Friday Findings: Trayvon, the Atheist, and Self-Promotion

Frieday Findings on Modern RejectHappy Friday. I was so looking forward to this weekend because I have lots of fun things planned–a lecture on mid-century homes with a dear friend, time with out-of-town-friends, brunch at one of my fave restaurants, and some good ol’ R&R.

But, before I slip away for the weekend, here’s some of my favorite picks from the week:

What Was He Thinking? Dads are funny and they parent very differently from moms. As my husband always says, “Good thing kids have moms and not just dads, or they’d be dead.” This blog is perhaps living proof of that sentiment: What Was Daddy Thinking.  It is a collection of pictures of little children and infants in precarious and questionable situations, thanks to…you guessed it, their dads.

Protection for the Atheist. I read an interesting post from Daylight Atheism a few days ago called Creating a Safe Harbor for Nonbelievers, which discusses where the nonbeliever can go for support once they have quit believing in God. It was an interesting and eye-opening read.

Trayvon and Justice. I’ve been following the Trayvon Martin tragedy, like so many Americans. I had for a brief moment considered writing a post on the issue, but decided against it. My view is unpopular and it was not something I  did not want to tackle here on Modern Reject. However, this post from the Wall Street Journal by Juan Williams is exactly what I would have liked to have written on the issue, although I doubt I could have said it as eloquently and intelligently as Williams.

Self-Promotion is a Good Thing. Donald Miller wrote a great piece on why self-promotion is neither arrogant nor unholy. I have struggled with “promoting” myself and this blog, at times. It feels unnatural, but the points he makes are excellent ones and very encouraging.

A Big Box of Fun. Have you ever heard of Birch Box? It is a fantasy item for product and make-up junkies like me. Basically, you spend $11 a month and they send you a box of fun goodies. I’m in. There is also a similar product for moms called Bluum. And don’t worry guys, I didn’t forget about you. Men have the awesomely titled Manpacks, filled with things like razors, socks, and cologne.

There’s my round-up of Friday Findings. I hope you enjoy.

Now what made your list for the week? Anything worth sharing? And got any plans for the weekend? I’d love to hear!

How I Met My Husband

Happy Wednesday, which also means happy He Said/She Said day. Today is the day we diverge from our usual broadcasting to talk about men and women.

In my time writing here on Modern Reject, one thing that people thank me for more than almost anything else is for talking so openly about my marriage. And more than that, people always thank me for painting a picture of a healthy, fun, rockin’, Christ-centered marriage.

I mean, occasionally I have someone tell me to quit bragging and sounding so prideful because, hey, not every marriage is awesome and I’m just pouring salt on others’ wounds. For this, I apologize, if this is the case. I never want to sound prideful, but truth be told, I am proud of my marriage.

I chose wisely and God hooked me up with an amazing man. Today, I thought I’d share the story of how I actually met my husband. Now, I know some might not be interested, but I also know that others will. I’m sharing this because I love to hear people’s love stories. They inspire me, encourage me, and bring a smile to my face.

I hope the story of how I met my husband does the same. I hope it inspires people to look for love and seek marriage. Why? Because a good–heck–amazing marriage is possible. Jonathan and I are proof.

Here’s our story…

Continue reading How I Met My Husband

The Power of God

So many of us worship a different God. Oh, it’s still the God of Jacob. The God of Abraham. Yahweh.

Jesus Christ.

But, as my days in salvation go on, I have seen and met so many hopeless Christians. So many people, who are complacent in their faith. Lukewarm. Vacillating.

I have seen so many people who perhaps intellectually know God. They even love God, but they have never once experienced the power of God.

My hearts breaks when I consider this. I feel pangs in my chest when I grasp the fact that so many of my brethren have never, not once, felt His presence, been swept up in His Spirit, had a supernatural experience with the Living God.

Instead they have very different experiences… Continue reading The Power of God

God Loves Copycats

A couple of months ago, I had the chance to be interviewed by Drew Marshall on his radio show.  A few weeks prior to the actual radio spot, Drew and I shared a phone conversation. He was wanting to get to know me. Who is this Modern Reject chick and what is she all about?

He asked me if I am Donald Miller-ite. “No,” I answered flatly. “Well then, do you worship at the altar of Beth Moore,” he asked? “Um, not exactly,” I responded.

He paused for a moment and then told me very bluntly that he needed to know who I identified with in the Christian culture if he was to “get to know” me. I scrambled for a second. I hate questions like this. What authors I read is one thing. What Christian leaders I respect is another…

…but who do I worship? Who do I identify with my faith? I struggled to answer and then said the only thing I could… Continue reading God Loves Copycats

Friday Findings: Divorce, Movies, and Leaving the Church

Frieday Findings on Modern RejectI could hardly wait for Friday to get here this week because I found so many great things to share here for Friday Findings. So let’s not dilly dally (does that expression make me sound like a grandma?).

Churches say funny things. I love funny church signs. There are entire websites dedicated to funny church signs. But this week, I ran across this post from that lists 44 Funny Church Bulletin Bloopers. I was laughing out loud. I found #12, #22, and #25 especially hilarious.

Divorce and Children. On a more serious note, Alece Ronzino of Grit and Glory fame wrote a post last week on a Deeper Story about divorce. More specifically, she wrote about children and divorce and the question so many people ask her following her own divorce. It is honest, powerful, and convicting.

More Happiness. Yesterday, I shared a post here on MR asking whether or not God alone should make us happy. Well, once again the man who inspired my post, Dennis Prager, is tackling the question of happiness. He asks who the truly happy people are in life and how got to be so happy. It’s a great article.

Movie Geek-dom. If you love movies, then you might have noticed that many considered 2011 to be one of the worst years for movies in perhaps a decade. Yeah, it was that abysmal. But never fear because 2012, is proving to be perhaps one of the best years for movies since 1999. That’s right, there is a cornucopia of amazing films set to be released this year. Here’s a list of 50 of the most anticipated movies of 201. I cannot wait!

Leaving the Church. This week Rachel Held Evans wrote a post called 15 Reasons I Left the Church. She was surprised by the reaction and amount of comments that followed, both in support and in disagreement. I found myself sympathizing with her 15 reasons. I guess, I too, have technically “left the church.” Although, for vastly different reasons than Rachel. However, I found the post to be a great conversation starter.

Staying in the Church. Rachel’s 15 reasons for leaving the church, spurred on herself and others, to write about why they have actually stayed within the church. One such post, was from a commenter on Rachel’s blog named Jessica that wrote her own response. It is beautiful, powerful, beyond lovely, and inspiring. It is, I imagine, how so many of us feel as we press on in our churches, uncertain if this is what God would have us do. Read the whole thing, but stay for the last paragraph. It is some of the most poignant words regarding the church I have ever read.

And there you have it. A  week full of goodness. So what about you? What did you read, discover, geek out over? Share away!

Dear God…

Dear God,

I’m sorry…

I’m sorry that I spend more time on my computer than I do talking to You.

I’m sorry that I come to You so often when I am broken, hurting, and lonely, and not before.

I’m sorry that You get my leftovers when what you deserve is my first fruits.

I’m sorry that I still doubt You even though I know you have never let me down.

I’m sorry I don’t look more like Your Son and instead I look so much like everyone else.

I’m sorry I still sin when I know good and well I have been freed from sin.

I’m sorry that I treat You warmly one minute and act distant the next.

I’m sorry that I don’t tell nearly enough people about You.

I’m sorry that I am often lazy in my faith.

I’m sorry for the times I am lukewarm.

But, I thank you…

Thank You Lord that You still listen to me even when I complain and grumble.

Thank You that when I offer You leftovers You offer me grace and compassion.

Thank You that I could never earn Your love, because I know I would fail, but instead You give it so freely.

Thank You that even when I doubt You, You never doubt me.

Thank You that Your love covers a multitude of sins.

Thank You for finding me, and rescuing me, and being with me always.

Thank You that when I lay my burdens before You, I am reminded that Your burden is easy and Your yoke is light.

Thank You that You are a God who allows me to come to you with each piece of broken me, each bit of tarnished girl, and that You never shame me or guilt me for the choices I’ve made.

Thank you for your Son, who I want to be more like, and who You gave to me, for freedom’s sake.

Thank You that You aren’t finished with me, not even close.

Thank You for bringing me gifts of tremendous blessing even though I am so undeserving.

Thank you that You are a good God.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I love you…



What would you apologize for? What fills your heart with gratitude?

original version of this post appeared on The Boy with the Thorn in His Side and was inspired by Alece Ronzino.

Friday Findings: Gym Teachers, March Madness, and a New Human Species

Frieday Findings on Modern RejectSomehow this week, I managed to take care of 3 other people, exercise insane amounts, including some rather painful P90X workouts that technically should be banned in the U.S. for unlawful bodily injury, and write the most posts in one week I have written since having a baby 6 months ago. Go me!

Whew. I’m exhausted, as well I should be.

But it doesn’t stop there. Oh no. And why should it when there are so many interesting, funny, inspiring things to partake of on the Interwebz.

Here’s what got me smiling this week…

I Bet that Gym Teacher Couldn’t Spell “Synecdoche” to Save Her Life from Alice Bradley’s blog Finslippy. I’ve mentioned Ms. Bradley on MR before. She happens to be one of my favorite writers, period. Right now, she’s running a little blog series on childhood teachers. {sigh} She is funnier than me on my funniest days and what’s better than reminiscing about childhood teachers?

Beyond Evangelical from Frank Viola. I mentioned this important series by Frank Viola a few weeks ago, and this is the last installment in the 7 part blog series, but also provides links to the other posts in the series.  I think Viola’s definition and assessment of what it means to be “beyond evangelical” is revelatory and not to be ignored.

Cheap art. No seriously. I have always dreamed of having a house filled with beautiful artwork–paintings hanging from wall to wall–a regular art gallery right in my living room. But alas, I grew up and realized that art is crazy expensive, unless you want to hang Justin Bieber posters from Hot Topic (which might not be too bad, ’cause I mean, it is the Biebs).

But a while ago, I discovered 20×200, which is an ongoing and rotating collection of artwork by talented artists that you can actually afford. Just a warning, if you click through, be prepared to lose an hour. Here is a painting by one of my favorite artists, Jennifer Sanchez.

March Madness is oh so good. I love March Madness. I am generally not a sports girl, but something about college basketball gets me geeked out. Yet, I assume most people don’t care and that is why I’m sharing this post from Mashable: 10 March Madness Brackets that Have Nothing to do with Basketball. Way cool list. Enjoy.

New Human Found. And lastly, speaking of geeky, I have a weird love affair with anthropology, archeology, and ancient cultures. My husband has had to endure far too many documentaries on Machu Pichu and the Aztecs. Well, scientists in China recently discovered the skeletal remains of what appears to be a “new human species.” Say what? I find these discoveries fascinating and I am always intrigued to see how God will reveal His consistency in design through them. Read the article and tell me what you think. A new human?

Well, looks like I was all over the place this week. What about you? Are you a March Madness fan? Any great discoveries you’d care to share? Lay it on me! I’d love to hear.

Are You a Saint or a Sinner?

We’ve all heard Christians say it and we’ve most likely said it ourselves: “I’m just a sinner saved by grace.”

We tell unbelievers that we are sinners just like them, only difference is, we’ve met Jesus, accepted His gift of salvation, and been saved.

And let me just say, this is completely false.

That’s right. We are lying when we speak these words. We are not sinners. We are something quite different… Continue reading Are You a Saint or a Sinner?

Your Job is NOT as Important as You Think

from the archives

When we first meet someone and we begin the usual obligatory chit chat, we inevitably ask the question, “So, what do you do?”

And they give the expected answer. They state what they do for a living and talk briefly about their job or their career.

I have always found this to be such a depressing exchange. Sure, it’s just chit chat. You are talking with a stranger. It just seems to me that what people should be asking, and perhaps some of them are trying to ask is instead, “Who are you?”

To which we respond with… Continue reading Your Job is NOT as Important as You Think

Friday Findings: Church Diversity, Food Porn, and Shaving

Frieday Findings on Modern RejectFriday, sweet Friday. Thank you for being here once again. I have to admit, my findings this week are a rather eclectic and odd assortment. Hope you don’t mind and don’t judge me.

First up…

Diversity in the Church. Over at Q blog, I read a great interview with Dave Gibbons, who is “the founding pastor of New Song Church, a multigenerational, multicultural, and multisite church in inner city L.A“.  I am personally passionate about the subject of church diversity and found it to be an inspiring read.

Food blogs galore. This week, I have been preoccupied with fodie blogs, clicking through link after link, to discover hundreds of mouth-watering, deliecious recipes. Why? Well, I’m finally tackling the extra baby weight that kiddo #3 planted on me. Which means I am desperately missing my old friends chocolate, high fructose corn-syrup, and caffeine. {sigh} Pray for me. But here’s a few of the food blogs Ive been trolling, er um, stalking…

Skinny Taste– tons of gluten free, low-fat options here (I’m a no gluten girl). My fave right now.

All Day Long I Dream  About Food– great blog name and great easy and yummy recipes.


The Girl Who Ate Everything–More just food porn than food I can actually eat, but still so tempting.

Lastly, my husband introduced me to a magical, hilarious, original site called Dollar Shave Club. Before you make any snap judgements, watch the video. It is beyond funny.

So there’s my week.  A big mish-mash of nothing. Hope you loved every single second of it. Now, please share what sites (or people if that’s your thing)you’ve been stalking this week!