What Makes a Woman Worthy of Marriage?

What Makes a Woman Worthy of Marriage?

Last Wednesday on He Said/She Said I posed the question: What makes a man worthy of marriage? A lot of you weighed in on the subject, mostly men in fact. I determined that in order for a man to be worthy, he has to actually be a man. Then I listed three qualities that I think make a man a man, man (I love those Old Spice commercials, sorry).  This week the question goes out to all the ladies:

What makes a woman worthy of marriage? Is it her good looks? Oh, I sure hope not. Is it her mothering skills? The way she cooks, cleans, or says “Yes, honey”? If so then I am in trouble.

I was mulling over this question. It seemed so much harder for me to answer. I was talking over the topic with my husband and he said this:

Just like men need to be men in order to be worthy of marriage women need to not be men, to be worthy of marriage.

Huh? “Yes, that’s right,” I thought. Women need to stop trying to be men if they are to be worthy of marriage. Here’s why: The “F” word. That’s right, I’m talking about feminism. The brand of feminism that the world has sold women is an empty promise, where women believe that liberation comes from needing no one (especially a man). This quite by G.K. Chesterton which sums it up so beautifully:

[Feminism] is mixed up with a muddled idea that women are free when they serve their employers but slaves when they help their husbands.”

The woman’s liberation movement has convinced many women, that being a wife is a less than desirable goal and should in fact, be avoided. The lie they have exchanged marriage with, is as Chesterton points out, a career. The result is women trying to act like men, perform like men, compete with men and be men.

Before anyone gets in a tizzy let me explain too that being a worthy wife does not somehow mean you cannot have a successful career. I am in no way suggesting that women stay home fanning their husbands whilst feeding them grapes. What I am saying however, is that a woman must acknowledge her God-given role as a woman both at home and at work.

So what causes so many women to substitute the role they were born to play with something less than? I think in part it is a trust issue. Many women do not trust their husbands to be men so they attempt to control and manipulate their marriages. They try to wear the pants, so to speak. Some of that mistrust is manifested towards God because in trying to “be the man” women are not trusting that God can help their husband to be that man instead.

And ladies we know what our role really looks like. I know many of us are tired of hearing about and reading about the Proverbs 31 woman. She seems annoyingly perfect and impossibly holy. The truth though is that God gave her to us as a model and not one we are expected to achieve in a year or a season but over a lifetime.

We are told in verse 23 that “Her husband is respected at the city gate, where he takes his seat among the elders of the land.” In order for a man to be well-respected, his respect must start at home with his wife. A respectful wife comes out of a woman joyfully receiving her role as wife and allowing her husband to receive his role as a man, also.

The Proverbs 31 woman was an entrepreneur, a savvy business lady, “clothed with dignity and strength”, well-dressed and well-liked. Sounds like my kind of girl. More than anything though, I think she was content and felt empowered to be a woman. She did not sit around trying to think of a way to compete with men, control her husband, or compare herself to anyone else. She was a woman through and through, worthy of not only marriage but praise as well.

Do you agree or disagree with what makes a woman worthy of marriage? What do you think are necessary characteristics for a wife? How have you seen the “F” word warp the role of women?

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10 thoughts on “What Makes a Woman Worthy of Marriage?”

  1. This is great and very true , for years i tried to be the one who wears the pants in our marriage . It did not work well, fighting all the time and it got so bad we split up for a while. But now that i have stepped back and trusted mu husban and god things could not be better :) and now that i have found your page things can only get even better . I thank our Lord he has guided you to make this page and my marriage can only get better .

  2. The church is far too influenced by the evil works of this world. If so-called Christians would learn to embrace their God given purposes (and even learn to embrace God more) I don’t think the church’s view of marriage would be so tainted. As a single 21 year old single woman, I fully embrace my God given purpose of a woman and I am against the “F” word. As far as what makes a woman worthy of marriage, one should only be concerned with her relationship with the Lord or lack thereof. Let us remember that a woman who fears the Lord obtains Gods blessings. When I think about feminism, I have two thoughts: a) she’s searching for herself using the guidelines of society or b) she’s forced into “becoming a man” because the men in her life won’t step up to the plate. Let’s face it, many men (I use that term loosely) today lack the necessary skills and God fearing lives they need to lead their household. I think women are just doing what’s not being done in a sense.

    That being said, as women we HAVE to know when to stop. Us overstepping our boundaries limits men from reaching their full potential in both body and spirit.

    I have faith that God will send me a man who will respect my Christ-like qualities and marry me based off that

  3. Good looks sure play a role. For a man unlike most women, aesthetic attraction do play a vital role in considering his better half. Those who say it don’t are lieing.

  4. The only characteristic I look forward to in my wife would be that of she not being money minded. Everything else would fall in place if she is not one of those girls who finds a man marriage worthy for the money (job) he possess or can possibly accumulate after marriage.

  5. This is what I expect from my future wife: give me your fertile years, give me sex, give me children, be loyal to me, respect me for what I do for her, and do not cause unnecessary problems. It is hard for me to imagine what else I would really want from a woman.

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