Don't Pick Yourself a Project

Don't Pick Yourself a Project

I love a good makeover and makeover movies are the best–Pretty Woman, Clueless, My Fair Lady (is it weird that I have a 1960s movie listed alongside a movie about a prostitute?)… you get the point. I’m a chick and, well, most chicks love a good makeover.

Before I lose the guys reading, let me ask you this… have you ever had a chick try and make you over? I’m sure you have. You see, women do so many times unknowingly. We simply see a “project” and think to ourselves… “Oh he’d be so cute with a haircut and new shirt… oh, and maybe a tan and some Crest Whitestrips.”

But, why are women so prone to trying to makeover a man?

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Favorite (Kid) Things

Favorite (Kid)Things Friday

This week I have begun to realize just how big my kids are getting. Granted they are only 2 and almost 4, but they are no longer the babies I once held.

I am by no means an overly sentimental type mom. I didn’t cry when they took their first steps or go camera crazy when they rode a tricycle for the first time. Lately, however, I have been feeling nostalgic for the time when they could fit on my lap or in my arms. Maybe it is the fact that I just turned 30. Maybe it is that my little girl turns 4 this month. How did this happen? I was expecting to have so much time. It sounds so cliche but seriously, where did all my time go?

I have been looking over my kids toys and baby clothes, first books, and pages colored in Sunday school. I wish they could stay little forever. Childhood is magical and watching them experience life each day is pretty much as good as it gets. So in the midst of my nostalgia and sappiness, I thought I’d share some of my Favorite (Kid) Things with you this Friday… Continue reading Favorite (Kid) Things

What Makes a Woman Worthy of Marriage?

What Makes a Woman Worthy of Marriage?

Last Wednesday on He Said/She Said I posed the question: What makes a man worthy of marriage? A lot of you weighed in on the subject, mostly men in fact. I determined that in order for a man to be worthy, he has to actually be a man. Then I listed three qualities that I think make a man a man, man (I love those Old Spice commercials, sorry).  This week the question goes out to all the ladies:

What makes a woman worthy of marriage? Is it her good looks? Oh, I sure hope not. Is it her mothering skills? The way she cooks, cleans, or says “Yes, honey”? If so then I am in trouble.

I was mulling over this question. It seemed so much harder for me to answer. I was talking over the topic with my husband and he said this:

Just like men need to be men in order to be worthy of marriage women need to not be men, to be worthy of marriage.

Huh? “Yes, that’s right,” I thought. Women need to stop trying to be men if they are to be worthy of marriage. Here’s why: The “F” word. Continue reading What Makes a Woman Worthy of Marriage?