You Should Quit Reading This Blog…

So, it seems that every few months or so, I fall into a blog funk. These funks don’t usually last for long and before I know it, I’m back to feeling like my old blogging self. Over the weekend, however, I read a blog post by Josh, also known as The Minor Prophet.

He explained how he once followed blogs like mine and Rachel Held Evans, but how now, for some unexplained reason, he no longer cares. He cannot say for sure as to the reason why, but he is no longer interested in Evangelical blogs or even the idea of Evangelical Christianity, for that matter.

I spent the weekend mulling his thoughts over. My feelings weren’t hurt. I didn’t take it personally. The thing is, I kinda get it, because the thing is, I sorta feel the same way.

Which got me thinking, why do I write Modern Reject? And really, why does anyone read it, because I’m pretty sure you should quit reading this blog…

I mean, Modern Reject is just one blog in a sea–ocean–of blogs. Many of whom are better written than mine. More than anything when I started blogging, I never wanted to be just another Evangelical voice, clamoring for recognition and status.

Of course, we are always our harshest critics and I’m no exception. But despite my nay-saying, I do believe Modern Reject is something unique and there is reason for that. The reason, is that God told me to start blogging (believe the wacky girl who hears from God or not).

But if you want cookie-cutter Christian theology or to be spoon-fed the status-quo, than you should quit reading this blog, because I try to let the Lord lead me in what to write. That means, sometimes I step on some toes and I’m okay with that.

More than that, Modern Reject is not built upon some magical platform. I don’t have a book published. I’m not a nationally recognized speaker. I’m just a stay home mom who somehow, miraculously squeezes out a few blog posts a week, and just as miraculously, all of you show up to read them. Never ceases to amaze me.

If you’re looking to read the words of a great Christian leader, author, speaker, or guru though, you should quit reading this blog. I’m none of those things. I’m just a girl determined to figure out this whole “working out my salvation with fear and trembling” thing.

And to be honest, I’m so often behind on current Christian events, I feel like I’m usually playing catch-up. I didn’t read Rob Bell’s last book or even Mark Driscoll’s latest book. I don’t attend a bunch of Christian conferences to get the inside scoop on what’s going on in the church. I’m not an insider.

So, if you’re looking for insider in the Christian church, you should definitely quit reading this blog. I’m an outsider, no question and find myself slowing moving more and more to the outside. No worries though, there is freedom here.

I’m not an expert on anything. I don’t have a PhD or a Masters degree. I don’t make my living by advising, consulting, or even writing. I’m not a professional blogger.

I’m a lover of Jesus, who has a passion to write and speak to anyone willing to listen, because I believe I’m following the path God has set out for me.Modern Reject isn’t a business, it’s a ministry. With each email and word of encouragement from all of you, the more I’m convinced…the more I believe my husband when he says, “You can never quit.”

I am not the most ambitious, driven, motivated blogger on the block either. I mean, I’m no Jeff Goins or Michael Hyatt. I try to take blogging semi-seriously, but only so much as to not let it interfere with my number one priority–my husband and my children.

In reality, I’m actually lazy when it comes to this here blog. It has been one of the greatest tools to stretch me out of mediocrity, a place I usually find quite comfortable.

And look, I don’t know why The Minor Prophet isn’t interested any longer, but I somehow understand. There are a lot more important things in life than blogging. There are more important things to pursue with fervor (like Jesus) than endlessly debating the pinnacles of Evangelicalism.

So, you decide if you want to keep reading, but if not, I’ll understand. Because this blog isn’t even mine. Do I love it? Yes. Would I miss it if I quit? Absolutely. Would I miss you? Undoubtedly. But, in the end, all the words I’ve written don’t matter nearly as much, as what He has to say about me.

Please know, I am not fishing for compliments. I’m just doing what I do, which is process my thoughts by writing about them here. So the questions are: Why do you read blogs, not just this blog? What do you get out of them? Do you ever feel fed-up with the constant “talk” of the church and just wish we’d walk the walk?

25 thoughts on “You Should Quit Reading This Blog…”

  1. I read for the exact reason you stated as reasons to quit. You don’t have a alternative agenda like selling books or getting speaking engagements. You are not what some would call an expert but you have the qualifications I’m looking for: you’re like me. You are bringing me your opinions earned through life and not a drunk-the-koolaid parroting from a seminary A. Refreshing.

    Don’t get me wrong, seminary and the like has value but sometimes it insulates us against learning from “lesser” educated folks. I’m going to stop now before it gets stickier.

    Thanks for writing.

    1. Ken, thanks for that. Agreed that the bloggers I enjoy are not polished professional theologians. Don’t even get me started on the idiocracy and unBiblical promotion of seminary degrees. Ugh.

  2. I started reading blogs because all the blog “experts” said you needed to read blogs and comment to drive traffic to your own blog. Yeah, pretty shallow.

    But I ended up finding quite a few blogs that were way better than me and that I learned a lot from. I found great communities that helped me grow and many times stretched me in uncomfortable ways.

    I stopped reading a lot of blogs because I felt like they stopped trying. I’m not talking about periodic funks…they just got boring. And I only have so much time beyond my own writing to surf the Internet reading blogs that people don’t really care about themselves.

    And yeah, many times I get tired of the talk. That’s why I love storytellers. Don’t just tell me, show me. Stories can do that more than proof texting scripture ever could. That’s why I’m trying to get better at it.

    1. Tony, I so respect your answer. It’s funny though, I have to admit that I have never felt a part of a community on any blog (besides my own). I have a difficult time connecting via the Internet. Obviously I’m trying and hopefully getting better.

      I’m just now getting into the whole idea of storytelling too. I usually prefer to read concept pieces, commentary type blog posts, etc. But I’m beginning to see the value in sharing your story and reading about others, as well.

      P.S. I’m ashamed to admit that I started reading blogs for the same reason…

  3. It’s so wierd how recently you (and others) have been writing exactly what I feel. In a way, I’m sick of talking about it. Of debating different theologies and ‘discussing’ what’s right and wrong. I didn’t even take part, but I read a lot of it and it grew to frustrate me. There’s a point where we need to get offline, and start hanging out with and inspiring the people we meet everyday. We can talk till the cows come home but Jesus put us here to live it.

    In saying all that, reading different blogs has opened my mind. I used to be a black & white, judgemental and legalistic christian. Reading different people’s thoughts online about their faith has educated and taught me a lot. I’ve learned to see the grey in christianity that the world so wrestle with. I’m more understanding.

    You clearly have a ministry in Modern Reject, but it’s awesome that you keeping the main thing (Jesus) the main thing. You appear to constantly keep yourself in check and that’s all that matters.

    1. Micaela, I love and am so encouraged to hear that other blogs have helped expand your idea of Christianity. It is amazing to know that blogs, of all things, have had an impact on you lessening any legalistic thinking.

      And yes, I pray we can always keep the main thing the main thing. Jesus.

  4. Well, here I am! :)
    I really hope I didn’t offend you at all–that was not the intention at all. I think you have a great thing going here, and you do it in a new way. I suffer from the problem of still not really being able to express yet what it is that’s going on. I’m reading Franny and Zooey now, and I think that Franny’s mood(s) in the book fairly reflect my new outlook at times. The best I’ve been able to come up with is switching from talking about how nice it is to lay in my Father’s arms, to starting to actually lay in them, quiet and safe. That’s the closest thing I can come up with.

    So I hope you DO continue to do what God’s called you to do. I still check in, I still read. I don’t comment much, and don’t say around forever, but I do hope you continue to do what you’re supposed to–whatever it might be.

    Blessings and peace to you! I pray you have a great Lent!!

    1. Josh, as I said in the post, I was in no way offended or hurt by what you wrote. Truly. I get it.

      What you wrote got me thinking about this blog, but in a good way, in a constructive way. So thank you.

      P.S. Franny and Zooey is one of my all-time favorite books. I’m a Salinger fanatic.

  5. Oh, Nicole, those are all the reasons I keep reading your blog (and you pinned down a few things that I see in myself.) You’re writing the blog that I want to write! I even started my blog off with a post about why people should not read it. (Seriously, don’t read that one.)

  6. I read lots of blogs for the things that challenge, encourage and inspire me. I don’t live in America so the latest on whatever big name pastor doesn’t really interest me, nor do I know enough theology to be interested in conversations about what all the different terms mean and where I fit in to that. I like your blog because it really makes me think! You’re an ordinary mum (sorry, mom) and so it’s cool seeing how your faith fits into everyday life.

  7. sorry friend, i cannot quit! i love your blog, your heart and your authenticity. we share the mission and ministry mindset and i love that you do not seek the recognition, but truly want to have an impact on lives of both believers and those seeking to know more about God. keep on keeping on and i will for sure keep reading.
    in regards to why i read blogs…i seek inspiration, support and fellowship from other blogs

  8. I was initially drawn to your blog because you seemed to take a unique perspective on sexuality and the roles of husbands and wives, and I liked your style. Your fresh approach inspired me to start my own blog. Now, a year or so later, your more recent takes on sexuality and relationship dynamics have seemed a tad more predictable and “safe”, I’ve grown tired of the whole “evangelical versus progressive” debate – at least for the moment – and I long ago ran out of things I wanted to say on my own blog. I echo your sentiment in this post, however. Why are we doing this? Are we anywhere even close to what God has for us? I don’t know. I’m feelin’ ya…

  9. I’m a stay at home mom with three small kids, I have a college degree that I’ve never used, I drive a mini-van, and I spend most of my days talking about poop and boogers (I have boys). So, for me, reading blogs and writing my own really just keeps me sane. It’s certainly not as good as talking with real live human people, but it works for my current situation. I’ve found a handful of other blogs that I read pretty faithfully, though I do kind of phase in and out with that, and it keeps me sharp. Iron sharpens iron, and I’ve found that’s the case even in cyberspace. So, thanks, reading your blog keeps my brain from turning into baby food.

  10. I like your writing Nicole because you are funny, fresh, and yor give insightful perspectives on different topics. I do enjoy reading your blog and I think you have lots of things to offer your readers.

    However, I have to say that I didn’t really enjoy this blog post today. I think it was a defense of the Minor Prophet’s critique of this blog and I really didn’t feel like your writing today matched your persona. Your persona is that you usually don’t care what other people think of you or your blog and that’s what attracts me to your writing. But today you showed that you do care what other people think about you, which I guess means that you are just human :-)

    I hope you don’t mind me stating my honest opinion. Its just my humble opinion and it really isn’t worth much.

    1. Peter, I respect your opinion but I find it funny because to be honest, I was in no way defending myself. I said in this post that I didnt take the Minor Prophets post as an insult. I wasn’t offended in the least. Josh was one of my first readers. I’ve “known” him a while now and I totally got his point. It wasn’t about me or this blog so much as Evangelical Chrsitianity, which sadly, I agree with.

      But all that to say, your point is taken if you misunderstood my purpose in writing this today.

      Of course I care what people think, I’m human, like you said. But this post wasnt a response to that fact, so much as a reminder that while I do care, I dont wrote this blog for everyone else.

      Thanks Peter for commenting and being honest .

      1. okay Nicole, I’m sorry I misunderstood what you were trying to say – my bad :-)

        But please … do keep on blogging especially since God told you to do it, you are bearing lots of fruit for the Lord and it shows in so many ways.


  11. I only read a very few select blogs. I’m not looking for more of the same evangelical nonsense. I want people to push the envelope of their understanding of Jesus. One of the reasons we did an experiment and stopped going to church for a year was because we were tired of all the pat answers that didn’t make any sense. We wanted to see if our faith was based on the church or on Jesus, and to spend some time stretching our spirituality. If you’re calling this an evangelical blog then I’ll stop reading. My spiritual horizons have been expanded way beyond labels, or narrow mindedness like that. I no longer have the time, energy, or patience for the evangelical mindset that says “I know it all”. That’s why I choose to read your blog. It doesn’t give the pat, Sunday school drivel that passes for answers in most churches. It calls into question a lot of accepted norms. I like that.

    By the way, we still don’t go to church, at least not on a regular basis. Instead we meet weekly with a close group of like-minded individuals. We’ve been doing that for a few years now. No we don’t call ourselves a house church. And, as for trying our experiment; I would recommended it unless your used to fending for yourself spiritually.

  12. about a year ago…my blog was born again. lol…in that…i got serious about it…just stayed to a schedule I could handle and just kept at it…I did what i did best…teach…teach Christ…
    It was called Arny’s Light back then…

    a couple of WEEKS in this thing…my wife got a facebook message from her cousin about my blog and how she wanted that kind of life for her family and Christ filled life…they invited themselves to our church…and from there found one closer to their side of town…and it blew my mind….

    everytime i question every post….i keep her in mind….i write for her and others who might come along and God can speak to through my little words…

    thats why i keep going…

    Paul never wrote a book….he wrote letters…
    and Job wanted his words written on a stone with lead…(forever recorded)…that his redeemer lives….sounds a lot like a blog to me via the world wide web…since it is said anything put out on the net…will last forever somewhere…

  13. I’m not much of a blog reader because it’s been challenging to find blogs that I really connect with. I am not an intellectual, so I look for blogs that are down-to-earth and written so the common joe shmoe (i.e. me) can understand it. I also need the blogger to be real and genuine, and not “religious”. I’ve got to able to relate to the blogger in some way.

    As far as what I get out of the blogs I read, I want to be encouraged, understood, and challenged. And I want to get a smile, chuckle, or good belly laugh from time-to-time.

    Nicole, I stumbled across your blog via an iPad app I use called Zite, which is a customizable web magazine of sorts. Now it’s a main stay in my RSS feed. Keep up the great work. Thus far, your blog has everything I look for in a blog.

  14. I have to say that out of all the blogs I randomly read the most (emphasis on random since I do miss posts often), I enjoy yours the best. Why? Maybe it’s because we think alike. Everything you dislike here: is spot-on for me, especially the liberal comment.

    I don’t read books from all these theologians or study others ponderings. I do well to have a habit of staying in the Word daily. So, there’s days I want to write about stuff and days that I don’t feel my opinion is worth sharing.

    Overall, I think you’re real, honest, transparent, and don’t veil your posts in satire, series, or hidden agendas. What there is raw and uncut. And that makes you a rockstar in a my book.

  15. Nicole- I just found your blog and love it! Because you are speaking the truth and you are reflecting Jesus- it is word that needs to be heard! The Church has become lukewarm and needs a voice to stir them out of their slumber.

    I’m new to this blogging thing as the Lord has asked me to start one a couple months ago. I’m still finding my voice. It is a process. I dont want be like everyone else but say what He wants me to say. You are an encouragement!! Keep speaking out and I’ll keep reading!

    Fight the good fight of Faith!

  16. I read this blog and other Christian blogs (shout out to SCL) because I’m addicted to blogs but I have trouble finding blogs that don’t stand in stark conflict with my beliefs. I’d love to subscribe to blogs about my other interests, or blogs that are just entertaining, but so many do not coincide with my beliefs. However, reading so many Christian blogs is dulling me to Christianity and making me focus on dumb theological issues instead of God. Perhaps reading offensive things would be better.

  17. So basically you are saying that you are a real person who shares topics that are on your mind? I believe that God will continue to bless you and your writing. I do believe that if someone makes a life decision to stop reading certain things that is fine. The question is do you still feel called to write? What does the writing process do for you? It has been so incredible how this process has grown me intellectually. I am a different person. I am going through a bit of a funk myself right now for blogging. Ready to get back at it.

  18. In looking through your posts, I found this title intriguing. I read blogs that are real and relevant. Ones that challenge me in my walk. And when I write, I try and do the same. I have stepped on toes, but am also open to correction. Thanks for putting your ideas out here. Enjoy your thoughts.

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