Sex, Shame, and Jesus in the Bedroom

Today, I have the privilege of sharing a very personal and intimate story at Prodigal Magazine. It is a story close to my heart and still tender. So tender, in fact, I almost didn’t want to write it, but felt that it was time.

Here’s a taste:

Once married, I spoke about sex with jaded and jagged words. I hated to call it “love-making” because the inner lies told me it had nothing to do with love. My past sin told me sex was just a physical act to be dabbled in casually and carefree. I could enter into a place of pleasure for brief moments, but only through prayer and petition, when I was able to escape all the lies I had once been told about sex–what it is and what it is not.

My shame and old life wanted to tell me that I was unworthy of a healthy sex life. That, somehow, by not waiting until marriage, I had forfeited the right to enjoy the beauty and splendor of it now.

And for a long time, I believed those lies. For too long, I allowed my past to rob me of my now and present. I let what once was determine what could be. But thankfully, Jesus does not.

Please join me over at Prodigal to read more. I’d love to read any thoughts, reactions, and your own stories of overcoming shame and battling lies about sex. I hope to see you there.


3 thoughts on “Sex, Shame, and Jesus in the Bedroom”

  1. May I suggest you look up Elizabeth Esther blog.. she has recently broached this subject in some very interesting ways that I believe you would resonate with….

  2. Nicole – thanks for covering a topic on which most of us have had no godly council.

    I think I brought into the marriage skewed thoughts about sex learned from church, school, parent, peers and media.

    6-7 years into the marriage, I heard about soul ties for the first time and learned about how to ask God to break soul ties from the past. Experiencing the freedom from these ties that I didn’t realize were there started the paradigm shift on how I viewed sex.

    I’m still un-learning a lot of wrong thinking on sex and I am thankful that my current church does not shy away from the topic and stays biblical (I discovered this church only 2 years ago). I just did a search for ‘sex’ on the church website got 223 hits. Study outline for teen girls was towards the top of the hits and it was good stuff. Things I wish I had been taught.

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