Who Has it Easier, Men or Women?

Wednesday is upon us, which means it time to talk about men and women. Shall we…

I’m sure that for many of you, just by reading the title of this post you could come up with a quick and simple answer. You might already feel passionately about this topic.

There are usually those who are certain that men have it easier. Better jobs, higher salary, gray hair is distinguished. There are also those who are convinced that women have it easier: They have sex on their side, can find a man to “take care” of them, and are able to de-board crashed planes first.

I’ve written in the past and asked the question: is it really a man’s world? But today’s question is: who really has it easier, men or women?

Upon initial inspection I would vote that men do indeed have it easier. They are men after all. They rule (or at least they think they do). I used to think being a man would be so much easier. There was a time when I actually daydreamed about being a man.

Now, however, I’m not so sure. I’m no female CEO or executive. I’m not an all-powerful talk show host (ahem, the big “O”) or a famous female actress, dusting my Oscars for fun.

I also never had to suffer the injustices that women throughout history have fallen victim to: slavery, domestic violence, not even being counted as citizens of a society.

I am simply a wife and mom, which to some may sound rather boring, and most days usually are. However, I have come to realize how powerful and crucial the role of a wife and mother is in our culture and our church.

But when we think of “easier” what are we really considering? Does the amount of money you have in your wallet make life “easier”? If so, men have it easier, generally speaking. Or is “easier” measured by relationships and friendships? If that is the case, then women, who are known to be more relationship oriented than men must have it easier.

It could go on and on. But here’s what I have found to be true:

Both sexes have it tough in some ways and easier in others. Neither males nor females have it all…all the time.

Men, for example, struggle much more with sexual lust and desire than women. Some argue they are wired that way. Some argue it is a result of the fall. Whatever your belief, the male preoccupation with sex is a known fact. More than that, it is a fact that men are instructed to deny and squelch.

Men from an early age are told that despite their sexual nature, they must and should, deny that nature and not become some slutty man-whore. No, no, they should marry one woman and settle down, forever being asked to say “no” to their desire for variety.

Women, on the other hand, do not struggle nearly as much with sexual desire. They do, however, struggle with controlling their emotions. There, I said it. Chicks are emotional. We perceive, judge, feel, use our intuition, and feel some more. We make decisions based almost entirely on emotions.

I originally heard Dennis Prager discuss this topic where he astutely pointed out that sadly, most young women are not instructed to deny these desires (as young men are instructed to deny theirs). Women are instead usually allowed to act like complete emotional nut-jobs, crying at the drop of a hat or screaming when they deem it necessary.

This is a difficulty that women must overcome. Just as men must deny their sexual nature, women must deny their emotional nature.

Neither men nor women have it easy, in my estimation. Both sexes have their own personal struggles and conflicts. Both have something to learn and something to learn from each other. No one has it easier. All that to say, I’d still choose being a woman any day of the week.

Who do you think has it easier? Men or women? Or neither? How do you think men and /or women have it tough? How ca we learn sympathy and understanding of the opposite sex?