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Frieday Findings on Modern RejectHappy Friday! I don’t know about you, but this week flew by. You may have noticed some changes here on Modern Reject. My little blog went and got herself a facelift. There are a few more changes to come over the next few days, so stay tuned.

Also, early next week I’ll be hosting the first ever Modern Reject giveaway, in honor of my new and spiffy blog design. I’ll be giving away a slew of goodies, so be sure to check back because you won’t wan to miss it.

Last week on Friday Findings, I mentioned Ally Spotts to you, a blogger extraordinaire.Today, my husband and I are actually guest posting for her. We are the addressing the issue of whether or not you can (or should) have friends of the opposite sex once you are married. We’d love to hear your thoughts! So please, hop on over and share some comment love.

Some other posts that caught my eye this week that you might be interested in:

An Ironic Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum by Matt Appling of The Church of No People. Matt continues to be one of my favorite bloggers because he churns out posts like this, asking the question: Why has Generation X become so cynical?

On the Halloween front, a funny clip of the Colbert Report and a new holiday called Jesus-ween via Jesus Need New PR.

And I’m sure the dudes reading don’t care, but here are two of my new favorite design and diy blogs, Lovely Indeed and Prudent Baby. They inspire me and make me realize just how lazy I am when it comes to being crafty.

Lastly, my favorite new Christian blog, by a man named Sammy Adebiyi. Sammy is a no nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is, in love with Jesus man. In a lot of ways, he’s like the male version of Modern Reject, in that we are very like-minded. I hope you like his writing as much as I do.

What did you discover this week? Anything caught your eye that you’re dying to share? And while we’re at it, any plans for Halloween (or Jesus-ween)? Tell me!


8 thoughts on “Friday Findings”

  1. Francis Chan’s book that was released not too long ago, Erasing Hell. It’s a follow-up book to Rob Bell’s Love Wins that, so far, has incredible humility and depth of theology, and really presents the whole heaven/hell situation in a light that is both tasteful, honest, and direct.

    1. Josh,
      Yes! I love Francis Chan. I have been slowly working my way through Crazy Love. I think your description of the book is a perfect description of Chan himself–humility and depth. Four of my family members have heard him speak in the last 2 months and have shared with me their experiences. He seems to be every bit as humble, Spirit-filled and Spirit-led as a man can be. I think he is a tremendous voice for Christ. I’ll take your recommendation and add Erasing Hell to my must-read list.

      PS I’m glad to see you around here. I’ve missed your insight and voice. Blessings friend.

  2. Today I was browsing around my local book store when I found a book called, “Meeting Jesus Again For the First Time” by Marcus Borg. In the past I’ve avoided Borg since he says it doesn’t really matter to him whether or not Jesus physically rose from the dead. But after this past week’s spiritual crisis, I’m looking for all the help I can get!

    1. That book sounds interesting, minus the dude’s belief that Jesus didn’t rise from the grave. Let me know how it it. And I feel bad asking, like I should know or something, but what spiritual crisis?!!

  3. Random comment on a post I didn’t read (yet)

    Hi. I’m Andrew. I am a believer in Christ. I shudder to consider myself a Christian, although in North American lingo I am. I go to church weekly, I sing the songs, I read my Bible, and I pray.

    I’ve been a Christian for most of my life. But lately I’ve been wanting to drop the Christian-ese, and the crap and the religion and the games…. and find GOD. Sometimes I poke at things I’m not supposed to, or ask questions about things people like to keep hidden. Sometimes I get poked back and I get mad. Sometimes I get poked back and I have to stop and think about why I’m upset… and if I’m upset because “I” was wronged, or if my religion was wronged, or if… maybe, rarely, that I’m upset because something is WRONG according to the Bible, but “ok” according to Christian culture.

    And sometimes I’m amazed at us Christians in good ways. Other times amazed at the hostility, the aloofness (is that a word?) or the apathy.

    Most times I’m way to apathetic, period. But I know truth (in the long run) is the only way to go. Am I a “truth seeking ninja”? No, not most of the time. But I do appreciate honest conversation. I appreciate honest confrontation for the sake of honesty. I cannot stand confrontation for the sake of confrontation, or arguing for the sake of arguing.

    Hi, I’m Andrew. I don’t have a cool blogger name. I have a blog I write in every few months. But I think I like where you’re going Nicole. And I think I want to stumble along the journey you’re on. I may not like every step. I’ll probably get upset when you trip me up. But I think I can trust your heart that every trip will be to make sure I know that I’m stepping on firm ground, and not stepping into the nasty quicksand of religion…. aka Christian-ese.

    So, I guess I’m gonna say thanks, in advance. I look forward to reading your posts, and I may not comment a lot (hello, introvert) I’m pretty sure I’ll say something once in a while….


    1. Andrew,
      You sound like my kinda guy. We seem like-minded, for sure. Thank you for introducing yourself and for the kind and encouraging words.

      I’m glad you’re willing to come along for the ride. And from one introvert to another, I totally understand, but I’ll be glad to see your comments from time to time.


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