Technical Difficulties…

My baby, my dear sweet baby, Mac has been displaying some alarming symptoms as of late and as a result, I was unable to finish the post I had planned for today. Of course, now she’s cooperating just fine. Like women, it seems Macs can be finicky. But, said post will up tomorrow, so never fear. … Read this post


Jesus is Greater Than…

I saw a picture this week (keep reading to see the picture) and it made me smile. Our God is big. He is greater than our worries. Greater than our fears. Greater than our dreams. Greater than yesterday. He is greater than Chuck Norris, even. So, I’m asking you to finish this sentence…

How God Led Me to Organic Church

Today, I’m over at Prodigal Magazine talking about how God moved me from where I was and what I thought was church, to where I am now. Here’s a taste… I thought church was what I experienced with my grandmother at Mass–a stuffy room, while beautiful was rather cold, filled with lots of old people crossing themselves … Read this post


How to Hear from God

Look, I’m no Moses. I have neither seen the burning bush in the wilderness nor climbed down from the mountain after seeing God face-to-face. I have, however, heard God speak–many times, in fact. I have seen people roll their eyes, or raise their brows when during conversation I say something like,  “…and the Lord told … Read this post


Breakdancing Jesus

My husband and I have long discussed whether or not Jesus was a funny man. You know, not funny “ha ha” but other kinds of funny. Was he jovial, a jokster, a goof? Did He like to play pranks on His disciples? Is that really what He was doing when He said John was His … Read this post


Separation of Church and State: Yea or Nay?

I know I don’t talk politics much here on Modern Reject. Truth be told, I am a political junkie and I have to temper myself, otherwise this blog would become a veritable political buffet. All that to say, sometimes something so juicy, controversial, titilating and downright hilarious ensues that it begs to be discussed. So, if you don’t … Read this post