not gonna lie! I have to go slam my head in my bathroom door before my son wakes up!

    1. Oh my gosh, your comment had me laughing. Ahh…good stuff. I’m surprised no one added “not gonna lie.”

      I know I am guilty of this one. I’m not gonna lie…uh, sorry. It just flows naturally from the lips and fingertips as I type.

      Hopefully this post will be an international success and millions of people will see and feel compelled to stop saying “I’m not gonna lie.” But if not, I’ll pray for you!

      Thanks for commenting Danielle! I hope you comment more because you are hilarious!

  13. Ug…I can’t stand “Make no mistake about it.” I think I started hating it when George Bush said it ALL the time.

  14. There is one highly annoying one everyone seemes to have missed. “Just so you know…”. Really? Why is this gem of a phrase necessary? Why else whould your lips be flapping?

    Now you know what sets me off…just so you know!

  15. Like, I’m sorry this is, like, so late. Like, you have gotten so many, like, great replies and I, like, really like your blog. But there is, like, one thing I would really like to see disappear. Like, why do so many people use “like”, like, the wrong way? I, like, hate it. Like, it makes you sound so, like, a stupid adolescent. But even, like, adults still say “like”, like, way too much. Puh-leeeeeeeese!

  16. i love these lists lol. one that i hate, being single is the word “typical”
    I.E. “i’m not the typical girl” would be something that a girl that’s trying to make herself more attractive say to me..
    -or: “you’re a typical guy”.. yep, bitch, you caught me, i’m typical, just like the rest and just like the other guys you called typical i’m gonna go now before i bunch someone in the teeth.

    there are way more examples of words to be expelled but i will probably think of them later -_-

  17. Ha! You slammed me in so many of these!!! Especially #5. The title of my blog is….wait for it…..MINDFUL RAMBLINGS. (Here comes #6) Lol. I actually thought I was being pretty original at the time but it has served as a bit of a muddled outlet for me. Ramblings and all.

    (here’s another one to add to the list) I’m just keeping’ it real.

  18. I absolutely hate the it is what it is. My husband used to say that ALL of the time. I would simply ask in return”well, what is it? Cause I ain’t got a clue”

    Here is another I hear quite often amongst the black community. Instead of saying mine people will say mines. Like, this is mines, as in, it belongs to me. You would think this is just a grammatical error amongst the uneducated but I have heard this so many times from degreed individuals that its not even funny.

    This is mines. Who is Mines? I don’t know who that is! STOP IT, please STOP IT!

  19. Theses phrase are very much abused in the inner circles here at the ministry recovering discipleship home. The students are often seeing these as there methodology for what they either don’t necessarily know how to discuss or uncomfortable with discussing. Intimidated

  20. Re: “it is what it is.” I started out hating this one, too. It’s a tautology! Of COURSE it is what it is? How could it possibly *not* be what it is?? But here’s where I’ve come around on it: it’s deeply Stoic. I think the right use of this phrase is to exhort someone to accept the state of affairs with which they are presented. It’s all too easy to spend our time mentally or emotionally resisting some circumstance or other, and if it can’t be changed, that resistance is pointless! You can kick against reality all you want, but you’ll just end up with bloody toes. Sometimes we just have to accept That Which Is, and get on with our lives. In those circumstances, I find “it is what it is,” a helpful reminder that this is, after all, the situation at hand, and it must be reckoned with.

  21. Please stop the “can we all just get along, give it a rest, girl boo.” I could go on for hours.

  22. “He/she needs to step up to the plate.” My co-workers and I are a “team”, and the daily mid-morning meeting is called a “huddle”. Not everyone is a baseball fan! Not everyone is motivated or feels solidarity when bombarded by sports terms!

  23. These are some of the expressions that get under my skin: “I’m not gonna lie”, “honestly”,”absolutely”,”amazing”,”really”,”Wow”,”No. Just no.”, “troll”, etc.

  24. One that has always bugged me is making statements in the form of of a Question…… such as….. “Well how fun is this list?” “Well, How cute are you?” ……… never cared for that habit…… I do want to defend the use of LOL…. I resisted that one for years… I would reply with smiley faces, or chuckle, Bwaharhar, anything but LOL….. however the writer word is missing voice inflection and a face….. so if you are being light, nothing really says it better then LOL… “I could say, this list is nuts”…. nobody would still know how I felt about it…. but if I say.. “this list is nuts LOL”… then my intent is clear, a wink wouldn’t have worked, nor a smile face…… LOL does…. so I started using it.. and rarely am I truly laughing out loud, and I sure as Hell aren’t Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off .. it’s one that I think is necessary just like if you want to scream at somebody CAPS is the way to do it….

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