Favorite (Nerd) Things Friday

Have you ever been called a nerd? I have…and I like it. I think we all have a little bit of nerd in us…the part of us that is still childlike and excitable. Our inner nerd is the reason we secretly get stoked over the things we love, like a book, or a movie, or the newest shiniest piece of electronic equipment.

Nerds are everywhere, even though people don’t like to admit that they are one. I have certainly felt like the loner-nerd, alone in the things I love. And as proof that you are not alone in your nerd-dom, I thought I’d share with you this Friday some of my own inner nerd-isms.

I love comic book superheroes. Does that make me more of a geek or a nerd? Not sure, but either way, I dig them. I never read comics growing up, but even when I was very young I loved Spider-man, Superman, and my all-time favorite: Batman. No one beats the Batman. Why? Because he is both man and bat. He’s the best.

I proudly rock my tortoise shell nerd glasses. I did it before all the celebs. They are just copying me. My glasses make me look smarter and cooler, or at least I think they do.

Since I was a child, I have loved Japan and all things Japanese. When I was little I used to pour over books on Japanese culture and history. I was obsessed really. In light of the recent tragedy, my heart and mind have often drifted to thoughts and prayers for the Japanese people. I cannot wait to take a trip there, although now I imagine I’ll be going to help rebuild not just play tourist. Either way, I’m a sucker for Japanese kitschy things. For now, I’ll stick with these buttons.

I also happen to be a bit of a mid-century furniture fanatic. I don’t actually have the funds to buy many of the pieces I covet but I’m saving up. I adore the desinger Eames, for example, and one day this chair will be mine… oh yes, it will be mine.

Finally, I am a huge fan of sci-fi. I love sci-fi books, movies, television shows. I’m not sure what it is about sci-fi that I find so fascinating but it really nerds me out. The ultimate however is sci-fi action…ooh, I’m drooling. Combine that with a dystopian future and I’m all in.

So, I hope I convinced you of my nerdy-ness. As I wrote this post, I realized I have really grown as a nerd. I’m much more of one now than ever before and I’m cool with that. I love nerds.

So what are some of your nerd tendencies? What do you secretly or publicly love, obsess over, or collect? Have you always been a nerd or is this a newer development?

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  1. I think you are calling yourself a nerd, but I would say you are borderline hipster. ORRR maybe hipsters are just cool nerds?? I dunno. Either way more power to you girl.

    My nerd tendencies are Harry Potter — Black and White photos — and Bob Dylan.. oops.

    1. Yeah, I can see how I might sound like a hipster. I have the haircut, thick rimmed glasses, and tattoo on my forearm.

      However, I think hipsters believe they are inherently cool, whereas I recognize that despite outward appearances, I really am just a big old dork.

      Is Bob Dylan nerdy? Hmmm…

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Darrell!

  2. I have always been a tomboy/biology nerd/choir geek/book worm. I am all sorts of nerd. In fact, even at 28 years old, I find the 10 year old tomboy inside of me hard to suppress. This means that I am still known to catch frogs and snakes and go night crawler hunting. I read a lot and so I have a lot of randomness floating around my head that tends to come out in conversation. I love to sing and am very loud in church, in my car, in the shower, dancing- I mean cooking in the kitchen. I like to poke around nature and if my dad is gutting a deer I’m right there in the mix identifying organs and stuff. Whenever we go for a drive I point out all the waterfowl I see to my husband and I feed squirrels on my back porch.

    I’m awkward and nerdy and somehow people still seem to like me! :)

    Never would have pictured you as a comic book, super hero chick! So fun! :)

    1. I dig the tomboy vibe. I am definitely one too. I grew up riding 4-wheelers, fishing, working on cars with my dad.

      It can kind of make you a nerd as a girl, but I appreciate it.

      I bet your husband does too.

  3. In my case, I think the interesting part would be to think of ways I’m NOT a nerd :)

    (still thinking)


    Praise the Lord that He redeems the outcast and the stranger, heals the sick and comforts the widow and orphan!

  4. I’m a nerd, and it’s no secret. Big time into comics,…well all forms of storytelling really. My love for trival facts about Tolkien has earned me the moniker, “lore master.” If that isn’t nerdy, I don’t know what is. Big time into all this tech and web programming. Basically, that song, “White and Nerdy,” by Weird Al is about me. Except for the bubble wrap part. Somehow God saw fit to bless me with a very understanding wife :)

  5. OK, this is what nailed me my nerd card back in 1985.

    I once wrote a computer program using the BASIC programming language to create the “MTV Exclusive” logo and words beside it so I could pretend I had a rock band that was so popular MTV wanted to make our video exclusive.

  6. Fantasy novels, superhero cartoons (didn’t really get into comics, but I’ve pretty much watched every version of X-men that was ever televised), and yes, sci-fi action. Have you ever watched Fringe? If you haven’t, I would suggest staying away. It’s utterly addicting.

    1. Ahh Josh, I love me some fantasy novels too. They rank right under dystopian novels for me. So nerdy.

      I do know Fringe and I love it. However, I have been t.v./cable-less for a while now. I really want to catch up. It is so my cup of tea.

      Did you watch Lost? Nerd heaven.

      1. I have not watched Lost, but I’ve heard nothing but good things. I’m a bit of an addict, though, so I may go overboard if I partake…ohhhhh the dilema.

        And try Hulu. Free T.V. with less commercials for those of us that are sans cable.

        Also, just thought of this: I’m a Gleek. Glee is amazing. Overboard, out of control, and amazing.

  7. Nicole. You. Are. A. Nerd.


    I collect comics and can cite writers/artists of the great ones and issue numbers at random. To this day I still build things with LEGO, and have invested in a DUPLO set for my girls to learn with. I grew up watching Saturday afternoon “monster theater” shows, ie, Godzilla, Dracula, etc, and was also a fan of the early 70’s Chop Suey Theater kung-fu movies. I still like watching reruns of classic cartoons like “Star Blazers” or “Battle of the Planets”, and now and again I will sit and watch “Fist of the North Star”. I also draw, (shocker there), and quite enjoy the collected works of Frank Frazetta. (He crushes Boris.) I gravitate towards sci-fi more than fantasy, ie, (The Matrix vs. Harry Potter), but I will rave for hours about the wonder that is The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I saw Star Wars in 1977 at the local theater. (It only had one screen, can you imagine?) I saw it four times and cheered each time. I was 9-years old. I also had the action figures, including the limited Boba Fett figure that had been recalled due to a choking hazard.

    Am I a nerd or a geek?

    I prefer nerd, to be honest, or “fanboy”.

    It is uncommon to find many females that enjoy sci-fi/comics/etc. Good for you.

    1. Star Wars? Lego? Lord of the Rings?

      Nerd alert right back at cha! Love it. What a great Star Wars memory to have too.

      I draw too, although not as much now that I’m a mom. I like to put that one in the cool category…unless you are drawing sci-fi creatures and planets in which case…nerd.

  8. I embrace my nerdiness. I have an autograph picture of Scotty from Star Trek. I used to help my nephews with their Star Wars Legos (until they got old enough to do it for themselves). I have the extended versions of all the LOTR movies and already posted a behind-the-scenes from the first day of filming for the Hobbit! (SO EXCITED Peter Jackson is doing it…so it will be consistent with the LOTR movies which took my breath away. It was like they ripped my imagination out of my head from when I read the books in 5th grade).

    I love documentaries and books on history and science and real people.
    I have a collection of WWII books and stuff on spies and codes. The International Spy Museum was my first stop when I went to DC a couple years ago.

    I do logic problems for fun. I once had a student ask me what class they were for, and when I told her I do them for fun…I got the “look”. You know, that “oh, you’re one of THOSE people”. Yup, I am. I like challenging my mind and enjoy facts and understanding things.

    But I also enjoy understanding people and trying to understand human behavior…which I hope balances out all the strictly logistical mental tendencies I have.

    I consider myself a big nerd, I also think I’m well-rounded enough that I can still be friends with people. Occasionally I do encounter situations where my nerdiness does make me stick out like a sore thumb.

    Case in point: I was once invited by a gal at church to go to the David Crowder Band/Third Day concert. I LOVE Third Day. They normally had a group of four of them that went but one dropped out so they offered me a ride and the extra ticket for free. I was so excited, until I got into the SUV with them and realized that the other three were total cheerleader types (high energy, perpetual smile, extremely extraverted). Every time I attempted to say something in the group conversation the other three fell silent. Awkward. So I just kept my mouth shut. I loved the concert, but I don’t think they thought I did. They were all on their feet, jumping and screaming the whole time while I sat in my seat and sang the songs I knew and smiled. The gal from my church kept asking me if I was enjoying myself. I told her yes and smiled. She looked perplexed. I really did enjoy it, in my introverted, nerdy way. But I really don’t think she thought I did.

    1. WWII books on spies and codes is pretty much awesome. I’d do the same.

      I think logic problems are for the ultra-nerd and ultra-smart. It makes my head hurt just thinking about it. I’m impressed and mildly jealous.

      And anyone who abbreviates Lord of the Rings LOTR..total nerd!

      Love your list.

  9. Yesterday, I was leading my grammar students in a game of “balderdash” where you make up funny definitions to obscure words. One of the words I picked was “goombah,” which all the kids associated with Mario Bros. Then they were surprised that I actually was aware of Mario. And I was offended that they were surprised. :) Not a fanboy, but definitely a nerd.

    1. Ah, Mario Brothers! I love that you were offended by their surprised reaction.

      We valiantly defend our nerd loves, don’t we… even when it’s two computerized Italian brothers.

      Not a fanboy. Definitely a nerd.

  10. Superhero comic books (in my youth). Guilty.

    Trekkie 1st Class, able to answer any question posed by a board of three Trekkies (in my teens), still able to name most of the original series episodes, Captain Kirk’s serial number, and the number of tribbles in the storage compartment. Guilty.

    Not only logic puzzles, but Math and Logic puzzles are recreation to this day. Guilty.

    Still enjoy listening to the Carpenters, even though your husband tried to shame me away from them. Guilty.

    Computer programmer (35 languages) who still builds his own calendars using Excel rather than stoop to using Outlook. Guilty.

    Perhaps this is why we have the expression “guilty pleasures.” Yes, I am a nerd, and a geek, and I am a nerd and geek for Jesus. Guilty!

    But no glasses.

  11. Not sure if this qualifies, but I earned a degree in Philosophy while at University, on the side, just for fun. I did it while I was getting my teaching degree in English. To this day, though I don’t read much formal philosophy, I still look at the philosophy section of the bookstore, dream of reading Kant and more Aristotle (have the complete writings of Aristotle at home), and own more Soren Kierkegaard books than I care to admit in public. Want to visit his grave in Copenhagen and the street where he collapsed before he died. Strange and morbid? Perhaps.

    I’m an Apple fanboy, and in about 3 years have gone from owning nothing Apple related to getting some iPhones, an iPad, and a MacBook Pro. Yes, I have an Apple sticker on my journal and my diary at work. Anyone with Mac questions at work asks me for advice/suggestions, and I’ve done my part to influence two of my co-workers to get iPhones and Mac computers.

    While I haven’t read every single Stephen King book…I’ve read a lot, and if there’s a new book in the bookstore, I’ll buy it. Currently working my way slowly through the back catalogue to get to the things I haven’t read yet. Going to take a long time, but I’m willing to take the plunge. I like to discuss Stephen King along with other serious writers like Dostoevsky and Hemingway.

    I think I’ll stop there for now. :)

    pushing up my specs,

  12. I believe I am a total nerd…just in a different way I guess. I love art and photography, some not-so-mainstream music, i love reading about the human body, i love crime shows. i also enjoy crosswords, sudoku, trivial pusuit, jeopardy. but i am glad i love those things…it’s what makes me truely and uniquely me.
    p.s. i love your blog…found it through a friends facebook post re: your post on what makes a good marriage. thanks :)

    1. Ooh, I love reading about the human body and crime shows, as well.

      I love you mentioning that your nerd-isms are part of what makes you uniquely you. It’s so true. Every single one of us is our own unique combination and no one is quite like us. I think that was God’s plan.

      Thanks for stopping by Susan and commenting too. It’s great to “meet” you. I hope I get to see more of you around here.

  13. I spent some time with 5 of my children in a comic book shop and Kyle was excited to see me buy my first comic books! I just had to have the 4 comics leading up to the demise of Johnny Storm, and a Captain America in 1941. I felt pretty darn good about it myself. I also love Sci-Fi (Fringe is my favorite atm) and super heros and can’t wait to see Thor…I’m sure that Jesus and his boys would have loved sitting around the camp fire talking out who had the best superhero abilities!

  14. Nicole, I love this post! When I was a kid I was so sure that my older sister was the nerdy one (bookworm, into sci-fi and computers etc) and I was the ‘cool’ one. Relatively speaking. But these days I’m learning to love my nerdy side, and it’s fine that I’m a nerd about different things than my sister is!

    Neighbours (an Australian TV soap that’s fairly popular over here in England). My knowledge of this show would probably surprise you and most likely worry you a bit. I’ve even met six of the actors from the show! I’m hooked.

    Cars, motorbikes and Formula 1 racing. An odd one for a girl, but I love it. The speed, the glamour, the tomboyish-ness. I’m particularly nerdy about Porsches and Land Rovers, having worked in showrooms of both.

    Hannah Montana and High School Musical. Yeah, I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’m 21 years old but I love a good bit of cheesy happiness! It’s definitely not cool to love either of these things, but I’m loud and proud about it so I reckon that makes me a nerd ;)

    Percussion instruments. I’ve played percussion in a fair few different orchestras and bands, and I love it. Mostly for the noise and the drama – I’m sure playing the flute wouldn’t be nearly as much fun! And I take great joy in pointing out when someone’s referring to a djembe as a bongo, or calling a glockenspiel a xylophone.

  15. ^_^ I LOVE Batman Too!
    I love and collect fantasy and sci-fi books. I don’t think that makes me a nerd..that just makes me a person with great imagination?
    I don’t think it’s nerdy to love and memorize Star Wars. I see it as being a superfan.
    I love trying out new games. So far, I have stuck with Warcraft. Again – NOT something nerdy. I just think it’s fun, imaginative and epic.
    I’ve been called a nerd because of the things I like. Nerds are cool, but I would probably be able to answer Star Wars trivia and own in pvp better than figuring out algorithms and writing a thesis.

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