Favorite (Grown Up) Things

Happy Friday! With all the baby talk this week, I have begun to feel old. I mean, I’m having my third kid and I’m in my thirties. It’s a little depressing, I’m not gonna lie.

Yet, despite my feeling old, I still have trouble thinking of myself as an adult. Why is it that the things we despise as  kids like baths, naps, going to bed and sleeping in, are the things we relish as adults?

I may feel too young to be an adult, but adulthood does have its benefits. Here are my Favorite (Grown Up) Things for Friday:

Dessert for dinner. My husband’s mom used to say that one of the definitions of an adult is the ability to have dessert for dinner. So, when her boys would ask for ice cream instead of spaghetti, she reassured them that when they were able to make that decision for themselves, then they would know they really were grown-up. Gosh, how I love dessert and the fact that I can eat it for dinner anytime I want.

R-rated movies. Okay, admittedly there are a lot of filthy, morally corrupt movies out there that happen to  be rated-R. There are also a few great movies worth seeing and, since I’m married to movie buff, I’ve seen a ton. My first rated-R movie was Aliens. I was suppose to be sleeping in my mom’s room that night, but instead, I fashioned a peep hole through the sheets so I could see the movie. My mom thought I was sleeping, but really I was awake and totally terrified, racked with nightmares for a week. So cool and totally worth it.

Alcohol. Okay, do I sound like a heathen yet or what? I don’t really drink alcohol beyond wine because my husband only drinks wine. But I love wine. I love the occasional margarita and mojito, as well.

Voting. Some of you may know that I am a political junkie. However, I steer clear of writing about politics too much for fear of backlash. I registered to vote at age 17, knowing I would be 18 by the time the Presidential election rolled around. I appreciate and am honored by my ability to cast a vote and take the privilege seriously, like any adult should.

Marriage. I am a big fan of marriage and would always advise people who have thought it through, chosen wisely, and prayed to get married. Considering I never wanted to be married until I met Christ, I would say God has truly changed my thoughts on marriage. Coming from a divorced home where both of my parents re-married, the fact that I have a great marriage now and am a proponent of marriage, in general, is a testament to God’s redemption and my growing-up.

Napping. Okay, napping may not actually be an adult activity, but the fact that I can decide to just stop what I’m doing occasionally and take an afternoon nap does make me feel like an adult…a lazy, sleepy, but surprisingly awesome adult.

What are your favorite grown-up things? What do you love about being an adult? And while we’re at it, what do you dislike about being an adult?

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8 thoughts on “Favorite (Grown Up) Things”

  1. Aliens. Best movie ever!

    My favorite adult things ever are:

    Driving. Even thought I’ve been doing it since 16. Now I am legally allowed to drive.

    Work: Yes, making money is important

    Have adult conversations: I learned this now having kids.

    Going to the bank and getting cash. Even if it’s just $20, the art of doing it just screams, “adult”

    1. Driving! Yes! I almost put that on the list, except that I don’t really like to drive, but I sure liked it when I was 16 and desperate to get out of my house.

      Adult conversation. Agreed. Nothing makes you appreciate this joy as much as having kids.

      ATM. Love this one. You are so right. I remember my first checking account and feeling so grown up. Too bad it was over-drafted and under-funded most of the time.

  2. One of the best things not mentioned above, is Smoking, not before people tell me I am an evil person. I love to smoke cigars and pipes; smoking for me is just a type of relaxation. I time to enjoy life, and not stress, come home from school or work and decompress. So yes Smoking is my biggest thing I enjoy now that I am an adult.

    1. Andrew,
      I almost listed tobacco actually. However, while I am am a chick who enjoys the occasional cigar, I wouldn’t say it is one of my favorite adult enjoyments. Although, I appreciate the past time, especially since my husband and my father are cigar lovers.

      Thanks for sharing and adding to the list.

  3. One of my favourite things about being an adult definitely has to be travelling. Although I already did a lot of it in my youth, as an adult it’s just easier :-) Voting and a good cocktail every now and again are also in my top 5!

    Least favourite adult thing: doing financial statements…yuck… who came up with that?? you kind of need 3 PhDs to understand what they actually want you to do! (at least here in Austria) Seriously, if had the money I’d hire someone to do it for me.

    1. Julia,
      Traveling is a great one. I have done more traveling as an adult than ever before and I am thankful for it.

      I so agree too on financial anything. I am terrible with money and want nothing to do with it…but spend it.

  4. I love, as an adult, that I can eat whatever I want whenever I want. I’m looking forward to when my kids don’t “need” breakfast, lunch, and dinner at 7, 12, and 6 and I’m not responsible for making sure they eat all the right things. I like eating cereal for dinner, at 7 p.m. and lunch at 2 (at the drive-thru if I want without kids screaming for nuggets or soda or all the things I always say “no” to anyway). Ha! I feel I eat so much more than my body needs just b/c I am trying to feed and teach them healthy habits. But it’s a very, very small price to pay. . .
    And I’m with ya on the R-rated movies too. . .not that there is much good out, but when something does come out I like being able to shut my door and watch that or HBO or whatever.

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