Favorite (Random) Things

Favorite (Random) Things

Happy Friday! We are only a couple of weeks away from Christmas and I am excited. Next week will be my Favorite (Christmas) Things, but today is random, fun things I have been liking, reading, and enjoying recently.

There is something for everyone, from a little bit of politics (don’t worry, I’ll watch my tongue), to race relations,  food, pornography, geekery, and more. I said it was random, but it is still so good. Here are my Favorite (Random) Things for Friday. Continue reading Favorite (Random) Things

Favorite (Splurge) Things

Christmas is upon us and I have spent too many hours flipping through catalogs and browsing websites. I always daydream about giving (and receiving. I’m no saint, okay) the most extravagant gifts.

If I could, I would lavish piles of presents upon those I love and those in need. If money were no object and I could play Santa, this is what I would give. Think of it as my ultimate Christmas list. Here are my Favorite (Splurge) Things for Friday… Continue reading Favorite (Splurge) Things

Favorite (Post) Things

Favorite Posts Friday

Since yesterday was Thanksgiving, I am admittedly still coming down from my sweet potato high. Today, however, I am home with my bambinos, baking, and relaxing. The hubster, unfortunately, has to work today on this little thing he started.

On a holiday weekend, one of my favorite things to do is read–books, magazines, catalogs, and even my favorite blogs. If you are relaxing today and have a chance to catch up on some reading, I thought I’d share some of my favorite blog posts from other blogs over the last week or so. Make a leftover turkey sandwich,  put on your Snuggie, curl up with your laptop, and read away.

Here are my Favorite (Posts) for Friday…

Continue reading Favorite (Post) Things

Happy Turkey Day

Turkey Day

I don’t know why you would actually be reading this on Thanksgiving, but if you are, let me say Happy Thanksgiving to you! I am thankful for you. Really I am. Now, navigate away from Modern Reject. Heck, turn off your computer and go eat! Go enjoy time with family, or friends, or a football game. And may your mind be filled with all that you have to be thankful for this year. Blessings.


Modern Reject

Daily 3some: Muggles, Mashup, and $

Welcome to the Daily 3some. On today’s menu: Hogwarts and muggles, MySpace wants to have Facebook’s baby, and some good ol’ racial tension. Yum.

Daily 3someMySpace (uh, who? oh yeah) announced profile data sharing and login information with Facebook. They even have “Like” buttons and friending. Is this the future of the company? Is this mashup enough to save MySpace? Probably not, and I’m okay with that. You?

Daily 3someHarry Potter 7 opened last night and thousands of geeked out muggles lined up at midnight, drooling at the mouth. I’m not that into  HP  (don’t shoot me) and not for any reason, really. Some Christians get in a tizzy over Harry and his pals, though. Should Christians watch, or turn away in disgust?

U.S. Senate to award black farmers a settlement reaching $1.1 billion, following an 11 year-old settlement. Black farmers say this money is “long overdue justice” and is needed to rectify claims of racial bias. I can’t comment fully, but I will say this: how about instead of a Black Farmers Association, or a Black Caucus, or a Black Pages (that’s real), there are just people, coming together for a common goal? Disagree?

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Favorite (Personal) Things

Favorite Personal Things

Tuesday was Modern Reject’s 6 month anniversary, as some of you may know. I had asked all you lovelies to take a survey, telling me what you love and could do without on Modern Reject. Turns out, much to my husband’s surprise–you all really like Favorite Things Friday. To be honest, I was thinking of scratching it from my repertoire, but I think there might be a revolt if I attempted that. (I will tell you, though, that I may not be doing it every single Friday anymore; but it will still be a feature).

I always learn so much about you guys from Favorite Things, too. Your comments are filled with all of the things you love and care about. I thought that, this Friday, I’d like to get to know you all even more. Since next week is Thanksgiving, I also thought today’s Favorite Things would incorporate some of what we are thankful for. Let’s get a little personal. Whadya say?

I’ll start. Then you go. Cool? Cool. Continue reading Favorite (Personal) Things

Daily 3SOME: Royals and Pat Downs

If you missed Monday’s first ever Daily 3Some, it is a chance for me to share  news, facts, or titillating tidbits with all of you. You can then share your Daily 3SOME with me via Facebook or Twitter. Today’s Daily 3SOME dabbles in royalty, discrimination, and full body searches. Sounds good huh?

Daily 3SomePrince William finally popped the question to his girlfriend of 9 years. I watched an interview with the couple on CNN and apparently the two already “share a home.” I was amazed. What happened to integrity, respect, decorum, and proper English etiquette? I guess the Prince these days and his would-be-wife (the would-be-queen), sadly, look just like everyone else.

Daily 3 someA 13-year-old boy was told by his middle school, to remove an American flag he had displayed on his bike, after other students complained. The school superintendent cited “racial tensions” between Hispanic and white students as justification. Well, yesterday the boy received an escort to school like no other, with hundreds of people proudly flying American flags. Watch the video here.

Daily 3some“The TSA has achieved the final state of a government bureaucracy — total ineptitude combined with maximum waste of resources,” says American Thinker blog. Agreed. The current issue of the “pat-down” versus the full body scan is like watching an episode of The Soup. It’s funny and yet strangely unsettling. Americans complain about both methods, but then demand national security and public safety. My vote? Forget scans and pat-downs. Let’s profile. Israel does and has the safest airports in the world, despite millions wanting to kill them, daily.

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Fireworks and Unicorns, Rainbows and Cupcakes: My 6 Month Blogiversary

Fireworks and Unicorns, Rainbows and Cupcakes: My 6 Month Blogiversary

Today is Modern Reject’s 6th month blogiversary. Can you believe she is that old already? It seems like just yesterday that she took her first few wobbly steps. Soon, though, she was off and running, although still tripping and falling flat on her face along the way (yes, this analogy is really about me, okay?). So, today I want to celebrate, and I plan to do so in a few different ways.

  • First, I share some stats on Modern Reject’s growth (if you like that kind of stuff) below and give some big thanks!
  • Second, I am giving out the coveted Reject Awards. See if you are a lucky winner.
  • Last, but not least, there is a survey, asking you what you like, love, or just can’t stand about Modern Reject. If you read nothing else, please take time to participate in the survey (do I sound like I’m in telesales?). It will really help me know what I’m doing well and what I’m sucking at–and hey, that’s important.

Now, I’m not gonna lie (sorry, Danielle), it’s gonna get realz in here (yeah, that’s for you, Josh), because it is what it is (sorry… everyone!)… Continue reading Fireworks and Unicorns, Rainbows and Cupcakes: My 6 Month Blogiversary

Daily 3some: Legalized Marijuana

What you are seeing looks new, because it is. This is the first of what will become a recurring staple here on Modern Reject--the Daily 3some (like that scandalous title, do ya?). The Daily 3some will be a trifecta of humorous, intriguing, and other notable news and tidbits I feel like commenting on and sharing, on any given day. And without further ado, let us start with…

Arizona Legalized MarijuanaMy home state of Arizona, in a 50.1 percent majority–clearly in a drug-induced haze of smoke–voted to legalize medical marijuana. The final count was a staggeringly close margin of 4,300 votes. What, say you: toke up or no toke up?

Conan O'Brien Rocked RatingsRemember when Conan O’Brien got fired from NBC for not “performing,” and then Leno got his old show back? Yeah, well Conan just killed it! As in, he shut everyone up. His ratings were, to say the least, impressive. I heart you, Conan. Way to go.

Walking Dead is My Favorite New TV ShowDon’t know if you have seen it or even heard of it yet, but The Walking Dead is my new Sunday night fixation. For those of you that have been around here for, like, only a minute, you know that I love me some zombies. Well, AMC’s new drama is both deliciously suspenseful and zombie-filled. Um, it doesn’t get much better… or gorier. On a side note, The Walking Dead also garnered record-breaking ratings. See, it’s not just me.

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Hope for Today, Not Just Tomorrow

Here’s what’s been happening: Life has been sucking. All of it. All of it? All of it.

The last two weeks have been some of the most severe emotional, spiritual, and physically exhausting battles of my life. I have been getting sucker punched from the left and the right. Blindsided. Taken down, only to get back up and be knocked over again. The enemy is after me but God is using it for His glory.

I have cried, yes. And screamed ‘cause I do that too sometimes. I have yelled out to God. Prayed and then prayed harder. Then the wave of the emotional surge passes and I feel His touch, however slight. I begin to feel hopeful that tomorrow will be a better day and yet today, now, I am burdened and weighed down with pain too much for me to carry.

And I heard my Lord say to me, quietly and gently…”There’s hope enough for tomorrow but are you using it for today?”

“I don’t know,” I began to answer knowing good and well what He meant. The real answer is “no”. I am believing that someday, down the road, everything will be alright but am I also believing the same thing for today, this very moment, in this very sticky situation?

Do I honestly think God is going to provide a solution now? Better yet, am I asking Him to? Am I taking steps to see how and what He is doing now in the middle of the storm?

You see the storm is big and dark. It hurls you around and tosses you to and fro. And in the middle of it, for some reason it is easier for me to squint and look out past the clouds and pretend to see a ray of light. When in fact Christ is my Light, even as the darkness closes in.

He is asking me to stop pretending like everything is just hunky dory and to let Him actually carry my burden.

For my yoke is easy and my burden is light, he says.

I really want, so much, to take this burden off of my shoulders and allow Him to carry it. Just like anything, I have to practice this idea. When I feel my mind obsessing over all the hurt that has been inflicted and the damage that has been done I must remember to stop those thoughts in their track. Then I must hand those thoughts over to God.

It is an abstract idea and I am a practical type girl. I like concrete solutions and visible results. God, not so much. He says “Trust me without seeing me. Walk with me with blindly. Be still and know that I am God.”

I’m still figuring out how to do all of that because I need Him to take over. Because I am not enough on my own. Because the burden is too heavy and only He can preserve me within the storm.

Are you carrying burdens that God should be carrying? Are you believing Him in the midst of your storms?

How do you surrender daily?

image from Brian Brown, Vanishing South Georgia