The Lone Christian

I’ve known so many. I’ve met so many believers who are alone. Alone in the Body. Alone in their thinking and doctrine. Alone in their expression of church.

We all know them–the person who doesn’t attend church or isn’t part of any church community. The person who walks around feeling isolated even among other Christ-followers. The person who is rejected or misunderstood for whatever reason.

The lone Christian….

But Jesus had so much to say about these people… Continue reading The Lone Christian

My Biggest Mistake as a Christian

I had worked with Kate at a restaurant waiting tables. We had classes together in college. We were even lab partners in biology.

Our friendship grew as we spent more and more time together. She shared with me about her boyfriend drama. I shared with her about church and God.

She quickly knew I was a Christian. Slowly, she showed more and more interest in this “church thing.” Before I knew it, Kate was joining me for my Thursday night college church group. She sat crying during service one night.

She began asking pointed questions about Jesus and salvation. Her own salvation seemed eminent. But then I messed up the whole darn thing and made one the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made as a Christian. Continue reading My Biggest Mistake as a Christian

7 Things God Hates

I was casually flipping through the Bible the other day, looking for something interesting to read (you know, as if the whole Bible isn’t totally interesting).

I found myself in Proverbs, not my favorite book of the Bible, mind you, but I saw the words “There are six things that the LORD hates, seven that are an abomination to him…”

Wait. Say what? 7 things God hates. It seems that this list had escaped me. Perhaps you already know this list. Perhaps you are more spiritually astute than me.

But let me just say, this is quite the list. I did a little self-inventory against this list and, I’m not gonna lie, it stung a bit. Care to join me?

Here’s what Proverbs actually says: Continue reading 7 Things God Hates

What Can God Resurrect?

from the archives

I recently heard the story of a husband and wife who were separated from one another. They have a 4 year old daughter as well. They had been attending marriage counseling with their pastor.

After a number of counseling sessions, the pastor had come to a conclusion which he shared with the couple…

He advised the couple that perhaps their differences really were irreconcilable. Perhaps, he said, they should just split up. Some marriages can’t be salvaged. It would be better for the child if her parents were at least friends who got along than were married and disagreeing.

As I heard this story, anger washed over me. Continue reading What Can God Resurrect?

Theological Ninja or Sucker?

Today’s post is my contribution to the Rally to Restore Unity hosted by Rachel Held Evans. Our goal is to end “flippant dismissals” and raise money for Charity Water while we are at it.

When I first met Tim, I was 23 and searching for a new church–a place I could call home. Tim came off a bit weird to me at first. To call him unconventional would be an understatement.

He was loud, gregarious, politically incorrect, and even mildly inappropriate (according to Christian standards). He even offended me a few times.

This guy is the youth and college pastor,” I wondered? Really? Uh, okay…

It wouldn’t be long before my judgmental eye-rolls and deep sighs would be challenged. It wasn’t long before God gave me the proverbial Holy Spirit smack down. Continue reading Theological Ninja or Sucker?

What is Discipleship?

What comes to mind when you think of Jesus Christ’s core ministry? Do you picture Him healing the sick and raising the dead? Do you imagine Him traveling form town to town preaching? Or standing on the Mount and proclaiming what would become the beatitudes?

The ministry of Jesus certainly included all of these things. However, I would argue that His core ministry–the example He left us with to follow–was something even more amazing. Sadly, it’s also something many of us simply disregard and fail to practice…

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Questions for God

I’m a bit of a question-asker. I always have been. I was the little girl, grilling her mom with the never ending “why”?

I don’t think God minds us asking questions. Jesus asked us many questions. In fact, in asking questions I have begun to understand more fully the grace of God and His sovereignty in my life. As I have grown in my faith, however, the questions have not stopped, but simply changed.

So in honor of question-askers everywhere, here are some questions I would ask God. Maybe I will get to in heaven. Some are big, perhaps unanswerable questions. Others are small, trivial, even silly questions. But again, I don’t think He minds.

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If I Didn't Know Christ

As some of you may know, my husband and I spent a few days last week in fabulous Las Vegas.

Whenever I am in Las Vegas, I am reminded of my old life—my life before I was fully committed and walking with Christ. I have “old Vegas stories” (a.k.a before Christ stories).

I also have “new Vegas stories” (a.k.a. after Christ stories).

Yet, on this last trip, I started thinking about my old life and–more than that—what would my life look like if I had never returned to Christ or even met Him in the first place? What or who would I be if I didn’t know Christ? Continue reading If I Didn't Know Christ

If God Had a Tagline…?

My husband is a marketing guy. Some would even say a marketing genius. I’d agree. Since being married, he has opened my eyes to all that is marketing, from the good, to the bad, and the ugly.

Once, a commercial for a new car or a deluxe meal deal would  gloss over me, as I sat dazed in an advertising overload induced stupor, now I actually pay attention.

“Ooh, that’s bad,” I’ll catch myself saying. Or perhaps an ad will flash upon the screen that is so slick, so streamlined, and so sophisticated that I will be legitimately impressed by a group of random advertisers somewhere.

Really, it’s all in the tagline though, isn’t it? That is what we remember. Some of the greatest taglines in history have practically sold a product themselves. Words can mean so much and have so much impact.

What about one of the greatest taglines in history? Can this simple little phrase meant to sell shoes speak into our spiritual lives? You know the one I’m talking about? Continue reading If God Had a Tagline…?

Our 3 Greatest Needs

Your three greatest needs

From the time we are born, each one of us begins to seek out our needs. Some are provided for us by our parents–food, shelter, clothing. Some of our needs are met by our parents themselves, as they protect us, encourage us. Some of our needs are not met by our parents. They may have neglected us, ignored us, or even abused us.

Many people still desperately search to have their needs met after they become adults. They search in all the wrong places–alcohol, sex, money, ministry, affirmation of others–and are left feeling empty.

The Lord, however, knows our three greatest needs. He designed them. He placed them within us. Every single one of us shares these three needs. Continue reading Our 3 Greatest Needs