Favotite (Creepy) Things

There are some things in life that just creep me out and give me the heebie jeebie’s, like clowns. How ’bout you? So no, this is not really my favorite creepy things, so much as the creepy things that creep me out best.

I hope you add your own skin-crawling, freaky, weird, sorta-makes-you-uncomfortable, things to the list. With out further ado, my Favorite (Creepy) Things for Friday:

Spandex. How is this material still produced and better yet, why are there individuals still wearing it? Forget that, not only why are they still wearing it, but why do they feel the need to wear it in public? Eek!

Clowns. The aforementioned clowns, I think fall on my people’s “creepy” list. They are scary even. My daughter at age 2 was instinctively scared of clowns and would cry at McDonald’s commercials when Ronald would appear. It took me months of convincing her that he was a nice clown (not a flesh-eating zombie clown like I’m sure she assumed) before she would crack a small grin at the sight of him. Don’t even get me started on the movie It...one of the biggest adolescent mistakes of my life. I thought I was tough.

Vans. Okay, maybe I have seen too many movies, a la Silence of the Lambs and read too much about Bundy in my lifetime, but I do not like vans…vans with their dark-tinted windows and shady looking drivers. No thank you. I will never park next to one in a parking lot. Call me crazy or call me awesomely cautious and appropriately creeped-out.

Pageant girls. There is perhaps nothing creepier than the abnormal, frozen, big-toothed, make-up plastered, glossy-eyed faces of the little girls who are pageant participants. I watched that reality show once that chronicles these girls and their families. It was like an accident. I couldn’t look away. Occasionally, I guess, there is a girl who is made-under and whose mom prefers the all-natural look. I cheered for that girl.

Comb overs. Don’t men realize by now that the “comb-over” has become a staple in American joke-making. They are not cool, nor sexy, nor respectful. They are desperate, and awkward, and super-creepy.

Doll collections. I don’t have anything against dolls, per se. However large, vast, house-consuming doll collections creep me out. Their little beady dolls eyes watching you. Their frozen expressions…it’s all too much. I guess my thing will doll collections  is sort of a cross between pageant girls and clowns. Hmm…I see a theme developing here.

Okay, so lay it on me. Make me laugh. What are some of your Favorite (Creepy) Things? And by favorite, I mean not-so-favorite?

Psssst- Be sure to be here Monday, when I will be making a gigantic, awesome, super-cool announcement!

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17 thoughts on “Favotite (Creepy) Things”

  1. The show “Hoarders” on A&E, which is creepy in and of itself, had an episode about a woman who hoarded dolls. They were everywhere. You couldn’t walk because there were dolls everywhere. The therapist that was trying to help this woman slipped and an avalanche of dolls came down on him, had he been alone he wouldn’t be able to get out. Creepy squared.

    On the subject of adolescent horror flicks, after watching Stephan King’s “Chilren of the Corn” I’ll never meander through a corn field again. Corn mazes…no thanks.

    I’m quite intrigued about your announcement…can’t wait! Can you give a hint?

    1. I almost put “Hoarders” on this list, but I didn’t want to offend any potential hoarding readers I might have.

      That episode you described downright sounds like a house of horrors. If I saw that episode, I’d have nightmares for a week.

      Ooh, “Children of the Corn”. Yes! Uber-creepy kids.

      I’d love to give you a hint, but I just can’t. It’ll be way more fun for you to find out on Monday. xo

  2. Oh wow, that pageant girl picture you used is crazy!!! Every time I tried to think of something creepy to write here, I just kept coming up with different Zach Galifianakis characters.

  3. Hairballs. Especially ones from the drain. Don’t know why, they just creep me out.

    And I’m SO with you on clowns. “It” did it for me too…but there have been plenty of other contributors.

  4. Oh. I have a certain nephew who HATED clowns as a young boy. (His name starts with an R and ends with an N), but I’m not saying who.

    And as the bumper sticker says, “Spandex is a privilege not a right.”

    I saw that Hoarders show with the dolls too. Dang. It was late at night and I was sick which made the show even scarier. I have some friends who I consider hoarders, but compared to the people on that show, they are quite normal.

    1. I did not know that about a certain unnamed cousin of mine. Good to know. he he…

      Love that bumper sticker! Although I’d do away with the stuff altogether if I could.

      Never watch Hoarders when sick or emotionally compromised. It can be a dangerous combination. wink wink. And yes, those we might consider hoarders look like simple collectors or messy people, compared to the people on that show. Ahh, nothing like a little perspective.

  5. Just found your blog through Laura Parker, and love it! Great place you have here, and I agree with every creepy thing on this list. . .except spandex, not that I like spandex. It doesn’t make me feel creeped out just a little sad ???. Random. Maybe sad for the people wearing it, who knows!

  6. You know, I’m not easily creeped. But the ONE thing that does it, are multi-legged bugs. Centipedes or millipedes can have me screaming towards the kitchen table or nearest big man. I can’ (and have) stomped spiders, dealt with 5 ft long black racing snakes, and killed a HUGE wolf rat (we’re talking, small chihuahua size here, I am NOT playing) and disposed of it. I’m not a squealy girly girl. But I HATE bugs with more legs than I have brain cells!
    ps: IT’s Monday already, hurry up!!

    1. Roaches are my bug worthy of screaming my head off. I simply turn into a big, crying baby. I happen to live in Scottsdale which is notorious for it’s “roach population” and even has a roach hotline due to the number of yucky crawlies.

      Same thing, snakes don’t bother me nor do spiders (although a puppy sized rat might) but roaches…. Eek!

      PS I know it’s Monday and for some reason my post didn’t que up and post when it wad suppose to, but that’s fixed now. Come back and read my big announcement!!!

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