Boys Will be Girls

Today is Wednesday and that means it’s He Said/She Said again, the day I talk exclusively about men and women.

My husband introduced me to this video and I had to laugh because a lot of it rings true. Plus, women making fun of men and men making fun of women is always funny. I’d love to hear your reaction.

So after watching the video, what do you think? (I’ll be sharing my thoughts in the comments).

Who nailed the other sex? Are the “men” more spot on or the “women”? Are you guilty of any of the behavior displayed? What annoys you MOST about the opposite sex?

8 thoughts on “Boys Will be Girls”

  1. I think what makes it funny is the extremely stereotypical behavior. I know I’ve never had a conversation like the “boys being girls” with my friends, but there are elements of it that remind me of some gals. And with the “girls being guys” I know guys relate differently, but I also know of great guys who have no trouble conversing about deep things and supporting each other through difficult things, just in a different way than girls would.

    Under a magnifying glass, we often see the worst of our behavior. And often it is the worst of our behavior that others remember.

  2. Ummm, yea, I was cracking up watching that! I think the guys totally nailed “being girls”. The jumping to conclusions and the over exaggerations- yea. I can say that I have been the crazy chick texting her man to see if he’s mad and he doesn’t realize the torment I’m going through. I’ve never heard my husband talk sports like those “guys” did and their lack of facial expressions was new to me. So I say the guys acting as girls win! That was hilarious!

    1. Yeah, I think the guys seemed a bit like blobs. Although, the girls were a little hyper-emotional.

      I too, though, have been the crazy texting girl (before texting meaning I was leaving crazy-girl messages).

      Either way, it is still funny!

  3. My daughter showed this to me several weeks ago, and with a room of college girls, they laughed and said, “that is like, so true, OMG!” So…apparently an accurate, or semi-accurate, totally true peek in the female mind.

    1. I have never actually witnessed the use of “OMG” in a real conversation. I would loved to have been a fly on the wall in that room.

      I’ll admit, that the fact it is at least semi-accurate is a little scary to me…but just a little.

  4. That is brilliant! There is so much truth in that 4:44. Men and women responds completely differently to stressful situations and the way in which they console each other is like night and day.

    1. So true David. Stress management is a huge difference in women.

      I love the analogy that women have antennas and sense everything going on at all times.

      While men have blinders on–focused on one thing at a time and moving ahead.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting too!

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