Wanted: Hot Wives

Are you someone’s wife? If you aren’t yet do you hope to one day be someone’s wife? Well, let me ask you this…are you a hot wife? Okay, before you get in a tizzy, let me explain.

Are you a wife who cares about how she looks, for her man, on a day to day basis? Now, I am certainly not trying to re-enter the 1950’s and ask women to be cook a roast in a dress, heels, and full hair and makeup. But, I am suggesting that a little bit (of dress, hair, and makeup) goes a long way.

Here’s the thing, I know life gets busy. I have a 5 year old, 3 year old, and a 6 month old. Nuff said. They leave me little time to do much of anything besides take care of them. But looking good for your man should be a priority.

I am not suggesting either that you should look “hot” for all men. No way, just yours. And I am also not implying that you need to be “hot” in accordance to the worlds standards. You should try and be hot for your guy and your guy only, in the ways that are pleasing to him. This is not about whether you are a size 2 or a size 12. It’s about how to bring out and emphasize your best assets and bless your husband in the process.

If my husband hung out in sweats all day and rarely showered and didn’t care if he had shaved or not, I wouldn’t be too excited. Same goes for women and their appearance. If you got dolled up before marriage and then stopped after marriage, well, my dear, that is false advertising. Marriage is not an excuse to “get comfortable” and “let yourself go.” If ever there were a time to exert effort and place priority upon looking good, it is within marriage. Marriages are fragile enough in a world plagued with divorce. Attraction is a key component to a healthy marriage and sex life.

Staying attractive to our husbands and showing them we care is a simple process. I don’t spend the whole day gussied up. But an hour or so before my man comes home, I comb my hair, throw on some make up, and maybe spritz some perfume. I also smile and kiss him as he walks in the door. Yes, he’s seen me grungy and sweaty, grumpy, and tired. But I try to make that the exception, not the rule.

It may sound like I’m slapping feminists in the face, and that’s okay. I’m a Christian before being a feminist. I’m a wife before being an activist. God created women to be beautiful (check out Song of Solomon) and I like getting pretty for my man…and wouldn’t you know, he likes it too.

Do you think women should make an effort to look good? Do you agree or disagree with me?

2 thoughts on “Wanted: Hot Wives”

  1. If you don’t want your hubby or significant other to have a wandering eye, id suggest keeping his interest level in you high in the sky. There’s nothing wrong with being a hot mama for your spouse. Heck, your looks are probably what he noticed first about you. That being said, looks aren’t everything, obviously. We live in a society that glorifies youth even though it lasts for a very short period of time. My advice would be to learn what your man likes and amplify it. Make every effort you can to be attractive first in the eyes of God and then in eyes of your partner.

    I do have to add this though. As a single 21 year old woman, looking “hot” all the time is hard work!!! Sheesh! I don’t glorify or idolize my appearance in anyway but I certainly look forward to the day I can be married and snuggle up to my hubby looking simple and ordinary, lol!

  2. I do think women should look good for their men. I am not married anymore but if I were to get married again, I’d want to look good for my husband.

    My married friend does her hair and make-up every day. I thought that was a bit much at first but I realize that she has it right. A little fixing up daily hurts no one and does make things better in a relationship.

    I like your example of if your hubby dressed in sweats every day and didn’t shave..I wouldn’t want my husband to go through that with me.

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