Me, The Devil, and Boxing Gloves

The other night I didn’t sleep. I laid in my bed wide awake, my mind spinning and racing.

It was a long night. I wasn’t laying there alone talking to no one. I was in a battle. I was going blow to blow with my enemy.

Round one…

“You are worthless,” he says.

“I am worthless. You’re right,” I respond. ”I suck at, well, everything.”

The bell rings. Then my coach, the Holy Spirit, sits me down in the corner.

“Are you gonna let him talk to you that way? You aren’t worthless. You are victorious. Now get back in there.”

I’m shaking and unsure of myself. I rise to my feet regardless and enter the ring.

We go round two rounds, three rounds,  then round four. The bell rings again.

I’m feeling crushed, but I’ve suffered through his forceful punches somehow.

His one-two punch… “Who do you think you are? You are no one.”

His uppercut, “You are not good at anything.”

His final blow hits below the belt. “You shouldn’t even be a Christian.”

I remind myself with each hit, he has come to “steal, kill and destroy.” He is my enemy. My enemy hates me with a consuming hate.

But He loves me with a consuming love. An all powerful, undefeated, and supernatural love.

Round five, time to re-enter. Back in the ring. The lover of my soul raises me to my feet once again. I feel His power surge through me.

I take a hit but then pummel my enemy. “Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world.” I repeat these words… “Greater is He… Greater is He…”

I strike my enemy down. He retreats. I feel a sense of victory. I call out to my God, thanking Him for His strength and might.

My coach reminds me, however, that this was only one match… one middleweight go-around. There will be more matches to come, with harder hits and heavyweight titles to be won. This was just one of many.

I now know, however, that I can take a hit. I now know how my enemy will try to take me down. I can recognize his lies. I also know how powerful my Lord really is to grant me victory. I know that, in Him, I am “more than a conqueror.”

I breathe easier. I sigh and rest knowing I can take my gloves off… for now.

What do some of your battles with the enemy look like? Do you ever feel beat up? What victories have you experienced?

7 thoughts on “Me, The Devil, and Boxing Gloves”

  1. I agree with Jonathan, this is one of your best. Such good writing, such a good analogy. So glad you have such a rockstar coach, because that seemed a little rough! xo

  2. Thanks Carrington. Yeah, it was rough but hey, it’s cliche but you come out stronger on the other side. And looking like a little less me and a little more like Him.

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