Free Sin Day

Free Sin Day

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Shortly after becoming a Christian, while sitting in church one Sunday morning, my pastor gave a sermon that helped shape my view about sin forever.

He asked us to imagine that God had declared a day, Free Sin Day (which he pointed out would of course never happen). On Free Sin Day, we believers could commit whatever sin we wanted with no consequences or repercussions. We were absolutely free to sin that day, no shame, no guilt, no worry.

My best friend who was sitting next to me looked over at me. She smiled. I smiled. We both knew exactly what the other one was thinking. I knew what sin she would commit and she knew what sin I would commit.

Mine was sex outside of marriage. Hers was drugs, all kinds. We had both struggled with those temptations, off and on, in the early part of our relationship with Christ.

Then my pastor spoke the words that really grabbed my attention. He said, “Whatever sin just entered your mind… whatever sin you are thinking of right now, that is the sin that the enemy will use every time to get to you. That sin is his in with you.”

I sank in my seat. The smile had been erased from my face. Convicted. He was right. The sin that had come into my mind as he spoke was the exact thing that the devil had used again and again to make me stumble and often sin against God.

The sin that brought a little smirk to my face suddenly angered me and disgusted me. I didn’t want to be continually giving Satan an easy path to my eventual destruction. But I had. How had I not seen it? I knew what my temptations were, but somehow I had fooled myself into thinking that they were only a result of my weakness, not also the enemy using it against me.

I heard that sermon over 12 years ago and it still stirs me when I think of it. Of course, as my life has changed, so has my “free sin.” Marriage and the Spirit helped heal me of the need for sex to feel loved. Now, my “free sin” is probably something more like a complete day of selfishness where I don’t have to take care of any of my responsibilities or anyone else for that matter… a day to be self-loathing and throw a pity party.

So here’s the obvious question… What sin would you commit on Free Sin Day? How has God grown or convicted you in this sin area? There’s no judgment. We are all family here. It is safe to share.

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  1. Other than sex, it would probably be something really nasty and vindictive, especially against bad drivers or parkers (especially here in Abu Dhabi). I would key their car, or maybe flip them off, or if they parked too close to me, ram them with my jeep. I suppose then I’d go and have some sex.

    1. I hear ya. I totally relate to wanting to stick it to bad drivers, although I’m sure the parking situation is a little tougher in Abu Dhabi than in Phoenix. And then there’s sex, such a destructive or holy force–either to harm or knit-closer. I’m glad to be experiencing it inside of marriage now and am still learning exactly what God intends for sex to be between a husband and a wife.

      Thanks Josh for commenting and sharing on this one!

  2. I would so totally give free reign to my inner “snark demon,” and let the chips–and bodies–fall where they may. I wouldn’t care who I hurt. Sarcasm actually would be just another brilliant, black service that we offer.

    God help me! I’m actually proud of how the above sentences came together!

    I repent now in dust and ashes. Father, forgive me.

    1. That’s an interesting one Chad. I can relate. Our tongue, which seems so insignificant at times, has such power to either edify or tear down. And yeah, this–“Sarcasm actually would be just another brilliant, black service that we offer,” is a sweet sentence.

      Thank you for sharing your free sin and acknowledging your need for forgiveness. It inspires.

  3. Wow, that really hit home.

    As enticing as sex and sarcasm are (believe me) I think anger would be my weapon of choice. We’re talking full on sailor-swearing, butt kicking, throat punching rage.

    This is one of the reasons I workout so much.

    1. KC
      Great answer, in that I’m surprised by it. Anger, I think, is something we are less quick to admit than say sexual thoughts or the desire to get sloshed. Wonder why that is? It seems that character issues are less tolerated int he church–the internal struggles with our emotions. I have certainly struggled with anger myself, growing up in a home where yelling was normal, so I can relate. Thank you for sharing!

  4. The first one that came to mind: I’d be spending money I don’t have on stuff I don’t need.

    Oh wait, I already do that. *blush*

    1. Matt
      True, Tom Cruise did not. Not sure if your implying that is what I’m suggesting or not. At any rate, I think a little self examination proves fruitful, whether we will commit that sin or not.

      Thanks for the comment!

  5. You and the Pastor knocked out of the park on this one. Good post.

    After reviewing your challenge and my life I have determined that I would need to let God straighten me out a bit before a “Free Sin Day” would be possible or palatable.

    *yells in to the background* “Can someone pull the plug on that revolving door marked ‘the Devil’s IN’. Thanks.”

    1. Eddie,
      I think you have a point, in that certainly the sins we keep hidden or that are hidden from us (our character issues for example) offer just as much ammunition for the enemy.

      Thank you for the mention too!

  6. That anger comment above really hit home for me. All the times I felt the Holy Spirit place His Hand over my mouth to keep me from saying something, I’d say those things. All those things. To all those people.

    I’m such a happy, giggly person. To tell you I was surprised 7 or 8 years ago to find out how angry I was. Yikes.

  7. Mine would have been sex but since I found my wife 3 and a half years ago, I don’t even think about another woman.

    This sounds subversive and a lot crazy, but I would participate in a Fight Club like scenario. I am interested in how being violent would free any inner demons or make me feel more visceral as a man. So yeah, I would kick arse and get my arse kicked.

    I like discussions like this. Thanks dude. I followed you on the twitter. Keep up the great work.

  8. I cheated on my wife. It destroyed my marriage, and I’ve been in a deep depression for two years. So it doesn’t even take a “Free Sin” day to be tempted and lose.

    1. Matt,
      Firstly, I am sorry to hear about your marriage ending and the subsequent pain and loss you have experienced. I am humbled by your willingness to share your personal loss here.

      Without sounding trite or cliche, I will be praying for you…and when I say that, I mean it, for what it’s worth. May the Lord not only restore you to joy, but your marriage, as well. That is my prayer.

  9. The need for sex is a natural human occurrence, no one just doesn’t have it, and it’s definitively not satan luring you with sin. It’s testosterone attempting to convince you to further your genetic line.

  10. Damn, when I read this, I was thinking that God would give me a day off from sinning.

    Like, I COULDN’T sin that day, meaning I COULDN’T lie/steal/cheat/gamble/do drugs etc.

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