The Twitter Gospel

In our high-tech, digital, on-line worlds we have begun to abbreviate everything. Our relationships are virtual. Our messages are edited. Our off line life rivals our on-line persona.

The generations coming up are completely enveloped in their on-line and technologically created worlds. A text message is the new 5-page letter. A “like” is the new customer review. A tweet is the new word of mouth endorsement.

And where does the Gospel fit into all of this? Have we begun to shorten the message of the risen King in order to cram it into 140 characters? Do we need to?

If we expect to capture the attention of the now 12 year-olds, we may need to do just that. When I think of this as a necessity however, I cringe.

I don’t want to abbreviate Christ. But then I wonder–isn’t the Gospel still just as powerful and trans-formative whether it is 140 characters or a 140 pages?

Isn’t God perfectly capable of using–dare I say it–social media to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Now, if I’m being honest, it isn’t my preference. But I also acknowledge that social media and the edited, succinct, and stripped down messages they produce, are the future…like it or not.

I admit too, that I have caught myself needing to carefully edit my tweets, so as to fully express my thoughts without going over the painful limitation of a 140 characters. It ain’t always easy and the ampersand (&) comes in quite handy.

With that said, I’m willing to give it a go. Here is my version of the Gospel in 140 characters:

Jesus came to earth fully God & fully man, died on a cross & lived again to rescue you from yourself & to free you from sin’s grip.

…140 characters. Ka-blam. It wasn’t easy. It took me a few. And now, if you are so inclined, please share your 140 character version of the Gospel. Remember, it’s characters, not words. Commas, apostrophes, and periods count.

I don’t want to edit God. I never want to assume He can fit into any box. We don’t serve a one size fits all God. But certainly He can use technology and the constraints it produces, at times, to bring Himself Glory. God is bigger than Facebook, Twitter, and even Google. There, I said it.

Do you think the Gospel can be or should be abbreviated? What are some ways to use social media to reach the younger generations?

22 thoughts on “The Twitter Gospel”

  1. Nicole, I totally agree with you but in today’s age of communication I think it’s necessary. What I try to do is provide enough information, whether tweet, facebook status, or blog post, to get people to ask questions that I can then dive deeper into the discussion face to face.

    We aren’t abbreviating the gospel if we keep the end goal of having a real discussion down the road.

    1. Patrick,
      Well said. I think you’re right too that encouraging others to ask questions is key. Asking questions is one of the best ways to lead people to the answer of Jesus.

      Thanks for sharing and commenting.

  2. Hi Nicole,

    I have never twittered. Don’t know how. Too verbose for it anyhow. But I tried your exercise of limiting myself to less than140 characters. This is what I came up with:

    No matter what you’ve done, no matter what was done to you, Jesus is worth looking at, thinking about, & following. He cares.

  3. I have been working or how to communicate the Gospel in 140 characters or less and came across your post. And it got me thinking that we really aren’t doing anything new. The Bible already ‘boiled” down the Gospel to a long afternoon read…. 3 days of work on the cross, 3 years of Jesus ministry, 30ish years of earthly life, and eternity with His father, is basically communicated in a few hours worth of reading.
    thanks for the discussion

    1. Chris,
      You are certainly right. The Bible has already done and said it all. I do enjoy reading people’s versions though. How they would communicate the Gospel in 140 characters. Each is powerful truth, yet from a different believers perspective. Goad can appreciate that too, I’m sure. Thanks for commenting Chris!

      1. thanks & I think that what i meant was that it was a good thing, that we take a swing at communicating the Gospel in ways that are relevant & in our own words. It is only following the example set for us. btw.. As we talk about the idea of shortening did you know that one of Paul’s letters was cut ‘short’ because he ran out of paper? sounds a lot like trying to fit it on a tweet!
        thanks for the engaging dialogue,

  4. Oh yah this is my swing at it…

    God Is, & the gap between us & Him broke His heart enough to give His Son to stand in the gap. So we will live forever & be fully alive!

  5. I love this post, Nicole! Very clever. I think as long as the content is correct, the medium for communicating that content has to change to meet the culture. With that said, here’s my attempt:

    All are dead in sin. Through Christ’s death and resurrection, we have the miracle of life. Repent, believe, be saved, & have abundant life.

  6. I love this post Nicole. I think you’re so right, we need to relate to people through the mediums of communication that they’re using. And there’s no limiting God – He can use anything and everything! Here’s my best shot at the 140-character Gospel challenge, inspired by

    God loves you with the passion of eternity. We’ve all messed up, but Jesus paid the price for every mistake you made. Will you choose life?

    1. Ooh, Rachel. You nailed it! I love, love, that you ended your 140 character Gospel with a question. That is brilliant! It is the call to action, asking someone–what or rather Who will you choose?

  7. God came to Earth in human form (as Jesus) to teach us how to be. He said, “…love is the fulfilment of the law.” New Testament, Romans 13:10

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