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I was fully intending on writing about my Favorite (Food) Things today because my pregnancy brain is consumed with thoughts of rotisserie chicken and sweet potatoes. However, in my infinite wisdom, I thought that you all might not like to read about my adventures in refrigerator diving, so I’m giving you something else to nibble on, so to speak.

With that said, here are some of my Favorite (Link) Things for Friday, from horoscopes, to piles of dog poo, to Justin Bieber–there really is something for everyone…Don’t worry, there is a a lot about God too. Enjoy the picnic.

Dog piles from the ever funny and irreverent, Jamie the Very Worst Missionary. The title alone should get you to click through and her unmistakable voice for God wrapped in hilarity and self-deprecation will keep you reading.

In the Name of Love”s Bianca Juarez wrote a great post on Justin Bieber and elitism. Some people want to be haters and she sets them straight, in the loving, truth-speaking way only Bianca can.

Horoscoped from Information is Beautiful. This blog always amazes and confounds me. If you ever spent time believing in horoscopes or know someone who puts stock in them, check this out. They ask the question if all horoscopes really same the same thing?

Why C-Sections Are a Big Deal and 5 Ways to Avoid Them from my friend Carrington at Organic Life Love. Yes, I have babies on the brain, but if you have ever wondered about this subject, this post is well-researched and well-written. She is passionate and it shows.

It’s All About the Neighborhood from Q Blog asks this question: “How can one person or one church shape a bustling metropolis like New York, Atlanta, or Dallas? I’ve found the secret can be summed up in one word: neighborhoods.” With my recent announcement of a house-church endeavor, I found this article encouraging and challenging. Tell me if you agree.

Scott Williams of Big is the New Small shares his favorite Superbowl commercials, including a little conviction felt to pray for a certain famous rapper. Funny, insightful, and filled with God’s love.

Okay, so there you have it–some of my favorites reads from the last week. Your turn. Share what you have read and liked and/or share with me a POST YOU WROTE this week that you love! I’m always looking for great stuff to read.

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8 thoughts on “Favorite (Link) Things”

    1. Brittany,
      What a great idea…The Cause. I love it. It is both practical and encouraging.

      I’ll be sure to check back to be inspired and motivated to participate in something meaningful and worthwhile.

      Thank you for sharing!

    1. I commented on your blog Josh. The Story about a piece of Wood was great. I loved the way you made it so relate-able and recognizable.

      And I did not know of the Daily What…love it! Tons of good mindless (and little not so mindless) fun. Thanks for sharing Josh.

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