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When You’re in Love…

from the archives When You’re in Love… You think about the person upon waking up. You can’t wait to talk. You’re reminded of them throughout your day. You’ll happily spend time with them, even if it means canceling plans. When You’re in Love… You tell everyone about the love in your life. Things that once … Read this post

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Raising Kids that Will Love God

As a young Christian, I could never quite understand it. I looked around the other believers I knew and could find no common denominator for why some continued walking with Jesus and others did not. But, after having walked away from God myself for three years, I now know that it isn’t as difficult as … Read this post

The Weight of Honesty

I understood why a lot of my friends had a crush on him. He was young, attractive enough, energetic, cool, and somehow made what should have been a boring, if not torturous class, enjoyable. He had encouraged me to write and write more and write often. He saw past my tough talk and stubbornness and recognized a young 16-year … Read this post


One Great Marriage Trick

Marriage is full of compromise. Or at least, it should be. And if anything has taught me how to phrase, re-phrase, pause, evaluate, and listen before speaking, it’s marriage. It might be easy to assume that I speak to my husband in much the same way that I write on this blog–with passion, spunk, a … Read this post