Spiritual Glamour

Spiritual Glamour

My husband loves movies, and I mean loooves. We watch a lot of movies. We talk about the cinematography, the direction, the acting, the writing. We theorize about which film will walk away with the Oscar for Best Picture.

We are suckers for summer blockbusters, critically-acclaimed, low-budget, and indie films alike. We rarely, however, take any time to discuss the ins and outs of the best makeup artist, or the dude who holds the boom mic. We know the actors names, sure, they are famous. We know the director, because he is an ar-tist, who has repertoire of distinguished films under his belt. Sadly, however, we pay very little attention to the hundreds, even thousands of people who do the rest necessary to actually make a movie.

Church life is a lot like the movies. Ever notice? There are a million things that go on each and every day within the Church, not to mention a Sunday service, that in some ways resemble the making of  a film. There are worship leaders (composers), pastors (directors), teachers (screenplay writers), elders (producers). There are also all of the lowly jobs–the scrubbing of the toilets, the folding of the chairs, the manning of the sound booth–that no one notices. The servants. The guys holding the boom mic.

Many of us in the church desire the spiritually glamorous jobs–the Brad and Angelina starring roles.

Just the other day,  a woman I know was given an opportunity to teach. At first, I felt a little happy for her, then I felt this huge green monster crawling up my back and it began to scream, “Wait a second! I should have that job! Why didn’t anyone ask me to teach?” She was Angelina and I was some second-rate extra, paid in peanuts.

Thankfully, my rational self responded, “Because you, moron, you don’t teach… and you don’t even go to this church! Get over it!” I sighed and realized that in that quick 30 seconds, I was totally over taken with envy. I wanted the spiritually glamorous job. I didn’t want to be the chick handing out fliers or making a fresh pot of coffee. I wanted to be needed. I wanted to be wanted. I wanted to be recognized.

The strange thing is, that when I settle in to the roles and responsibilities that God places before me, I am always satisfied. Always. When I humble myself before Him, and say, “Yes,” however shaky or uncertain that “Yes”  may be, I am left feeling completely fulfilled. It seems ironic, but it’s not. It’s God… blessing us when we don’t deserve it, pouring out His good stuff when we shouldn’t get it.

After that hideous green monster slithered down off my back, I also realized that, just as much as I expect people to notice me, I also forget to thank those who go unnoticed. In every church across America, on any given day of the week (not just Sundays, as we know), millions of people are doing what needs to be done to take care of others, without being thanked. They show up early. They go home late. They are available and reliable. They are who we refer to when we say “the hands and feet of the body.” They are the church’s servants. They are God’s servants.

I asked myself, “How often do I accept those jobs? How often do I say ‘yes’?” The answer is: not enough.

But what if you are reading this and you are the individual who does scrub the toilet bowl and picks up trash in the pews? What if you are the person who changes diapers and wipes snotty noses in the nursery? What if you are the person who offers a ride to others, takes a hot meal to those in need, or prays when they say they will? I have something to say to you–thank you. Thank you for serving when others do not want to. Thank you for your faithfulness and obedience. Thank you for saying, “Yes.”

And know this–your role in the body is priceless. The apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthians, “And if the ear should say, ‘Because I am not an eye, I do not belong to the body,’ it would not for that reason stop being part of the body.” Don’t ever say to yourself, “I am not the lead actress or actor, so I am not nearly as important. I will never win an Oscar.” No matter where you serve in the body, your job is no less important. In God’s economy, there is no role more “glamorous” than another. If we serve Him and obey Him, we will each see our names in the end credits.

We recite that verse, but do we believe it? Do we believe that each person plays an integral part in the church, or do we really believe it is just the “stars” that do?

Christ washed His disciples feet to prove that point. Every role in the body is equally important. Every eye. Every hand. Every ear. Even the guy holding the boom mic.

14 thoughts on “Spiritual Glamour”

  1. Yes. I get this. OH how I get this. I have struggled for more than a year now after I left my career to stay home…one of the first things God spoke into my heart was do the things no one else sees….

    still learning how to be content in the background and thankful for the ministry that God has brought to me.

    1. Melissa, man can I relate to your comment. Motherhood, and especially staying home with kids, is one of the most important roles we can play but also one of the most thankless.

      God is faithful though, to remind us moms, that what we do is not just important, but is furthering His Kingdom. I hope the Lord continues to grow your contentment and build your joy in staying home. May you be blessed too, for the daily sacrifice you make for your family.

  2. Why are we so quick to forget that “The first shall be last, and the last shall be first”? I’m guilty of it. I definitely don’t seek–or even want–the less “appealing” ministry jobs. A servant’s heart is the one I’m praying for more.

    1. Well, for one, the world tells us something quite different. It says “Be first! First is best!”

      “The first shall be last, and the last shall be first” just sounds counter-intuitive, which was Jesus thing, right?

      Me too, JC. I don’t want those less glamorous jobs but know my heart needs to change.

  3. Oooo, this post and it’s comments hit home! Today, before I got out of bed at 5:45 am, to begin what is the first of MANY days where I will attain a whopping 3 hours of sleep due to working while being a single mom, I literally told myself.
    My children are a blessing, and this (mommy) job, exhausting and unthanked as it is, is a GIFT, not a hinderance. This week, I have struggled mightely with knowing that while I’m getting up in the middle of the night with ear infected kids and teaching toddlers to wipe their own bottoms, the man that helped me create these little beings is running around playing, sleeping until noon and 1pm, and going on (oh, God, Help me here) dates.
    So I got a little of the green eyes monster myself, and it ended with a big fight and me making an utter fruitcake of myself at the park. Yeah, I’m so great. SIGH. But I spent hours sitting in the tub thinking about why I was so mad, and how I truly, TRULY feel like he’s losing out on this deal. He lost, not only a wonderful (not perfect but NOT BAD!) wife, and 4 absolutely gorgeous, intelligent, loving children. And even though no one will thank me for doing this job for the next 18 years until THEY have kids and realize how much I gave up, it’s WORTH IT. And, I won the big prize, my angels.
    So yep. Great post! Love it.

    1. Ade, I admire you perseverance and the joy you take (and find) in being a mom. Your husband is missing out.

      And hey, none of us are perfect wives, or perfect moms for that matter, but Christ is perfect. He enables us to live surrendered to Him so that all the wiping, cleaning, feeding, and cleaning does not go unnoticed. I will pray Ade that you do not need to wait until your kids are 18 before they realize how blessed they are. I will pray too that God allows you to see little daily reminders and sweet fruit for the sacrifice you make and your daily devotion.

    2. I had to jump in, Ade! God bless you, sister!! I know you know this, but may I remind you that God is storing up every tear? And He is going to reward you richly for everything you did in His name? Oh, my sweet sister, I’m so sorry your husband couldn’t be a man and step up to be the best he could be. And I applaud you that you are making that decision everyday to be the mom God called you to be! You go, girl…Jesus is smiling at you and adores you!!!And you have a fan club out here cheering you on!!!

  4. Such a good post. My struggle is saying Yes, not so much to ministry work or staying in the background, but to serving. Outside of the church. It is so challenging, but it’s also something I know I’m not trying hard enough to do. I think if I find the right place to serve then it could be amazing.

    1. You bring up a good point, Heather. Sometimes our “Yes” has to come as a result of us stepping outside of our comfort zone. Sometimes just saying “Yes” too can lead us to the “right place”.

      Thanks for sharing and I hope the Lord directs in where that next opportunity to serve will be.

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