A Day in the Life of a Modern Reject

A Day in the Life

Since I have become a mom, 4 looooong years age, my life has greatly changed. I’ve had to learn skills that I never thought necessary, like how to simultaneously cook oatmeal, talk on the phone, and bounce an infant on one hip.

Not to mention, my husband and I have served in ministry, led a home group once a week, met with couples, and discipled younger people. Then, about 6 months ago, I decided to start blogging. Yeah, awesome (insert sarcasm)! Diapers, potty seats, Bible studies, cleaning, ministry, and everything else wasn’t enough. I wanted to add more to my plate. ‘Cause you know the expression, “If it ain’t broke… then break it!”

Everyday of my life is fascinating, enthralling, hilarious, and yet, somehow, painfully like the day before it. For those of you who care–care how I manage to feed two small people three times a day (plus snacks), clean my house, write 5 posts a week, disciple 2 women, and maintain a rocking marriage, all while balancing a pile of plates on top of my head and riding a tricycle… here you go. Here is a day in the life–of me… Continue reading A Day in the Life of a Modern Reject

My Dirty Little Secret

Want to know why today’s post is a vlog. Well it has something to do with my failure in a certain area. Just watch and see…

So now you know my secret. Crazy right? (wink wink.) Who would have guessed? Well, now I’m turning it over to you. What do you pretend to be good at, but maybe aren’t? What areas has God spoken to you about growing in, even when they maybe don’t seem necessary or needed? I’ve shared mine, so if you feel so inclined to share, what is your dirty little secret? I promise I won’t tell anyone.

Check It Out…

Today I have a guest post up over at Scottsdale Moms Blog called 15 Ways Moms Can Use Social Media. Of course, I’m no social media expert, but I offer some practical and fun advice for women wanting to get started in the social media world. It is a 3-part series, so please stop by, check it out, and show some love.

Also, today’s Modern Reject post is part 2 in the Women in Ministry series. I answer the big questions today: Can women be lead pastors? Can women teach men? Is Jesus a feminist? Please offer your thoughts. I’d love to hear how you answer these questions, as well.

hugs and smooches,

101 Random Facts About Nicole, The Modern Reject

101 Random Facts about Nicole Cottrell

In an attempt for you all to get to know me better, I compiled this list of 101 random facts about me, filled with trivial and tantalizing tidbits. I hope you enjoy and Happy Friday!

1. When I was younger I wanted to be a fashion designer or a magazine editor

2. I love, love roller coasters, but hate rides that drop you straight down.

3. I’m an only child.

4. Maybe as a result of being an only child, I had dozens of imaginary friends while growing up.

5. I majored in political science in college and received a B.S., which comes in really handy (sarcasm). Continue reading 101 Random Facts About Nicole, The Modern Reject

Wanted: Hot Wives

Are you someone’s wife? If you aren’t yet do you hope to one day be someone’s wife? Well, let me ask you this…are you a hot wife? Okay, before you get in a tizzy, let me explain.

Are you a wife who cares about how she looks, for her man, on a day to day basis? Now, I am certainly not trying to re-enter the 1950’s and ask women to be cook a roast in a dress, heels, and full hair and makeup. But, I am suggesting that a little bit (of dress, hair, and makeup) goes a long way.

Here’s the thing, I know life gets busy. I have a 5 year old, 3 year old, and a 6 month old. Nuff said. They leave me little time to do much of anything besides take care of them. But looking good for your man should be a priority.

I am not suggesting either that you should look “hot” for all men. No way, just yours. And I am also not implying that you need to be “hot” in accordance to the worlds standards. You should try and be hot for your guy and your guy only, in the ways that are pleasing to him. This is not about whether you are a size 2 or a size 12. It’s about how to bring out and emphasize your best assets and bless your husband in the process.

If my husband hung out in sweats all day and rarely showered and didn’t care if he had shaved or not, I wouldn’t be too excited. Same goes for women and their appearance. If you got dolled up before marriage and then stopped after marriage, well, my dear, that is false advertising. Marriage is not an excuse to “get comfortable” and “let yourself go.” If ever there were a time to exert effort and place priority upon looking good, it is within marriage. Marriages are fragile enough in a world plagued with divorce. Attraction is a key component to a healthy marriage and sex life.

Staying attractive to our husbands and showing them we care is a simple process. I don’t spend the whole day gussied up. But an hour or so before my man comes home, I comb my hair, throw on some make up, and maybe spritz some perfume. I also smile and kiss him as he walks in the door. Yes, he’s seen me grungy and sweaty, grumpy, and tired. But I try to make that the exception, not the rule.

It may sound like I’m slapping feminists in the face, and that’s okay. I’m a Christian before being a feminist. I’m a wife before being an activist. God created women to be beautiful (check out Song of Solomon) and I like getting pretty for my man…and wouldn’t you know, he likes it too.

Do you think women should make an effort to look good? Do you agree or disagree with me?

The Beginning of a Beautiful Romance…

As we begin this relationship you might be a little apprehensive about adding another blog to your already heavy blog dating life. You may be saying to yourself “Here’s another thing to read. It’s probably like all the others. I can’t commit to one more blog. I’m not looking for a one night fling. I’m interested in a serious relationship.”

Or perhaps you are somewhat of a blog virgin. In which case you might be thinking “Man I don’t know if I’m ready for this kind of relationship. Its all so new to me. What can I expect? It’s my first time.” Either way let me put some of your concerns to rest.

You certainly do have time for one more (or one) blog because this blog won’t break up with you. In fact, the post you are currently reading, marks our first date. It is the ideal first date filled with butterflies in the tummy and a rich chocolate shake with two straws for us to share.

And here’s what I can assure you: I will be faithful—faithful to Modern Reject’s voice and purpose and faithful to being generally awesome.

I also promise to be available and open, like any boyfriend and girlfriend, we can stay up late talking for hours. You have a question hit me up. You want to chat, send me an email. You’ve got troubles let me know how to pray and I will.

I also promise to not bail on you if say, the quarterback asks me out. Or if say another blog thinks I’m really cool. Basically I won’t ditch you for the next hot thing whatever that hot thing might be.

I will also try my darndest to be funny because humor is essential to any healthy relationship. Now I can’t guarantee that you’ll laugh out loud at all posts but I’m fairly confident that I can at least bring a smirk to your face. You know the kind of weird sideways smirk you make when something is kinda clever and a bit funny at the same time. And if while you had that smirk on your face, your friend or spouse or whomever were to look over at you and say “What’s so funny?”  You’d respond with “Nothin’ you know, just something I read.” I hope to be that kind of funny.

And as my significant other you gotta have my back. I need you to look out for me too.

If for instance I start to put on a little too much weight, you know, too many ads, too many tags, too many links, just say so with “Nicole, unload would ya?” And I will.

If there comes a time too when I start to tell the same jokes again and again just knock me up side the head.

And don’t let me leave the house in some hideous green sweater that bulges and makes me look like a lumpy Christmas tree. In other words, as my better half, if I start heading in a direction that is unflattering or am rocking something that is not my best gear, be honest. I’ll listen.

And please don’t compare me to your past blogs or even current blogs. I’m my own unique person. I’m not here to compete with them. I know some other blog might be a really good kisser or be constantly hilarious. But man that’s a lot of pressure. Let me be Modern Reject and you won’t be disappointed.

I know that all relationships have their ups and downs but trust, humor, and the occasional awesome make out session can sure go a long way. Here’s to being the perfect couple.

Modern Reject

P.S. So do you want to go out?