Top 10 Posts of 2012…So Far

Did you realize that we are almost halfway through the year? 2012 seems to be flying by, and yet there is still so much more I’m hoping to accomplish this year.

As for blogging, this year has been the best yet (which makes sense since this is my second year of blogging). With that being said, I thought I’d steal borrow a post idea from Frank Viola, and share with you the 10 most popular posts of 2012…so far.

In no particular order, here are the 10 posts you have loved the most, shared the most, and I assume, enjoyed the most this year:

1. In Hot Pursuit: Should Men or Women Pursue? This one is funny to me because at the time, this post was sort of a flop. But, it has had some strong search activity. Looks like lots of people are searching for the answer to this question.

2. 15 Ways to Improve Your Sex Life. People always like reading about sex. Go figure.

3. Why I Don’t Like Women’s Ministry. A very personal post that caught fire.

4. Mark Driscoll is My New Best Friend Some people disagreed with this one and that’s okay. The discussion in the comments is really great.

5. 20 Ways to Love Your Husband Better Both this post and its counter-part (#6) are still going strong. Just like sex, people love reading about ways to improve their marriages.

6. 20 Ways to Love Your Wife Better

7. Homosexuality and Where the Church Has Failed

8. Confession: I Didn’t Wait Til Marriage

9. What God Will Never Ask You. Perhaps one of my favorite posts I’ve ever written. It is one of my husbands favorites too.

10. How My Husband Leads. This post had impact on many men and women, which blessed me.

Did you happen to read any of these? Do you have a favorite from the list? Or is there another post that comes to mind? What would YOU like to see me write more of in the future?

10 thoughts on “Top 10 Posts of 2012…So Far”

  1. Nicole,

    Since it would be woefully ‘un-Christian’ to pat oneself on one’s own back (Ha!), allow me to do so for you: Your little slice of the Internet here, as Modern Reject, has provided many folks with insight, frustration, agreement, dissension, laughter, anger, icing, and solid meat. I’ve no favorite from the above list, as each one has added to my personal walk with Christ in its own way. Of course I do not agree with you 100%, (Thank God!), but for some reason I find myself gravitating back here now and again to pull up a chair and feed my spirit, my intellect, and to measure m own theology against yours.

    It’s a win-win for me, really.

    Okay, enough back-patting. Now get back to button-pushing, will ya?! :)

  2. How about a post describing how easily people believe something they have read or heard, even when it is complete nonsense? This is such a disheartening problem, because so many people have never been trained in critical thinking or logic. Heck, a few people will read my previous sentence and think, “I don’t want to be a critical person,” because that is the indoctrination so many have received. Public schools have not trained students to analyze statements in order to evaluate their veracity. I bet most public school students and recent grads don’t even know what “veracity” means.

    I submit as evidence that few people reading Modern Reject today even thought twice about your initial (verb-less) statement “Did you realize that we over halfway through the year?” but immediately accepted the assertion as a true fact, when we have not even reached the halfway point, let alone surpassed it. 5.5 months does not a half-year make.

    But this insignificant error on your part pales in comparison to the massive lies that will be foisted upon potential voters this year, magnified by repetition in the mainstream media. Truth will be sacrificed for ambition, and those who are foolish and untrained will again vote based upon their feelings instead of clear thinking and common sense.

    This lack of proper analytical thinking also pervades the church. “My pastor said ____ ,” so it must be true. This is the lazy man’s development of his personal theology, which is not his own at all. But each of us will stand before God accountable for our own actions, which came out of our thoughts, which were influenced by our theology. and if that theology is seriously flawed, then our resulting thoughts and actions will produce the wrong kind of fruit.

    We need to become a thinking, reasoning, knowledgeable people who properly handle the word of God and the news of the day in order to be responsible Christians and responsible citizens. For if we neglect the latter, be certain that it will indeed adversely affect the former.

    So, Nicole, I humbly request that you share your thoughts on this serious problem.

    1. 5.5 months? Indeed, were this 15 May 2012, it would be 5.5 months. But it is 18 June 2012. 6.5 months and then some, last time I checked.

      A man’s ways seem right in his own eyes, to be sure. The news of the day is The News of the World, of which we are privy to but not participants therein. Jesus said one thing about government, like it or not. I have yet to see Him interested in the governments of men, as it is the hearts of men He desires. Besides, of all the titles He has been given, due to Him for sure, President is not one of them.

      Is it my earthly citizenship that matters, or my inclusion into the Kingdom of my Father that matters?

      rejectdad, you posted a most intriguing set of commentary. I too, am curious as to how Nicole will respond.

      1. haha….actually we ARE only at 5.5ish months. Once June is over, it will have been 6 months, but until then, it’s 5 point something…

        Ya know what funny, rejectdad? I thought about counting out the months when I first read it and then thought…nah…I’m sure she’s right. I wonder how often my laziness has done the same with more serious matters. Point well taken and it’s always a good reminder. Thanks.

        1. I blame lack of sleep on this one and not laziness, as was perhaps suggested. I first thought, “No, it’s only just about halfway,” but then for some reason I typed something different.

          It’s more of a brain fog and not trusting my own instincts on seemingly insignificant things, which when pointed out to me, I’m ashamed to admit don’t feel insignificant, but rather embarrassing.

          {sigh} Oh well…

          Note to self: “Someone will always care more than me.”

        2. Oh I was in no way calling you lazy. I’m sorry if that is the impression you got. I just understood his point that we often read or hear things and don’t think twice about them, because I can be guilty of this.

      1. Aaargh! Your error was not the point. We all make mistakes, and there is no need to be embarrassed. We all have passed on bad info to others, usually because we heard someone we trust make an untrue statement that we didn’t check out for ourselves. I think about all the things that I heard in sermons and then retold, only to discover later in life that I had taught something completely wrong. It hurts my heart. I usually don’t have the opportunity to fix it. And how many of those people I once mistaught have repeated the untruth to others?

        Sometimes when something wrong is taught others jump in to reinforce the error, as Donald did. How often has this happened in the church? I recently read about someone I love who has been persuaded to believe something horribly wrong. It made my heart sick. Bad teaching multiplies, to the detriment of the Kingdom of God.

        No, the point of my post was not to point out your error, but to use that innocent and insignificant event to point out that we all need to carefully examine whatever we read and hear, and even to very carefully re-examine whatever we have already come to believe.

        1. rejectdad,

          You said:
          Sometimes when something wrong is taught others jump in to reinforce the error, as Donald did.

          In my defense, sir, allow me to point out your reasoning is correct if you view June 30th as the 6 months, while i tend to view June 1 as the 6 months. May 15th, is to me, 5.5 months since I view May 1 as the beginning of those 5 months, whereas you would say May 31 is the actual 5 month mark.

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