Friday Findings: Pretty Pictures and Fighting Cancer

Frieday Findings on Modern RejectFriday, sweet Friday, it felt as though you would never get here this week. And I’m so thankful you’re here now.

Can you believe that this time next week we’ll be overdosed on tryptophan and cranberries (just the way I like it). But until then, I’m holding off on entering the holiday season as long as possible. So today’s Friday Findings are holiday-free. First up…

Piccsy. How did I not know about you? You are like a long lost cousin to Pinterest, only much sexier and better looking. Oh, and British.

Piccsy represents mankind. It is all of the emotion, the beauty, the wild, the valor, the humanity, the hatred, in pictures. Crude, beautiful, delightful, whimsical, and even painful photos. It is our good ideas, our funny ideas, and our terrible ideas.

It is a montage of human life and I am hooked.

Beautiful packaging. Now maybe you’re not like me in this, but I sure do appreciate some nicely packaged product. The weirder or more clever, the better. Then I found this list of 30 Bizarre and Creative Packaging Design examples the other day and was psyched to peruse the examples shown. There is some genius to be seen.

My favorite read(s) of the week. From Theology 21, Mannequin Nipples And Erotomania: Rethinking Consumer Culture (yes, that’s really what it’s about) From The Resurgence, Homemade People, about the importance of our homes.

Young and battling cancer. You may have seen the movie 50/50 recently about a young man in his twenties diagnosed with cancer. Well, turns out my husband and I know someone who is currently facing the same thing. Billy Price a.k.a William Price III is a friend of ours and was recently diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. He is 28.

Billy loves Jesus. He trusts God and this is how much…he tweeted this last month to announce the news:

Yesterday I was diagnosed w/ Hodgkins Lymphoma. It’s a very treatable cancer. I’m feeling great & by the grace of God we’ll kick its ass.

Billy is now blogging about this turn of events. His blog isn’t all cancer talk. It is also humor, politics, love, life…Start reading. You won’t regret it.

So where did this week take you? Read anything great? Find anything new? Got any recommendation for me? Let’s hear it.


6 thoughts on “Friday Findings: Pretty Pictures and Fighting Cancer”

  1. Yesterday an opportunity arose for me to take a few minutes on the internet, and I went to Modern Reject to get caught up. But the Holy Spirit moved my eyes to the right side of the page where other blogs are listed, and He specifically pointed me to the 5th blog on the list: the Lazy Christian. So I clicked. Guess who contributed a guest post on that blog that very day? My favorite blogger! (Guess who.)

    Yes, Nicole wrote a great blog on TLC, but apparently there is not much traffic over there, and there was very little comment on a very important posting by our blog queen, who decided not to announce her contribution over here. But God sent her RejectDad to see it so that I could tell the rest of you to click over there and read a truly significant message. God is good!

    1. You’re so sweet. Actually, that guest post went up a while ago. it actually appeared the day after Beckett was born, which partly explains the low comment count.

      I didn’t let my readers know I was guest posting because I was in the hospital having a baby. You are such a great and wonderful support of me and Modern Reject! Thank you thank you!

      PS “blog queen” might be pushin’ it…wink, wink.

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