Happy Birthday: Modern Reject Turns One

Somehow, this same time last year, I was mapping out how I would start a blog. I came up with the name “Modern Reject” while enjoying some coffee-flavored gelato on date night with my hubster.

He thought it was the perfect name. I agreed. Suddenly, something I had been so resistant, too, was becoming something I was daydreaming about doing. I set to work and began writing 10 posts, so as to have a mini-collection of work on my blog come launch day.

I sent emails to all of my friends and family (including my husband’s friends and family) telling them I was about to start a blog. I prayed…a lot. And, on May 17th of 2010, Modern Reject opened its doors. The last year has been amazing, grueling, torturous, and kick-ass.

Here are my highlights from my first year of blogging…read on and celebrate with me. You are, after all, the reason for the party in the first place….

1. My first everything. From the first comment left on my blog (which I wish I still had, but lost in my transition from Tumblr), to my first Twitter follower, to my first Facebook fan, to my first heartfelt email of thanks and encouragement from one of you. This has been a year of firsts and I am beyond grateful for each and every one.

2. Figuring it out. I admit that, as I started blogging, I didn’t really know what I was doing. Besides being technologically challenged, I wasn’t quite sure about my “voice”, the direction of this blog, my goals. I had to figure it out fast and much of it I am still learning. Somehow, though, I managed to write down the thoughts rattling around in my head…and somehow you all have decided to read them.

3. You. I can honestly say that, were it not for my readers, the rockinest community on the internet, I don’t think I’d have this gig. You make me want to write each day. Your comments, your support, your dissenting opinions, your emails and “thank you”s. Just when I think I want to quit (which is often), without fail, one of you will send me some encouragement that both humbles me and stuns me. I then rally myself and press on, thankful that even one of you cares about this blog.

4. Him. I guess God knew what He was doing when He nudged me to start blogging. He knew it would suck for me on many a day. He also knew that I would be forced to commit. I wouldn’t have the option of being a halfhearted blogger, still flirting with other things. I needed to commit to this blogging relationship. Put a ring on it and say, “I do.” So I did. And wouldn’t you know, God knew I would stretch and be forced to drop some bad habits. He knew what I needed.

So, in honor of my blogging birthday, I thought I’d also share some extras with you , as well:

My very first post ever: The Beginning of a Beautiful Romance, and it still happens to be one of my favorite posts. I really love it.

My most read post of all-time. This sucker is like the energizer bunny: God WILL Give You More than You Can Handle

Here are 5 of my personal favorites: Spiritual Glamour, The Trouble with my Mouth, Favorite (Guilty Pleasure) Things, Top 10 Phrases I Never Want to Hear Again, and Have Sex, Even When You Don’t Feel Like It.

Over the last year, Modern Reject has grown and grown me. I can’t believe how blessed this endeavor has been and how blessed I have been in return. I’m getting a little verklempt (talk amongst yourselves for a moment). {sniffle, sniffle}.

Thank you for being a part. Thank you for showing up, reading, commenting, praying, and being generally awesome. Thank you for being a reject.

How long have you been hanging around here? Do you remember how you stumbled upon Modern Reject? What are some of your favorites posts? If you have a blog, link to one of your own all-times favorites in the comments!

31 thoughts on “Happy Birthday: Modern Reject Turns One”

  1. I love what you’ve done with Modern Reject and love telling people about it. I love carrying around your blog/business cards and handing them out (yes people, she has cards). The content is so good. But more than that, I love having watched what doing this day-in and day-out has done to grow, stretch, and build in you. It’s clear God has worked in *and* through you, and that’s the magic right there.

    Way to go, you Modern Reject, you.

    1. Ahh…you’re too sweet. I’m sure others are gagging right now, but who cares.

      Thank you for being my #1 fan! You are the best blogging buddy a girl could have. You have motivated me and encouraged me beyond measure.

      I love you.

  2. Congratulations! I remember our Tumblr days. You’ve come a long way. From self hosting, to WordPress, to a new design, to great topics. You have done very well.

    I hope to see many more “years” of celebrations.

  3. I saw a link from our mutual friend, Ben, late last summer or early fall (I think). Clicking on that link was a great decision and I’ve enjoyed following you and learning with you and from you.

    I had just gotten married and it’s been great to hear your perspective as a young wife and mama. I look forward to many more inspiring and challenging posts!

    Also, if you ever want to join Ben & Jen in Cleveland, we’ve got room for you- hahaha!

    1. Heather,
      I was just told a month or so ago that we had mutual friends. I love that!

      Thank you so much for your support and participation here on Modern Reject. You are a blessing.

      P.S. I might have to take you up on that offer sometime. I mean it!

      1. My husband called me on this. I could have sworn I mentioned our mutual friends awhile ago, but I guess not- oops! Didn’t mean to be a creaper ;)

        Can’t imagine life without Modern Reject now- thanks for all you do!

        Cleveland would love to have you all. Lots of vintage fun here!

  4. The HAPPIEST of birthdays to your blog!

    The history on my browser says that I first discovered Modern Reject on April 21, only a few weeks ago, and that the first post I landed on was “Your Husband is Not a Pervert.” I must have followed a link from somewhere, but I can’t recall exactly. Anyway, I found your perspective to be addictively refreshing, and have been a nearly daily reader ever since.

    One of my favorite Modern Reject posts is the one about having sex even when you don’t feel like it. I also loved the 101 Random Things post. Lists like that make you feel like you know the author beyond just the formal posts.

    Your blog served as the final nudge for me to begin a blog, so thanks for letting us do links. Here is my latest post on Radical Forgiveness: http://notesfromthebrook.com/?p=71

    Nicole, your posts bless me! Keep up the great work!

  5. I found Modern Reject in late November, I believe, after reading a post you had written for Shrink the Church. And I was hooked. I actually may or may not have made a permenant switch to MR. The consistant, relevant content that is presented here keeps me coming back. And the group of people that come here to discuss, discern, and grow makes it worth staying.

    The post that I enjoyed most was your “Dream for the Church” post. Simple, challenging, and great discussion afterwards. Then again, I pretty much love everything that I read here.

    Congratulations on creating and maintaining such a wonderful blog. You are truely a blessing.

  6. Happy Birthday Modern Reject! Congrats on finishing your first blogging year, Nicole!

    I can’t remember how I found Modern Reject. I think it was just a few months ago in April. It might have been from The Church of No People. I’m not sure, but I’m glad I found it! I love the content here and the interactions in the comments section. This is definitely one of my favs!

    Congrats again, Nicole! Looking forward to another year of great stuff! :)

    1. Thanks so much Carla. I have so enjoyed getting to know you (and Mark) through your comments here and through 3-Foldcord. You have a unique voice and one that needs to be heard. Thank you too for challenging me and encouraging me.

      Blessings to you friend!

  7. Happy Blog Birthday!.. I’m pretty new around here…I came through the Rally to Restore Unity but have really enjoyed, appreciated and been challenged not only by your posts but the subsequent comments. And the post about God giving us too much too handle? So the truth, so what people need to here. I love it. I sent it to a friend who’s husband has cancer…she can’t quite bring herself to read it yet but I hope and pray it will bring her some encouragement.

    1. Jenn,
      Thanks so much for joining in the discussions here. You have been such a great voice and addition to the conversations. I love your perspective and wisdom.

  8. Happy Birthday. I am fairly new to the blog. I found you from the Church of No People blog. Church of No People, Modern Rejects, Wimps for Christ….we all seem to fit together. And thanks to you I found the Lazy Christian Blog. I LOVE this online community.

    Thanks for what you do!

  9. I started with you back during Tumblr, and have no idea how I came across you. It was just as I was starting to ramp up my own blog, I think, and just started doing Tumblr myself.

    Anyway, I stay for the free drinks on Friday nights, and the posts about sex. Living in the middle east, it can get pretty boring here, so you help spice things up. You’ve only gotten your website banned 3 times here in this country, so you must be doing something right. ;)

    Seriously, while I don’t agree with you on everything, I don’t have to. You give reasons for what you think, you ask for and allow debate, you approach topics not with authority as much as a willingness to learn. I think that’s a great model. You’re becoming a stronger and stronger voice for thinking Christians out there, and it’s a great community you’ve built up. We could all learn a lot from what you’ve done here.

    Keep on keeping on!
    Blessings, and Happy Birthday!

    1. Josh,
      Your comment had my husband and I laughing. And what’s this business about you not always agreeing with me? What??!!! I thought you always agreed with me. I’ve been duped.

      Thank you thank you for your friendship, readership, and the great addition and voice you contribute to the community here. You bless me.

  10. Yay! You are a unique voice in a sea of many. Your blog continues to be a favorite of mine. So much of what you write about resonates and I think, “why didn’t I think of that?!” haha! I am richly blessed by your willingness to discuss the heart to heart issues that we sometimes avoid in the halls of church or around the dinner table. I love it!

    Oh, and I found you via Bianca Juarez. Both of you seriously rock the kasbah…and I might be a little jealous. Just a little! ;)

    Much love,

  11. My dear Nicole,

    congratulations and thank you for all the hard work and perseverance! You bless us, inform us, and make us think. You bring up great topics that draw diverse opinions, and that isn’t easy. You have attracted a pretty cool group of followers and contributors. You have been, IMHO, an extremely successful blogger in your first year, and I, like so many others, do look forward to future blogiversaries.

    Thank you for allowing me to occassionally have an honest disagreement with your position without it harming our relationship, which is precious to me. I love you and I respect you greatly, more than you realize.


  12. You have cards?

    Dang it.

    *sigh* Well, I guess so much for sacrificing goats in the parking lot of Walmart to get people to know about me. I should have just had cards printed up.

    Happy Birthday Anniversary Modern Reject!! Here’s to many, many more.

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