I’m No Movie Star

Today’s post is part of a blog series sponsored by Prodigal Magazine, which seeks to answer the question: What Does it Mean to Live a Good Story? I’m honored to take part and hope that you will visit some of the other talented and gifted bloggers participating, as well. I suppose I wasn’t very different … Read this post


Friday Findings: California or Bust

Happy Friday and what a happy Friday it is, indeed. Why? Well, I’m currently in California with my husband and kiddos. We’ve been here for a few days and have a few more days to go. So, to that end, I’m taking a mini-break from the blog until Monday. I’ll be back on Tuesday, however, … Read this post


27 Ways God Has Blessed Me

Ever feel like you don’t have much to be thankful for or that thankfulness is not flowing freely from you? Well, I decided to sit down and write out 27 ways God has blessed me (27 just seemed like a nice number). I figured, for starters, it would shut me up and prevent me from … Read this post