This One Goes Out to All the Moms…{Happy Mother’s Day}

This one goes out to all the mommies out there…

To every mom who has sacrificed her body to stretch marks, baby weight, and labor pains.

To every mom who has woken up for middle-of-the-night feedings and woken up just to make sure that little baby is still breathing.

To every mom who has watched helplessly as her child learns to do something new for the first time…wanting to step in, but allowing their “baby” to learn for themselves.

To every mom… who has dragged herself from her warm sheets, when the rest of the world was asleep, to make breakfast, pack a lunch, and begin getting her household ready.

To every mom who has cuddled a crying child in the dark, reassuring them that there really are no monsters under the bed or in the closet.

To every mom who has left behind an exciting career to wipe bottoms, noses, and sticky fingers.

To every mom who works outside of the home and still manages to cook dinner, fold laundry, and tuck her kids into bed each night.

To every mom who has ever wondered if 4:30 p.m. is too early to put her kids to bed for the night.

To every mom who has served cereal, PB&Js, or nuked hot dogs for dinner because, sometimes, that’s the best a mom can do.

To every mom who tirelessly disciplines her child again and again for the same thing, knowing that consistency is key.

To every mom who has laid awake in bed at night praying for her child.

To every mom who has been covered in poop, boogers, vomit, or the dreaded combination thereof.

To every mom who knows each and every little quirk her child holds, from their sleeping habits, to their favorite foods, to the cute way they [fill in your blank here].

To every mom whose heart swells with love and pride at the sight or thought of her children.

To every mom who has played countless hours of “princess,” “swords,” “house,” or “bad guys and good guys.”

To every mom who has refrained herself from bragging about her kids, when she could for hours, because she didn’t want to be “that mom.”

To every mom who has sacrificed her own dreams for those of her children.

To every mom—whether by birth, adoption, or spiritual—Happy Mother’s Day…

…and thank you for joining the priceless, undeniably beautiful “motherhood club.” We are all richer that you are here.

7 thoughts on “This One Goes Out to All the Moms…{Happy Mother’s Day}”

  1. Me: *gives dirty look*
    Mom: That look doesn’t work on me. I invented that look.

    My mom, especially when I was young, was always very clear about who ran the place. But she also spoke to me like an adult. She used big words and big concepts, and didn’t shy away from talking about hard things. She somehow managed to be an authority figure when I needed it, and my best friend when I needed it. And most valuable of all, she taught me to love God.

    I am a bit of a mama’s boy. And proud of it. Such a great post Nicole. Happy Mom’s day to all of the amazing women who do the near-impossible every day.

    1. Gosh, I love that response from your mom. It sounds like something I would say actually.

      My mom is a no-nonsense type mom too, so I relate.

      Your mom sounds great Josh. I hope she knows how much you love her…and I secretly hope my son is a mommas boy, just like you.

  2. This one goes to you, Nicole…

    For every day that you don’t get the sleep that you so desperately need.

    For every day that you don’t feel like you’ll “make it” through, energy-wise, but rely on the Lord’s strength to get through it.

    For being pregnant while taking care of two other little people.

    For always making sure I’m taken care of, the kids are taken care of, and then your blog is–in that order. How you do it, I’m not sure.

    For being consistent in disciplining our children.

    For growing in patience.

    For saying sorry to our children when you’re wrong (rare) and making them sorry when they are (often).

    For the days you want to nap, but can’t due to one of the kids misbehaving or waking up earlier than expected.

    For making sure the house is clean even when the kids seem to be undoing every bit of work right behind you.

    For doing laundry. Dishes. Cleaning bathrooms. Making our house a home.

    For I love you. I’m amazed by. I’m thankful for you. I need you and our kids need you. xoxo

    – Thank you, Lord, for this amazing disciple, woman, wife, and mother.

  3. Sung to the tune of “The One I Love” by REM:

    -This one goes out to the mom I love

    This one goes out to the mom who gave me life

    A simple song,

    just to make her smile

    This one goes out to the mom I love…

    Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms! We wouldn’t be here without ya!

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