How to Hear from God

Look, I’m no Moses. I have neither seen the burning bush in the wilderness nor climbed down from the mountain after seeing God face-to-face. I have, however, heard God speak–many times, in fact. I have seen people roll their eyes, or raise their brows when during conversation I say something like,  “…and the Lord told … Read this post


Breakdancing Jesus

My husband and I have long discussed whether or not Jesus was a funny man. You know, not funny “ha ha” but other kinds of funny. Was he jovial, a jokster, a goof? Did He like to play pranks on His disciples? Is that really what He was doing when He said John was His … Read this post


Spiritual Gifts: The Good Stuff

As promised (’cause I like to keep my promises, especially promises regarding Baskin Robbins that I make to myself), today is the follow-up post to yesterday’s post, Spiritual Gifts: Who Needs ‘Em?. Turns out, most of you believe in spiritual gifts after all. Cool. You even believe in the taboo, swept-under-the-rug, crazy, “charismatic” gifts like … Read this post