I’ll Be Right Back After These Messages…

While the timing might seem a little suspect following Monday’s post about naysayers, it really isn’t, but I’m taking a brief little vacation from blogging. I am desperatly needing to finish up something that I simply cannot finish while keeping up with Modern Reject. All that to say, I’ll be stepping away from the Internet until next … Read this post

Dear Naysayer

To My Naysayers…

No one told me this would be so hard. No one explained to me that people will read and assume–that they will project their own messes onto me and that I will be, at times, buried by it. No one could have told me, because no one could have known, how much God would use … Read this post

Catalyst, Here I Come…

So, today I am in Atlanta with my wonderful husband taking a much needed vaction. You know, a nice romantic, quiet Christian conference with tens of thousands of other people. Sounds dreamy, right? Well, maybe not, but we are enjoying our time so far here at the Catalyst Conference. I am in blogger heaven, getting … Read this post


How to Hear from God

Look, I’m no Moses. I have neither seen the burning bush in the wilderness nor climbed down from the mountain after seeing God face-to-face. I have, however, heard God speak–many times, in fact. I have seen people roll their eyes, or raise their brows when during conversation I say something like,  “…and the Lord told … Read this post