Friday Findings: A Collection from Catalyst

Frieday Findings on Modern RejectOkay, so seriously guys…I’m exhausted. Catalyst is no joke. All day. A lot of speakers. A lot of worship. A lot of people. And for an introvert posing as an extrovert like me, I’m not gonna lie, it’s a bit overwhelming.

But, I’m having so much fun and more than that, I have Jesus (more) on my mind. I have been both impressed and relieved to hear every person who has stepped onto the main stage exalt and glorify Jesus’ name above all else.

Since today is Friday Findings, it follows that my list today is inspired by Catalyst. I hope you enjoy these links and discover some new voices in the Kingdom to follow and share.

Paul Angone. I’ve mentioned Paul before, but after having met him and spent time with him here at Catalyst, I have to (re)recommend his blog, All Groan Up. Paul is funny, humble, and passionate about helping 20 somethings navigate what he calls “emergent adulthood.” If this applies to you, please check him out. You’ll be glad you did.

The Giving Keys. I love simple and powerful ideas packaged well and The Giving Keys is just that. This non-profit hires the homeless to hand-stamp keys from all around the world with one word, meant to inspire. You pick your key and your word, wear your key as a necklace, and then find a person who needs that word, in which case you then give them your key. Cool, right? Oh, and then you go to their site and share the story. Genius. I even bought one myself (can you guess which word I chose?).

Christine Caine. Okay, now I know this lady probably isn’t new to many of you, but she’s fairly new to me. I had also never heard her speak before yesterday and she rocked me. I would dare call Christine Caine a modern-day prophetess who walks in authority and the Spirit. I am now going to read everything she has ever written, devour her blog, retweet her constantly, and basically become an uber-creepy stalker. Wanna join me?

Johnnyswim. I always complain that the Christian music scene is Yawwwwnnnn. Snooze. You get the idea…But, after hearing Johnnyswim perform at Catalyst, I’m starting to think that maybe I just don’t know how to find quality Christian music. This  singer/songwriter duo is the real deal. Lyrically and vocally beautiful  filled with the depth and love of Christ. I’m hooked. You can download their new EP for only $2.99 right now. Score.

Bloggers Galore. The highlight of the conference has definitly been the BloggerMeetup, where bloggers get to hang out together and commiserate about the sometimes discouraging but always inspiring job of, you guessed it, blogging. I got to see many of my blogging friends, including Sammy Adebiyi, Matt Appling, Sonny Lemons, Allison and Darrell Vesterfelt (the husband and wife duo behind Prodigal Magazine), JR Forateros and my oldest blogging peep, Moe Vivas.

But, I was also introduced to quite a few new bloggers who I encourage you to check out, including Jennifer Upton, who blogs about the healing process her marriage is currently enduring after adultery. Also, Stephanie May of The Lipstick Gospel, Kelly Marzka of View Along the Way, and Charlie of Charlie Says, who happens to write some pretty provocative stuff (like someone else I know. wink, wink).

Drop by their blogs and say hello to them. Tell ’em Nicole sent you (I’ve always wanted to say that).

So there you have it–my Catalyst collection. Now, it’s your turn. What have you got to share with me? Any recommendations for some good Christian music, too? Lay it on me.


Friday Findings: Religious Lies, Staying Saved, and Nuclear War

Frieday Findings on Modern RejectHoly wow, what a week. So far, this week is shaping up to be the biggest week on Modern Reject ever, in terms of traffic. There are a few lovely surprises that contributed to this fact.

For starters, I was honored to be included on Church Relevance’s Top 200 Church Blogs list for the second year in a row. I even moved up 7 spots. Yeah baby! I owe you, my readers, a huge virtual hug and kiss. Thank you for being a part of this community and for being a constant encouragement.

Then, the amazing servant of Christ who I am admittedly a little bit of a fan-geek about, Frank Viola, included me  on his Top 10 favorite  Christian Female Bloggers list. I tweeted in response that I can now retire…and it’s true. It’s all downhill from here.

But, beyond both of those honors, this weeks posts on Modern Reject created some of my favorite discussions in quite a while. If you missed Monday and Tuesday’s posts on prophecy, please consider reading them. If you’ve ever had questions about prophecy these posts are for you…and don’t skip reading the comments too.

Finally, I wrote a guest post over at the ever-talented and culturally astute Jr. Forasteros’ blog yesterday. I think it might be one of my favorite posts of all-time and it’s about sex. Please, go show some comment love if you haven’t already.

Phew. Now that we got all of that out of the way, let’s get to those fabulous Friday Finding links… Continue reading Friday Findings: Religious Lies, Staying Saved, and Nuclear War

Friday Findings: Married Jesus, Self-Hate, and the 90’s

Frieday Findings on Modern RejectIs it just me or has there been a ton of great stuff to read these days? Maybe it’s the fact that Fall has set in and people are feeling inspired. Or maybe it’s that I’m just getting better at finding things I’m really interested in reading.

Either way, there is lots to share on today’s Friday Findings…

Jesus was Married. Didn’t Cha’ Know? Hopefully you’ve seen this headline already. It’s been everywhere. This post from Mark Roberts at Patheos is a great academic and well-reasoned summary of the “married Jesus” question. Also this post from the Huffington Post answers the 5 big questions about Jesus potentially being married.

Water Baptism. You Thought You Knew. This post from Frank Viola blew my mind. I feel like I link to Frank almost every Friday, but that’s because he brings such a balance and understanding of the Word and the Spirit. If you think you know what scripture has to say about water baptism, read this. You may know less than you think.

Read Between the Lines. In true Jamie the Very Worst Missionary fashion, she manages to make me laugh, cry, sigh, and feel encouraged all in one fell swoop. She is amazing. This post is so good.

Can Men and Women Be Friends? I love talking about this age old question. I’ve even written about it before, but I did so from the perspective of a married person. However, Emily Maynard over at Prodigal Magazine did a wonderful job of answering this question from the viewpoint of a single person. I found it to be so honest and relatable…even for a married chick like me.

Be a Coding Geek. This post is a fun and well done infographic on why you should learn to code…at least a little bit. I’ve had to learn a smidge, what with having a blog and all. The arguments for why are pretty interesting.

Interracial Relationships and Self-Hate. I have to admit that it was the rather provocative title of this piece over at BlogHer that caught my attention–Do Interracial Relationships and Self-Hate Go Hand-inHand? All in all it was an interesting read. It certainly got me thinking and that is never a bad thing.

90’s Throwback. If you’re a product of the 90’s (and even if you aren’t) you will enjoy this hilarious homage video to that great decade, via Mashable. Enjoy!

So, do share. What did you read, watch, or write yourself that simply needs to be shared? Lay it on me!

Friday Findings: Privacy, Pinterest, and Loving Obama

Frieday Findings on Modern RejectSo, you may have noticed that Friday Findings have been a little absent the last few weeks. I apologize, but hopefully now that I have my act together you’ll have lots to read.

There’s so much good stuff to share. I bursting at the seams…not really, but I’m excited. Here we go:

Censoring God. My friend Moe of Beta Christian nails it. If you happen to frequent Christian blogs or you are a Christian blogger, read this!

Is Jesus the Only Way? In his usual brilliant way, Frank Viola, sets out to answer a series of question from skeptics in regards to Christianity. The portion I enjoyed best asks if Jesus is the only way? This is powerful and yet practical stuff. Necessary tools for any believer. Here’s part one to start, as well: There is a God.

College. Forget It. From the blog Christ and Pop Culture is a succinct and well-written blog post after my own heart called, Is College Worth the Money?

Pinterest and Christians. If you are a woman, chances are Pinterest has made you feel bad about yourself at some point. And yet, we keep going back. Nikki Weatherford wrote a great post called The Pinterest Guide to the Christian Life. So good.

I Love Barack Obama. Regardless of your politics (because this has absolutely nothing to do with politics) you need to read this post from Jamal Jivanjee, Why I Love Barack Hussein Obama (An Open Letter to the Saints in America). If you read nothing else, please read this. It exemplifies the Father’s love and could be one of my favorite examples of God’s heart…ever.

A Call for Privacy. From Sarah Markley over at a Deeper Story. She writes: “But we often don’t value people who are wise enough to keep some of their lives private.” This post is filled with truth and addresses our over-sharing, Instagram-loving, Facebook-updating culture.

Jesus Healed Me! Lastly, a video, which I rarely do (but am going to try and do more often actually). I watched this the other night and got choked up. We make it so complicated and it’s not. It’s so simple. God. Jesus. He loves us. He is awesome.

Did you watch the video? I mean, seriously, does it get any better? What did you discover this week that is share-worthy? Let’s hear it!

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Have you ever noticed how most Christian clothing is cheesy or lame? Of course you have because it is so obvious. I become visibly embarrassed when I see Christians wearing shirts that say things like “Jesus is my BFF” or “Keep Calm and Pray On.”

I cringe. It hurts.

But, then something wonderful happens and just when I’ve begun to think that all Christian apparel is trash-bin worthy, a company like 31:ten makes its appearance. Oh, and they want to give you some free stuff! Continue reading GIVEAWAY: 31:Ten (Awesome Shirts for Chicks and Dudes)

Friday Findings: Looking Fat, Castration, and Food Porn

Frieday Findings on Modern RejectI survived the week, in part thanks to you. I also found some great reads this week. Happy Friday Findings…

Funeral Director at Large. The blog of Caleb Wilde, funeral director, is fascinating. His post, The Mourners Bill of Rights, is full of practical wisdom and grace. If you have ever had a loved one die, you will find solace in this post.

Gospel Centered Discipleship. That’s the name of a new book and I have to say, the title caught my attention. I read the forward to the book over at Matt Brown’s blog and I’m hopeful about this one. Here’s a taste: “I have become painfully aware that people tend to drift away from the gospel soon after their conversion and begin to try their hand at sanctification.” Sounds promising, right?

Do These Pants Make Me Look Fat? Allison Vesterfelt went for it and asked the age old question that no man ever wants to hear, but her response is not one you would expect. Which shouldn’t be surprising coming from Allison.

Vertical Church. So, I’m not a big conference type. I mean, I’ll go occasionally (like my trip to Catalyst this October), but usually it’s not my cup of tea. However, I was recently invited to attend the Vertical Church Conference and based on the vision, I can’t wait. Maybe there’s one coming to a town near you…

Go on, Castrate Your Husband. Nikki Weatherford wrote this hilarious, tongue-in-cheeck, and yet truth-filled and wise post about how women can go about castrating their husbands. Does it sound intriguing? It is. Check it out!

A Choice in Your Loss. Often, well-meaning individuals can ask the wrong questions at the wrong time, but God can still provide an answer. Alece Ronzino, shared over at a Deeper Story this week, about how we never really get on “the other side” of a tragic loss. One of my favorite reads of the week, for sure.

Lusting After Food. This is an interesting read about our cultures food porn addiction. I have to say, I might have a beautiful food addiction. It’s all those sexy asparagus stalks and voluptuous heads of broccoli.

So, what caught your eye this week? Anything you care to share? Or heck, how was your week?

Friday Findings: Anxiety, Fallacies, and Rule Breakers

Frieday Findings on Modern RejectOkay, so you may have noticed that last Friday there were no Friday Findings to speak of…sorry about that. But, today, I’m here to make up for that fact with an extra awesome and extra long list of gems and goodies.

So much to see, so little time…

Wake Up for Your Kids. No post has convicted me as much as this post, in quite some time. I have been hearing the Lord gently directing me in this and then I stumbled upon this post. It was confirmation of the changes I need to make at home.

Logical Fallacies. If you are a theological, analytical, or heck, argumentative type, you’ll probably find this site hilarious. It helps you call people out on the most common logical fallacies. Genius. Not so grace-filled, but genius nonetheless.

Us and Our Anxiety. A well-stated and interesting read from the Huffington Post asking whether or not anxiety is simply a natural human emotion that we have begun to pathologize, due to our cultures obsession with “treatment.”

Oh, Dave. Save It. Are you a Dave Ramsey fan? I sure am. I took a Financial Freedom class in college and have never thought about money the same way since. This post, however, challenges much of Ramsey’s teachings and does so in a loving, truth-filled, and honoring way. A good read.

10 Steps to Sanctification. The Barna Group, A.K.A. the Christian research top-dogs, is soon-to-be-coming out with a book that suggests that each of us can trace our spiritual journey in 10 steps. Sound hokey? I’m not sure either, but I’m intrigued.

Mary, the Bondservant. Do you ever think about Mary? I do and quite often, in fact. I imagine the angel standing before her explaining that nothing, including the world, would ever be the same. Well, Rebecca at her blog The Upside Down World, wrote a lovely and compelling post about the mother of Jesus. One of my personal favorites this week.

Rule Breakers Unite. I’ve mentioned Alice Bradley here before. She is, without a doubt, one of my favorite blogger/writers/funny ladies. Calling her hilarious is an understatement and writing funny–consistently funny–is so hard to do, but, posts like this continue to make me laugh out loud.

Love me some Frank. If you’ve been around this blog more than once, you probably know that I have a great deal of respect and admiration for Frank Viola. So, it is easy for me to recommend anything he has written…and of all his 13 books, each one is priceless. That being said, his new book, Beyond Evangelical, is now available (I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy). Another of his books, Revive Us Again (one of my favorites) is also available for a discounted price. BONUS: It is a signed copy from Frank himself. Score.

Alright my friends, lay it on me…What caught your eye this week? What did you read that you just have to share? What did you read that made your skin crawl? What else is going on? Anything?

Friday Findings: Gays in Heaven, Hottie Girls, and The True Gospel

Frieday Findings on Modern RejectSo much has happened this week, I almost feel overwhelmed. Except that much of what has happened has been the moving of the Spirit and God doing big things (more to come on all of that).

Not to mention, there was so much awesome stuff in the ol’ blogoshpere this week–stuff I couldn’t wait to share with all of you.

So let’s get to it:

Will There Be Gays in Heaven? Craig Gross of XXX Church is the real deal. He seems to me to be one of the few really well-known, highly respected Christian figures who just gets it. What is “it?” Jesus. The article he wrote for CNN is a perfect example. Truth and grace, all over the place.

Little Girls and Hotties. Do you have daughters? If so, then you need to read this post from Karen Yates about modesty and our little girls. She asks us what the boundaries of modesty should be for our daughters and gives tons of practical examples. Good stuff.

Stop Trying to Imitate Christ. I introduced Jamal Jivanjee to you a while back. He has quickly become a powerful and edifying resource for me. This post from him is a prime example, filled with the richness and truth of Jesus and His Word. If you’ve ever struggled with trying to “act like Jesus” and failed, please read this.

The Circle Unbroken. Cathleen Falsani is one of my favorite Christian bloggers, although it’s rather unfair to call her a “blogger” because she is much much more. She is an author and writer first and foremost and this post from her tells you why. It is all of the beauty, simplicity, and loveliness of Jesus’ church and how it can look so different and yet still reflect Him.

The True Gospel. Not a single post this week got me as pumped and excited as this one. A taste: “Religious jargon will become fossils and equally nutritious. A new sweeping movement of the gospel couched in the terms of our culture and swept through communities by the Holy Spirit is coming.” Um, yes and yes!

An Inside Peek into my Church. If you desire to see and read what my church life is like, my friend Donald, has posted a letter essentially chronicling our church activity over the last month or so. Healing? Check. The Holy Spirit in abundance? Check. Prophesy? Check. God’s people being ignited? Check. Go on, I know you’re curious. (While you’re there, check out the rest of Donald’s blog. He speaks truth like no one I know and I love it!)

So there you have it. It’s quite a list this week, don’t you think. I have so much to chew on and pray through from these writings alone.

Now, it’s your turn. What events, experiences, or words  encouraged you, challenged you, or edified you this week? Or what angered you, convicted you, or compelled you to seek God?

P.S. Did you see the Modern Reject giveaway for the chance to win a Bible study series from the teaching power-house Kasey Van Norman? Don’t forget to enter to win and get the hook-up!

Friday Findings: Organic Church, Marriage, and Tattoos

Frieday Findings on Modern RejectYou may have noticed that the last few weeks have been void of any Friday Findings. For that, I am sorry. Summer time has taken over, what can I say?

But despite that, today I have all kinds of awesomeness to share with you. So let’s get to it:

Why I Love My Organic Church. I’m a part of an organic church and I love it. And actually, this post from Arianne over at a Deeper Story, is about my organic church. That’s right. Arianne is a member of my church family so, if you have interest in knowing what my church looks like and how an organic church operates, go read this.

The First 6 Months of Marriage. The dynamic duo of Allison and Darrell Vesterfelt (the couple behind Prodigal Magazine) both shared a list of the top 6 things they’ve learned in the first 6 months of marriage. I so appreciate the humility, humor, and honesty in what they shared.

Are You in Your 30’s? Frank Viola posted a survey this week for 30 somethings.  He poses, essentially one powerful question to those in their 30’s regarding their faith. If you have time, consider stopping by and taking this quick survey. Also, because Frank rocks.

Books, books, and more Books. Sarah Bessey started a blog series, called 10 Books a Day for a Week. She lists lots of books, from ones she can’t stop reading again and again, to books for little kids, to books for little little kids. It’s great and any book lover would enjoy.

A Good Top 10. Her.meneutics posted their top 10 posts of this year so far. It’s a great list and worth checking out.

A Conversation to Reduce Abortion. If you are passionate about reducing the number of abortions in this country (and I really hope you are) than you will be encouraged by the ideas presented here.

Fear of Tattoos? Are you a Bible-following Christian who is hesitant to get a tattoo? Well, now there is a solution--these super-rad and realistic temporary tattoos from I kinds, sorta want one of each.

Did you find anything share worthy this week? A blog post, an article, a random bit of happiness that will make me smile? Le’t’s hear it!

Friday Findings: Ann Voskamp, Pentecost, and Porn.

Frieday Findings on Modern RejectHappy Friday Rejects. How are you? Well, I hope. As for me, I’m pretty darn sick, which also means I haven’t been my usual blogging self. Hopefully, by next week I’ll be feeling better and ready to take on the world (which just means write some actual blog posts). In the meantime…

Here’s what I managed to read and discover this week though between hot cups of tea and honey and much needed naps:

The Importance of Being Earnest and Ann Voskamp. I’ll admit that I’m not the world’s biggest Ann Voskamp fan. I love what she writes, I just don’t prefer how she writes it, but her prose is what so many people really love about her. All that aside, this post challenged me to rethink the way I perceive her and not just her, but any bloggers, writers, or individuals who are different from me, as a whole.

Love People, Not Projects. A short, but power-packed post from none other than Jamie the Very Worst Missionary (who, by the way, I want to be like when I grow up).

Oh, Hello Friend. I discovered this little gem of a blog last week and am addicted. It’s not a “Christian blog,” but it is a total chick blog filled with lovely things for you and your home, that happens to be written by a Christian. Cool.

Praying for Pentecost. I really enjoyed this post from the always brilliant and challenging Q Blog. Here’s a taste: “For our own pentecost, we need then to pray for the spirit of wisdom, the spirit of depth, the spirit of courage, and (given the over-sophistication of so much of today’s entertainment) the spirit of chastity.” So good and there’s much to chew on.

Quiet Anthem. This is the blog of Renee Ronika Klug, who I “know” through friends here in Phoenix. She is a wonderful writer (and I’m not just saying that). She is quite talented and has a remarkable way of weaving beautiful prose into stories of grace and hope. I think you’ll be happy to have found her. And how great is the name of her blog…Quiet Anthem?

Biblical Balance? This is a post that discusses what it means to be Biblically balanced…an interesting read, to say the least.

Porn as a Marital Aid? A simple and practical post from the genius of XXX Church on how to renew sexual excitement in your marriage….especially post porn.

So what made your must-read or must-share list this week? Please share some great stuff with me and the other rejects. I need some good reads while I’m laid up in bed with tissues and a humidifier!