What I Want vs. What I’ve Got

What I want…complete freedom What I’ve got….days with fleeting feelings of freedom. What I want…sleep. What I’ve got…sleepless nights, awake in the dark. What I want…to know Him intimately. What I’ve got…a knowledge of Him that sometimes feels superficial, whether true or not. What I want…salvation for my family. What I’ve got…the hope that He … Read this post


Stop Church Shopping

We’ve all heard someone we know, when asked about where they are attending church, respond with something like, “Well, I’m church shopping. You know, just looking…” We nod our heads in agreement or in sympathy, having once perhaps been in the same situation–visting church after church, Sunday after Sunday, often left feeling defeated or discouraged. … Read this post

Back After these Messages…

So, I mentioned the other day that my precious Mac didn’t like me anymore. In fact, she quit…as in quit working. Turns out, my harddrive went kaput. And can I just say that it is quite difficult to be a blogger without a computer. I’m actually typing this on my husband’s computer, which I have … Read this post


Do You Know…?

Do you know… You are forgiven…completely? Not-sorta-kinda-maybe-forgiven. Not partially, slightly forgiven, but completely forgiven. God does not remember your sin. He has forgotten them. Forever. Do you know… You are not a broken adult whom God has patched up and pieced back together? No. You are altogether new..a new creation breathed into being from nothingness. You are … Read this post


Jesus and Vomit

[from the archives] My kids were sick with the stomach flu (again) this week and this post came to mind. I thought it was worth re-sharing. My kids had the stomach flu last week, meaning there was lots of vomiting…everywhere…for days. This is never fun as a parent. Never. Once the sickness subsided and life … Read this post


Paying with Post It Notes

Today’s guest post is from Chris Lautsbaugh, who writes the grace-filled and encouraging blog No Superheroes. Chris pours out grace in all that he writes, as he knows the freedom grace offers us to move away from thinking we need to be superheroes, and instead allowing us to be true followers of Christ. I’m so … Read this post