Favorite (Saturday) Things

I have been eagerly awaiting this weekend. I’m not sure why, either. I don’t have anything special planned, no big event or party. I think that, with the onset of spring and pregnancy, I am just enjoying my weekends more.

When I was a kid, Saturdays represented freedom–freedom from school and teachers, the freedom to sleep in, and the freedom to sit in front of the television and waste hours of my day watching Saturday morning cartoons. Go Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Cats!

Saturdays still hold much of the same freedom, but they also include time with my lovelies and time to rest–both of which are greatly needed. So, here’s to Saturdays and My Favorite (Saturday) Things… Continue reading Favorite (Saturday) Things

Favorite (Spring) Things

Living in Arizona prevents me from really experiencing Spring the way nature intended. We do not get to watch the snow and ice melt away, only to have the buds of green appear.

We basically go from coldish to warmish. Period. Spring. However, having lived in Boston, I really can appreciate the expression “Spring fever.” The process of defrosting and having the warm sun reappear.

Regardless of our lack of Spring in Arizona, I still love the season, filled with hope, renewal, restoration, and the promise of things to come. So without further ado , here are my Favorite (Spring) Things for Friday…

Continue reading Favorite (Spring) Things

Favorite (Kinda Sorta) Things

I fully intended, like I do every Friday, to have yet another Favorite Things today. Alas, I have not been feeling well this week and opted to skip today’s usual installment.

I’ll be back Monday with some amazing, mind-blowing, thought-provoking post…just as soon as I figure out what that is.

So in lieu of a traditional Favorite Things post, here are some of highlights from my week. Won’t you share yours too? I’d love to hear how God surprised you this week. Continue reading Favorite (Kinda Sorta) Things

Favorite (Duo) Things

There is nothing quite like a good duo–a perfect pairing. We have the undeniable power of peanut butter and jelly, fish and chips, and Batman and Robin.

Nothing beats the greatness of the perfect duo, whether it be food, comedy, sports, or real-life. I am appreciating more and the more the need for teamwork and compromise and heck, just plain old chemistry.

From a ridiculously gross cartoon, to a dancing duo, and some sports legends, these partnerships have it. Here are my Favorite (Duo) Things for Friday… Continue reading Favorite (Duo) Things

Favorite (Link) Things

I was fully intending on writing about my Favorite (Food) Things today because my pregnancy brain is consumed with thoughts of rotisserie chicken and sweet potatoes. However, in my infinite wisdom, I thought that you all might not like to read about my adventures in refrigerator diving, so I’m giving you something else to nibble on, so to speak.

With that said, here are some of my Favorite (Link) Things for Friday, from horoscopes, to piles of dog poo, to Justin Bieber–there really is something for everyone…Don’t worry, there is a a lot about God too. Enjoy the picnic. Continue reading Favorite (Link) Things

Favorite (Grown Up) Things

Happy Friday! With all the baby talk this week, I have begun to feel old. I mean, I’m having my third kid and I’m in my thirties. It’s a little depressing, I’m not gonna lie.

Yet, despite my feeling old, I still have trouble thinking of myself as an adult. Why is it that the things we despise asĀ  kids like baths, naps, going to bed and sleeping in, are the things we relish as adults?

I may feel too young to be an adult, but adulthood does have its benefits. Here are my Favorite (Grown Up) Things for Friday: Continue reading Favorite (Grown Up) Things

Favorite (First) Things

Most people love “firsts”. The first time we experience something new. The first time we meet that special someone. Our first kiss. First job. First day of school. First date (okay, well maybe not this one).

The start of the new year is so full of promises and potential firsts…and 2011 is no different. I am imagining the way the year might go. I know it is going to be a year filled with firsts. I recently read this post, from a blog I’m loving, that inspired me to be thinking of “firsts.”

There are things to come in my life (which I will be announcing soon) that will be brand new to me. So, as I look forward to a 2011 filled with newness and never-before-experienced events, here are a few of my Favorite (First) Things. Continue reading Favorite (First) Things

(My 2010) Favorite (and not so favorite) Things

Happy New Year (almost)! Today is the last day of the year and I can’t believe it. When 2010 started, I was so overwhelmed with excitement, more than almost any other year. I knew God had big things in store for me and my family.

I ended up starting a blog. Who knew? I celebrated my 5 year wedding anniversary. I turned 30. I fought battles. Won some and lost some.

I have so much to be thankful for this year, including all of you. I have the most rockinest readers around. I’d love to know what were some of the highlights of 2010 for you, as well as some of your low points.

Here are mine… Continue reading (My 2010) Favorite (and not so favorite) Things

Favorite (Christmas) Things

favorite Christmas Things

Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.

When you are a kid, nothing quite beats Christmas. For me, Christmas was magical and yet I was always aware of the holiness and importance of the holiday.

Now, with children of my own, Christmas holds so much of the same promise, hope, and excitement. Mountains of toys are alluring, but the birth of Christ is truly worth celebrating.

Here are my Favorite (Christmas) Things for Friday–with a little bit of all things Christmas, like that rolly polly jolly guy, Jingle Bells, and lots of food (you know me… I can’t write about Favorite Things without mentioning food). First up… Continue reading Favorite (Christmas) Things