Confessions of a Reluctant Homeschooler

I’m starting a new series called: Confessions. Clever, huh? No, not really, but the purpose is to confess so many of the things I personally struggle with, keep hidden, and daily battle. My hope is that you all will join me in my confessions (Tell me I’m not alone) not to call you out, but to remind one another that we are all in constant need of His grace and mercy.

I shared with you quite a few months ago that God was indeed prompting me to homeschool my daughter for kindergarten. I shared how scared this made me, not only because I question my own abilities, but also because I never wanted to be labeled as a “homeschooling mom.”

That’s right. I’m vain. I’m selfish. Mostly, I’m vain. I so desperately wanted to avoid all of the homeschool stereotypes: denim jumpers, long hair, mini-vans, scrapbooking, soccer practice.

But alas, I submitted to the Lord and it’s official…I am a homeschooling mom. So maybe you’re wondering, is it really as bad as I had suspected? Am I already feeling the need to bake cookies and cloth diaper my babies? Well, you might be surprised…. Continue reading Confessions of a Reluctant Homeschooler

The World's Worst Discipler

So, I cried…a lot. I don’t cry that often. There was a time when I went years without crying and was sadly proud of this fact.

I sat in bed crying while my husband slept. It’s not his fault. He just happens to sleep like a coma patient. I should add too that he had nothing to do with my crying.

It was all me…well, all me and my enemy. I have failed lately. Failed in relationships. Failed in discipleship.  Failed with sin. Failed to run to God. It seems failure is all around me and I’m to blame.

I just realized it too late. If this was a test, I had scored a big fat “F.” Continue reading The World's Worst Discipler

Favorite (Pregnancy) Things

I have tried to not write too much about the fact that I’m pregnant because, well Modern Reject is not a baby blog. It’s not even a mom blog. But, I  happen to be a mom who is having a third kiddo.

As much as I’ve tried to avoid the “pregnancy posts” this one was inevitable. This post is actually not just Favorite Things, but also least favorite things–of which there are many during these torturous nine months.

I’ll start with the things I love, like shopping for baby clothes. Then I’ll share the things I don’t love, like creepy older women touching my belly without permission. My Favorite (Pregnancy) Things for Friday…. Continue reading Favorite (Pregnancy) Things

A Car Crash and the Aftermath

Last Friday was my son’s 3rd birthday. The next day was when we planned on celebrating with family and friends. I woke up Saturday morning a little behind schedule. I ran around the house trying to get myself and the kids ready. Little did I know my rushing was in vain.

My husband, kids, and I piled in the car. We were headed to a local pizza spot and arcade around the corner–any 3 year-old boy’s dream birthday location.

There we sat at a red light waiting for it to turn green.

My son suddenly said, “Daddy, your seak belk.” Translation: seat belt. My husband had left the house without putting it on. “You’re right, buddy. Thanks,” he said as he reached down and clicked his seat belt into place.

15 seconds later, an SUV slammed into our car. Continue reading A Car Crash and the Aftermath

To My Son, on His 3rd Birthday

It seems strange that we are back here again, celebrating another one of your birthdays. Didn’t I just watch you turn 2?

But as I look back over the last year, I am overwhelmed by the differences in you. You, my son, are no longer a baby. I guess you already knew that since you remind me so often that you are a “big boy.” I still call you baby though. I can’t help myself.

You were suppose to be my last, but the current baby inside my belly is taking that position. You are instead destined to be the middle child–a role I think God placed you in with great care and consideration.

You will be a magnificent middle child. Why, you ask… Continue reading To My Son, on His 3rd Birthday

My Week in Pictures

You may have noticed that I’ve been M.I.A. over the last week or so. Sure, I’ve been posting some, but not in mu usual fashion. Why, you ask? Don’t know exactly.

I’ve been tired (blame it on the baby in my belly). I’ve been distracted (blame it on the baby in my belly). I’ve been busy doing other things (yeah, you know…)

I’ve been watching my kids play in splash pools. Attempting to sleep in while kids climb into bed with me. Enjoying lazy morning breakfasts as a family. So, in order to catch you all up (in case you care)  on my life as of late, here is my week in pictures:

What have you been up to this week? What is currently keeping you busy? Catch me up too.

My Divided Family

My family is a little crazy…and not in that funny-sorta-adorable-eccentric-way (okay, maybe we are a little bit of that) We are also what is known as “dysfunctional,” in every loving sense of the word.

If you were to ask them, however, I doubt they would say the same. They would probably peg me as the crazy one because I am the “Christian.” Guilty as charged.

I am the one they see as hateful, self-centered, self-righteous, and holier-than-thou. Over the last year and a half, I have experienced some of the darkest days within my own family. It has read like a novel, complete with lies, deceit and betrayal.

What continues to surprise me, however, is that people often call Christians “judgmental” and “hypocritical” when in fact, they are actually the ones displaying such behavior. Continue reading My Divided Family

This One Goes Out to All the Moms…{Happy Mother’s Day}

This one goes out to all the mommies out there…

To every mom who has sacrificed her body to stretch marks, baby weight, and labor pains.

To every mom who has woken up for middle-of-the-night feedings and woken up just to make sure that little baby is still breathing.

To every mom who has watched helplessly as her child learns to do something new for the first time…wanting to step in, but allowing their “baby” to learn for themselves.

To every mom… Continue reading This One Goes Out to All the Moms…{Happy Mother’s Day}

Favorite (Tolan) Things

My son, Tolan, is fast approaching his third birthday. In the last few months, it seems that he has had a huge growth spurt, complete with added inches to his height and words to his vocabulary.

Every other day he is doing or saying something brand new. Yet, as the birth of this next baby grows closer (and I grow larger), the reality that Tolan will no longer be “the baby” sets in.

My son is a boy. All boy. He is the opposite of his sister. He is a little man who does little man things in a little man body. He is entertaining, to say the least. Here are some of the funny things he says and awesomely boy things he does… Continue reading Favorite (Tolan) Things

In Defense of Housewives

I have always disliked the term “housewife.” Blame it on my background, but it has always sounded a bit like a plantation term. Or it sounds like a woman who is “kept,” bought and paid for, with nothing to do but stay home and stuff her face full of delicacies.

I prefer “homemaker.” I do, in many ways, make my home. However, I’m not solely responsible for my house being a home, either.

I still have not gotten used to telling strangers and people I am meeting for the first time what it is I do when they ask. Sure, if I’m meeting another Christian, I know it is usually safe to say “I stay home with my kids.” But other people raise an eyebrow, scan me up and down, and then say, “Oh…” as if they are disappointed in my career choice.

That’s why I’ve decided to come to the defense of housewives and homemakers everywhere…someone has to, why not me? Continue reading In Defense of Housewives