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I’m a blogger…or rather, I have a blog. A lot of people assume that I read tons of other Christian blogs and am up to date on all that is newsworthy. Truth be told, I’m not the best about reading other blogs. In fact, before I started Modern Reject, I really didn’t frequent many Christian blogs at all.

That has now changed, however. What was once me casually perusing the Internet, hopping from site to site, has now turned into a systematic Google reader filled with dozens of different blogs.

Although, I don’t just read Christian blogs. Go figure. I like a lot of other things. People often ask me what, or who I read, on a regular basis. So, I thought I’d share a sneak peak inside my Google reader. The following is a list of the blogs I read and their categories:

Political. I am a political junkie, which is strange since I rarely, if ever, write about politics (that might change soon though). My fave political blogs include:

Hot Air–A good mix of humor, politics, and rants.

Politico–Great coverage of Capitol Hill, elections, and lobbying.

National Review, specifically The Corner–Conservative rants at their finest.

Mark Steyn–A funny Canadian with a taste for American politics. He’s the real deal.

Huffington Post--So much great content. What’s not to love?

Michelle Malkin–A lot of liberals hate her and that’s sorta what I love about her.

Home Design and Decor. I love design blogs. It’s a hobby. Okay, an obsession actually. If I didn’t write Modern Reject I’d have a blog called Modern Casa or Modern Crib ( or some other synonym for “home”) wherein I would discuss paint colors, diy-projects, and throw pillows. Seriously. I mean it.

Young House Love--Two adorable diy-ers making their house a home.

House Tweaking–Another diy, home, fixer-er-upper blog.

Making it Lovely--The lovely blog of designer Nicole Balch. She has great taste.

Oh Joy!–The impeccable and deliciously stylish blog of Joy Cho.

Vintage Revivals–The blog of stay home mom and decorator extraordinaire, Mandi. She’s about as cute as it gets.

Made by Girl--The blog of Jennifer Ramos, who loves design and God. She is also the designer of the “I love you blogs and coffee” poster on this post’s image.

Guilty Pleasures-Okay, all of us have a few (or maybe more than a few) blogs we visit in the privacy of our own home. By that I mean, hidden in a closet, in the dark, under a blanket, because we are ashamed. Well, I’m not ashamed. I admit I read some pretty trashy stuff from time to time. Don’t judge me. Join me.

Go Fug Yourself--I have lost hours of my life on this site. Hours, I tell you. Celebrity clothing mishaps? It doesn’t get funnier or more shameful than this.

Pinterest--While not a blog, this site is a serious guilty pleasure and time suck.

Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling–If you have yet to see these blogs floating around, well then allow me to introduce you. I especially love Ryan Gosling homeschooling. {sigh} So funny…

My Cat is a Dick–Yes, that is really what it’s called and yes it is pointless, with no redeeming qualities…but oh, so hilarious.

Sh*t My Kids Ruined--Any parent, and even many non-parents, will find this site laugh-out-loud-funny.

Christian – Lots to read here. It’s a long list. Take heed (also note that I couldn’t list every Christian blog in my reader. There are far too many, but here are just a few).

Big is the New Small by Scott Williams–Coolest guy on the Internet. Not kidding.

Sammy Adebiyi--One of my favorite blogs. Period.

Good Women Project–Many contributors and an ongoing discussion about what it means to be a good woman.

Jr. Forasteros–Pop culture through the lens of faith. Always good.

The Lazy Christian–Rachel Snyder and her witty, Truth-filled, writings.

Rachel Held Evans–While I often disagree with her, I respect her mind and writing very much.

Michael Hyatt–Hyatt’s blog makes me want to write a book, run a marathon, lose 10 pounds, start another blog, and quit biting my nails. It’s that motivational.

Jamie the Very Worst Missionary–I want to be like Jamie when I grow up.

The Church of No People–Matt Appling’s blog, which always inspires me and is always a great read.

Grit and Glory–Alece’s blog, which without a doubt, expresses some of the most poignant and powerful thoughts on God’s goodness, grace, and redemption.

In the Name of Love–This is Bianca Olthoff’s blog. She is a dynamo, a teacher among teachers, and such an inspiring woman.

Other. Just some of the other goodies I like to read. Mostly mom blogs, because hey, I’m a mom.

Dooce–Who doesn’t read Dooce?

Finslippy--This blog is wonderfully written. It inspires me to be a better writer. Plus, Alice Bradley is about as funny as it gets.

Only Sometimes Clever–My friend Karen’s blog that is about God, motherhood, homeschooling, and so much more. She is a wise mother and devoted follower of Jesus. I admire this woman.

To Think is to Create–Arianne is the sister of one of my dear friends. She is an amazing writer who has such power and depth in all she writes. She is a mother, follower of Jesus, and inspiration.

Okay, so there is a small sampling of some of the blogs I read. If you didn’t make the list, please don’t be sad. I read more than this, but couldn’t possibly list them all here.

So what blogs do you frequent? Who is in your reader? What are your all-time faves and why? Plus, if you have a blog LEAVE A LINK TO YOUR BLOG TOO!

36 thoughts on “My Favorite Blogs”

  1. wow…nice list…

    My favorite right now has to be Dispiculus. a new blog by Moe Vivas…and his heart for Discipling is poured out on it… awesome…

    I have a blog called, The Analogous Truth…everyone trys to relate pop culture to the Gospel…well…i do it with style! lol…in the words of will smith…”I make this look good” lol…
    I’ve done shorts like “God is my google it” and the “iphone Cross”
    of course i find the time to write about…The Godfather! lol…

    1. Arny, I love what Moe is doing on Dispiculus too. Moe is a man after my own heart–a heart for discipleship.

      hanks for the links too. I have got to check out the “God is my Google” post. I’m intrigued…

  2. A fellow Steyn fan! Awesome!! :-)

    Here are mine: — the blog where I’m editor at my “day job” — my fun blog!

    I also read The Corner (did you mean to say conservative rants?) and Hot Air, though the commenters at the latter unfortunately get out of control sometimes. Also recommend and And — where I blog sometimes.

    1. Gina, by the way thank you for the link love you have graciously shown me on Break Point. There are some amazing topics discussed on there. I have made it one of my go-to spots as of late.

      And I did mean to write “conservative”. Thanks! Fixed it.

  3. Holy crap. I made the list??? Seriously, that was a surprise!! Thank you for your kind words.

    Have read any more of Momastery since Glennon Mellon’s piece on not seizing the day?? I have, some. It’s kind of hard to get into, since there is a LOT of content, and much of it is personal to the group of moms involved, in NYC. But, occasionally, there’s some real treasures there.

    And I love the Ryan Gosling Homeschooling site! I found that about a week ago, I think. That, and a few other really funny homeschooling sites have recently made me feel much better about the fact that, occasionally, I stay in pajamas until 11 a.m., because apparently, there’s a whole contingent of homeschooling families who stay in pajamas all day, and feel no shame! Ah, the years of misspent embarrassment… Hahaha!

    I’ll have to check out some of your links!! I have a deep interest in politics, but it has mostly been dormant the last, oh, 15 years, since Martin doesn’t share the joy. So, I’m not nearly as up on stuff as I used to be… and politics can be SO time-consuming!! I used to follow Michelle Malkin in my reader, but got a little overwhelmed. I’d not read for a few days, and she’d have like 30 new posts. Too much, Michelle!!

  4. I follow Lauren Dubinsky, Good Women Project, Cory Copeland, Laura Parker, Christine Caine, and yourself (among others).

    Christine Caine works with Bianca in the A21 Campaign and she is also a ‘dynamo’ that exudes incredible passion and wisdom. I love seeing women like this change the world.

    You’re a great writer Nicole, and you just keep getting better! Its obvious though, that your powerful posts come from a strong and faithful character. Thanks for doing what you do so well. From afar, your life is a great inspiration to me. I still do not understand how you manage to juggle it all :)

      1. Yeah, I posted a bunch of links, so maybe that was it. Maybe I should just list the names instead. Here we go:

        -Rachel Held Evans
        -Joy Bennett
        -J. R. Daniel Kirk
        -Shay Kearns (a.k.a. Anarchist Reverend)
        -Renee Johnson-Fisher (a.k.a. Devotional Diva)
        -Sarah Moon

        I guess y’all gonna have to Google them to find the links!

  5. Allow me to echo everyone else – I’m totally honored to be included on here!! Props from someone I respect (read: the Reject) mean the world. Thank you thank you thank you :)

    1. Yup, me too Dustin. I really love what Moe is doing over at Discipulus. I am a huge proponent of discipleship and am glad to have another voice spreading, what I consider to be, a crucial message for the health of the Church.

  6. Whaddayaknow… we have some similar lists (in the Christian category). I’m always on the lookout for some new stuff to read and get the juices flowing.

    For those interested… I blog at (Candid Christianity). Check it out if you’d like. I’m kinda doing a web makeover, so pardon the mess.

  7. I love these sort of lists! Always gives me more ideas of who’s worth reading. I read a lot of blogs but these are my favourites apart from ones you’ve already mentioned: sheworships, lifeblessons, sarahmarkley, joyinthisjourney and leighkramer (all .com). Oh and I love your blog too! Came across it a few months ago and now check it every day :-). Thanks for the great posts.

    1. Louise, ooh…you listed a few blogs that I’m not familiar with. I’m gonna do some good reading and discovering this weekend. Thank you!

      Thanks too, for the kind words. You rock!

  8. I love the list, Nicole. We have similar tastes in blogs. Although I’m a fiction writer trying to navigate my way through the world of publishing, my blog interests are wide and varied.

    Thanks for introducing me to some new guilty pleasures. :)

  9. Gah! I had this lovely comment, and Google ate it.

    I blog at, where you’ll find my pixelated scribbles mostly about my life as a mom, the occasional YouTube link that has nothing to do with my kids but probably kept me temporarily sane, musical musings, my kids’ silly antics, lists of things I never thought I’d say, the occasional apology to my parents, and snippets of life that have actually made my mother laugh herself into a coughing fit. My husband and I got all three of our kids at once (as opposed to the usual one-at-a-time method), and my blog is a place for me to try to process the slow (sometimes not so slow) erosion of my sanity. It’s also the place for me to try to capture the fleeting moments of my girls’ childhoods, so I don’t forget these amazing little moments in life as they whip by. (Carpe kairoses, to borrow from Glennon Melton.) And so that, some day, my kids can look back, hopefully laugh at themselves, and KNOW they were loved.

    In my rather eclectic blog list, you’ll find: — Mostly true stories from a Louisiana paramedic (PG-13 for language and occasional…situations). Hilarious. — Wit, witticisms and wisdom from a northwest Texas sheriff’s deputy. Also a riot. — Confessions of a Funeral Director. Eye-opening. — I subscribe to several of her blogs. I think Confessions is my favorite. I love the way she writes; I crack up a lot. — Total time sink, and the place I go when I want to be cheered up instantly. — Los must be experienced. He can’t be described. Worship leader, Christian, musician, dad.

    Mostly personal friends’ blogs flesh out the rest of the list.

  10. Nicole…is it weird that I like to troll your blog comments for interesting blogs? ;) Most recently I discovered Antwuan here. Others have already mentioned it, but the heart of Moe at Discipulus is really encouraging. Tony Alicea is a must read. I also really enjoy Goins Writer. Top notch info and a swift kick in the pants whenever I need it, which let’s face it, is every day. Your favs would lead me down a million rabbit holes in the interwebz. ;)

    p.s. How do I find you on Pinterest? I’m sooo addicted, but getting it under control. wahahaha

  11. I’ll try this again…
    Two of my best friends blog about their church plant and their 2 crazy kids…
    We are Holm —
    And…a hilarious blog, about a whole lot of stuff…
    The Life and Times of Nathan Badley… —

    of course I will accept your invitation to post a link to my own :)

    This is a great way to come across new blogs…I might steal your idea!

  12. I really love reading your Blog Nicole. I love the honesty and rawness, so beautiful. I actually just recently started a blog called 20-somethings. Completely made of guest posts aimed for 20 year olds but have a variety of writers that also pour into the 20 year olds. Would love to have you as guest post one day :) It’s a Christian blog that hits on all the topics that are not really addressed to young Christians in depth( dating, sex, marriage, boundaries, reality, etc) :)

  13. I loved this post! Eerr even if I am super late in responding. So I don’t have a blog, I started writing before blogging. I am a contributor to I write a weakly christian column/blog called Quite Times. I don’t follow many blogs, but besides yours, here are the other few I do consistently visit:

    One of my other favorites for a daily chuckle is definitely Poli Sci Ryan Gosling.

    Speaks to a Girl’s Heart: I enjoy Hanna Katy She speaks to the feminine heart and there is something really authentic about the imagry she invokes in her writing.

    Think Outside the Box Professionally: The Art of Non-Conformitty×5/

    Also follow Ally Spots who’s writing about being a single christian I can only find here now:


  14. hope this isn’t too late–just found this post tonight…i LOVE:
    1. [therese has it GOING on…]
    2. [you can never have too much grace…]
    3. [LOVE all her stuff]
    4. [beautiful, beautiful]
    5. [breakfast for the soul]
    6. [incredibly creative]
    7. [obsessed with his illustrations]
    8. [incredible duo]

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