An Interview with a Reject

One of my very first blogging friends, Moe from Beta Christian, asked to interview me for a series of Christian blogger interviews. Of course, I said, “Yes.”

He was looking to add some estrogen to the mix and I was game. The questions he asked me are, well, unconventional. What will you learn about me from this interview?  How about the fact that I would eat a parakeet if I had to. I hate ketchup. The thing that most frustrates me about the Church, but also the thing I love most…and a whole bunch of other stuff.

So please, go check out the interview. Leave a comment. Share some love. Ask more questions. Be a reject, too.

6 thoughts on “An Interview with a Reject”

    1. Yes! It’s not the greatest can’t see one of the birds on the top. There are 4 to represent my kids, Jon and I. I’ll need to add another bird for lil’ baby bean.

      I posted the pic on my Modern Reject Facebook page, just for you!

  1. Thank you Nicole for allowing me to interview you. You are a rock star! Love your lack of hesitation and the willingness to answer some of the silliest and some of the serious questions. I hope you had fun… I certainly did.

    Oh, and for the record, Parakeet tastes just like chicken! :)

    1. Thanks for asking me, Moe, and letting me add the estrogen.

      I loved your questions and had a fun time getting to meet some of your readers. They rock.

      P.S. I hope I never find out what a parakeet tastes like.

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