Easy Money…?

I have been thinking a lot about money lately. Cash money. Bills, Benjamins, moolah…

Mostly, I think it is because following the ridiculous expense of Christmas (which I am neither condoning nor renouncing) and entering the new year, ripe with possibilities, my mind comes to thoughts of money–how much I have, or don’t have. How much I want or think I need.

I have an unhealthy relationship with money, though. I think of that expression, “easy money.”  Even though that refers to making money, the issue of money has not always been “easy” for me. Money has never been my friend. We have shared a few good times, sure. Inevitably, though, I always talk bad about money behind its back and say things like… Continue reading Easy Money…?

Is There Really a War on Christmas?

We have heard the phrase “war on Christmas” for the last few years. Conservatives and Evangelical Christians have been shouting from the rooftops about the poor baby Jesus and His nativity scene being pulled down and packed away in little towns and cities across America.

We have heard the December greeting shift from the traditional greeting of “Merry  Christmas” to the less religious, more universal “Happy Holidays.” Less Jesus and more consumerism… the “new holidays.”

But does all of this mean there is actually a war on Christmas? Has someone–anyone–systematically set out to wage war on Christmas, or has something else happened entirely? Continue reading Is There Really a War on Christmas?

Biblical Illiteracy

I would venture to say that more Christians have the lyrics to Beyonce’s Single Ladies memorized than they do Bible verses. Okay, joking aside (and not counting John 3:16), how many verses does the average Christian have on permanent recall?

The Bible is still the best-selling book in the United States. Yet, statistics show that there is an epidemic of Biblical illiteracy among believers. Forget memorizing verses. Most Christians can’t even name the books of the Bible, let alone memorize entire passages.

We say we love God’s Word, but how can you love something you don’t actually know? And why are so many Christians illiterate when it comes to scripture? Continue reading Biblical Illiteracy

What the %&*#? Christians Cussing

What thye $%^*: Christians Cussing

Profanity is a long standing phenomena in history. Cussing, obscenities, cursing, swearing, dirty words–whatever you want to call it–exists in all languages.

Profanity in American culture has become commonplace, from our movies to our televisions. I have even heard children under the age of 6 cuss like sailors while out grocery shopping with their mom. Potty mouths are everywhere, it seems.

Americans love their curse words and they love to use them, but what about Christians? Should believers be out and about dropping F bombs? Is Christian cursing prohibited? Or are we free to cuss away?
Continue reading What the %&*#? Christians Cussing

Sorry, But You CAN’T Have it All

You Cant Have it All

Today’s post is the third in the Don’t Believe the Lie series. Americans are constantly fed the line that we deserve everything and we can have anything. We are told that, when it comes to career, family, finances, and material possessions, we really can have it all.

The sad thing is, this is simply not true. “Having it all” is a cultural myth that people have spread in order to justify the numerous and varying priorities in life, constantly pulling us in different directions.

Having it all conjures up ideas of a perfect life, filled with things and stuff, while simultaneously holding your dream job and being married to your soul mate. I hate to say it, but I’ve got to: Sorry, but you can’t have it all. Continue reading Sorry, But You CAN’T Have it All

Spiritual Glamour

Spiritual Glamour

My husband loves movies, and I mean loooves. We watch a lot of movies. We talk about the cinematography, the direction, the acting, the writing. We theorize about which film will walk away with the Oscar for Best Picture.

We are suckers for summer blockbusters, critically-acclaimed, low-budget, and indie films alike. We rarely, however, take any time to discuss the ins and outs of the best makeup artist, or the dude who holds the boom mic. We know the actors names, sure, they are famous. We know the director, because he is an ar-tist, who has repertoire of distinguished films under his belt. Sadly, however, we pay very little attention to the hundreds, even thousands of people who do the rest necessary to actually make a movie.

Church life is a lot like the movies. Ever notice? Continue reading Spiritual Glamour

Top 10 Phrases that I Never Want to Hear Again

Top 10 Phrases

The last couple of days on Modern Reject, I have written about some heavy and somewhat controversial issues. I needed a break and figured you all did, too. So, today’s post is me letting off some steam and complaining about the Top 10 Phrases that  I never want to hear again. I hope you enjoy, but secretly, I hope that, if you are guilty of using any of these phrases, you will stop, so we can rid them from pop culture. (Wink wink.) What phrases do you never want to hear again? Be sure to add them to the comments!

Continue reading Top 10 Phrases that I Never Want to Hear Again

Favorite (Political) Things

Favorite (political) things

This past Tuesday was Election Day, and what an Election Day it was! For a political junkie like me, it was like the Olympics meets the Heavy Weight Championships.

I’m not quite sure why I love politics so much. I remember being in elementary school and learning for the first time about the initiative and referendum process. I was fascinated and enthralled. It was so empowering to know that our Founding Fathers, actually built into our Constitution the ability for us, as ordinary citizens, to reform our government. Even at age 10 or so, I recognized that fact as a revolutionary idea.

Years later, I graduated from college with a degree in Political Science and left Boston, loving the political process more than ever.

So in honor of Election Day and my love of politics, here are my Favorite (Political) Things for Friday… Continue reading Favorite (Political) Things

Favorite (Rebel) Things

Yes, it’s that time again… Favorite Things Friday! I have kind of been waiting for this post all week. Last week my husband and I celebrated our five year anniversary with tattoos (no, not matching ones).

I debated heavily over exactly where to place my new tattoo. My shoulder? My husband quickly nixed that idea. My foot? Kinda boring , I thought. I decided I would place one right smack dab on my forearm. The tattoo artist expressed some hesitation on wanting to place one there, since I don’t have any other tattoos. “It’s kind of a serious spot,” he said. I liked that. Here was my logic: when I am 50, a tattoo on my hip or foot would look like I was an older lady who once got a young woman’s tattoo. But if I got one on my forearm, it would always  look punk rock… now, or even when I’m 60. Hey, it may not be the most rational line of thinking, but that is what I did nonetheless.

Since I call myself a reject, I also consider myself to be a bit of a rebel. I’m no anarchist, of course, but I do dabble in a bit of danger (well, danger for a mom of two who happens to also be a believer). I think it is fun and freeing  to, every once in a while, show your rebellious side.

So, in honor of my new tattoo and the streak of rebellion in me, here are my Favorite (Rebel) Things for Friday: Continue reading Favorite (Rebel) Things

Women in Ministry, Part 3: A Portrait of Bianca Juarez

Women in Ministry Part 3

Today is part 3 of the Women in Ministry series on Modern Reject. I have written about the different schools of thought on the subject, as well as my personal stance. Through the ongoing conversation regarding women serving in ministry, some great questions were raised, like: Can women teach men? Is that possible without them exerting authority over them? Today, I am writing about one particular woman in ministry named Bianca Juarez who happens to speak in front of many different audiences, from high schoolers to women’s groups. Today’s post is a portrait of Bianca, a young woman called to a specific ministry by and through the Lord’s direction. My hope is that, in examining her ministry, it will open our eyes to the possibilities of women in ministry, both now and in the future.

Last week, I had the chance to hear Bianca speak in my hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. Her ministry is called In the Name of Love and she says this about her calling: Continue reading Women in Ministry, Part 3: A Portrait of Bianca Juarez