Breakdancing Jesus

My husband and I have long discussed whether or not Jesus was a funny man. You know, not funny “ha ha” but other kinds of funny. Was he jovial, a jokster, a goof?

Did He like to play pranks on His disciples? Is that really what He was doing when He said John was His fave?

My husband imagines Jesus sitting around a fire late at night, shootin’ the breeze with His disciples. In Jonathan’s imagination, there had to have been some jokes cracked and some gas passed. I mean, there were dudes. Jesus had to laugh at farts and fart jokes because, well, almost all men do, right?

Just last night we were talking about this–Jesus being funny or not–and a few minutes later, I decided to hop over and visit Ragamuffin Soul for some reason. Lo and behold, I saw an image that some would call sacrilegious and others would call downright awesome. A picture like this only comes along once. I saw it and I smiled… Continue reading Breakdancing Jesus

Transitioning Out of Our Sin

I heard a pastor tell the story once of his brief, albeit, passionate addiction to…video games. That’s right. Everyday, around lunch time, he would escape from his church office and find his way to the local mall.

There, while munching on greasy fries, he would empty his pockets of quarters into his favorite arcade game. He would sometimes spend hours shooting down digital planes before realizing that his lunch hour was long over.

No one knew what this young pastor was off doing, but he felt a strange and powerful pull to keep showing up and dopping in quarters.

After a few weeks of this, the Lord told him that this practice had become an unwelcome distraction and thus, a sin. It sounds silly. I mean, video games, really? But, this hobby had become a bit of an idol and the pastor knew it.

He decided he needed to pray. He needed God’s help. But, as he began to pray about it he was struck with a realization. Continue reading Transitioning Out of Our Sin

What Do You Think About God?

Before becoming a Christian, I thought of God as a kind of grand puppeteer. I mean, I didn’t tend to think He was an evil puppet master, but I certainly didn’t think God was intimate, personal, or present.

I imagined Him sitting on His throne in the clouds, judging us from above, interjecting His hand when He decided to do so, but also withdrawing His presence when He willed.

He was a sort of detached heavenly being and Jesus was just a really nice guy who tried to make things better.

Of course, upon knowing Jesus and giving Him my life, my feelings about who God was began to change. But, they didn’t necessarily change for the better… Continue reading What Do You Think About God?

Should Christians Judge Others?

I remember the day well. My friend came to me emotionally distraught. She was dating a Godly, cool, funny guy whom she loved very much. She wanted to marry him. She was certain he was the one. But, there was one problem….

…his parents.

This young man’s parents were living in sin. Behind closed doors, they had one of the most abusive, dysfunctional, and broken marriages one could imagine. To their church community, however, they had it all together. They smiled and nodded. Showed up every Sunday. Volunteered for everything. No one around them knew the truth…

…that is except for my sweet friend, who found all of this to be too much when her boyfriend’s parents were asked to teach a marriage class at church. My friend broke.

How could she allow this? How did no one else know? Why was there no one shepherding them?

She came to me asking what she should do. My answer was simple, but it made her uncomfortable. I told her what no one would… Continue reading Should Christians Judge Others?

How Important is Theology?

I know that as I begin this post, there may be a few individuals who might disagree with me and that’s okay.

Of course, despite what people often assume, I’m really not looking to pick a fight. This is just a question I have been mulling over lately:

How important is theology?

I am obviously no theologian, nor do I pretend to be, so please take this fact into consideration. Yet, I know many Christians who might, maybe, if backed into a corner, outright consider themselves to be theologians.

There is nothing wrong with this–thinking of yourself in those terms, I suppose. Yet, as of late, as my church body has begun living out what it truly means to make Jesus Christ the Head of our church, theology seems less and less important.

Here’s why… Continue reading How Important is Theology?

Spiritual Gifts: The Good Stuff

As promised (’cause I like to keep my promises, especially promises regarding Baskin Robbins that I make to myself), today is the follow-up post to yesterday’s post, Spiritual Gifts: Who Needs ‘Em?. Turns out, most of you believe in spiritual gifts after all. Cool. You even believe in the taboo, swept-under-the-rug, crazy, “charismatic” gifts like prophecy. Doubly cool.

With that in mind, I thought today I’d just share a little bit about how to actually discover your own gift, if you are so inclined, which you should be ’cause knowing your gift is crucial and will have tremendous impact on your identity in Christ.

So, let’s get to it…

Continue reading Spiritual Gifts: The Good Stuff

Spiritual Gifts: Who Needs ‘Em?

This post is from the archives. However, members of my church family and I have been discussing spiritual gifts as of late. I forget how important and powerful the realization of your gifting truly is. With that in mind, I thought I would re-run this spiritual gift series.

I am also guest posting today over at Bianca Juarez’s blog, In the Name of Love. Bianca is a dynamo for Jesus, a powerful teacher, and worker in God’s Kingdom. I’m honored to appear on her blog today. Go show some love and check it out!

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms. (1 Pet. 4:10)

I remember the day, the exact moment, that I discovered my spiritual gift. It was as if someone placed prescription glasses upon my face and what once was fuzzy became clear.
I suddenly understood why the actions of others made me want to scream with frustration. And still, why particular moments brought me such satisfaction and joy.

Since then, alongside my husband, I have been committed to helping other people see more clearly by plopping a pair of big thick spiritual gift glasses on their face. Continue reading Spiritual Gifts: Who Needs ‘Em?

The Lukewarm Christian

The lukewarm Christian has become an epidemic. It is an often unspoken, but all too present reality in the American Church. The lukewarm Christian is the Sunday Christian, checking into service at 9:00 a.m. and checking out at 10:30 a.m.

They are the believers who serve as little as possible, give as little as possible, and love God as little as possible.

The lukewarm Christian is content where they are and resist anyone challenging or questioning their heart or desire for God.

The Lukewarm Christian is a disgrace to God and His reputation.

I have been the lukewarm Christian. I have quietly resided in the place of apathy, being neither hot nor cold for God.

But when we discover this about ourselves, when we say the words out loud, “I am lukewarm,” what then? It is not enough to acknowledge it and walk away. Christ’s love compels us to have a radical response to this realization. It must…

After watching this video, how do you feel? Convicted? Motivated? Thankful? Moved? If you found yourself saying “I am lukewarm,” what will your response be now?

The Power of God

So many of us worship a different God. Oh, it’s still the God of Jacob. The God of Abraham. Yahweh.

Jesus Christ.

But, as my days in salvation go on, I have seen and met so many hopeless Christians. So many people, who are complacent in their faith. Lukewarm. Vacillating.

I have seen so many people who perhaps intellectually know God. They even love God, but they have never once experienced the power of God.

My hearts breaks when I consider this. I feel pangs in my chest when I grasp the fact that so many of my brethren have never, not once, felt His presence, been swept up in His Spirit, had a supernatural experience with the Living God.

Instead they have very different experiences… Continue reading The Power of God

Questions About Jesus

There is so much to know about Jesus, so much more than we could ever know. The scriptures, for all of their accounts and stories of Christ, only capture but a sliver of His Personhood.

He is infinite. He is immeasurable.

And yet, I so often wonder about Him, as a boy, as a young man, as the Lamb. I wonder about His humanity, instead of always trying to grapple with His divinity.

I imagine Him as a child hiding behind His mother’s skirt. I picture Him in fields, running alongside His brothers being soaked in the sunlight. I see Him laying down to bed, praying a prayer to His Father–a prayer filled with gratitude and intimacy.

Of course, while there is so much more to know of Him, we have to be content with the little details we hold now, knowing too that His work on the cross is neither tarnished nor undermined by our lack of details regarding His life.

Yet, still I wonder…

Continue reading Questions About Jesus