Top 10 Modern Reject Posts of 2013

Oh man, I am just eeking in this sucker. Whew. I have to admit, I didn’t write much this year, but what I did write, I loved. I think 2013 proved to personally be some of my favorite posts.

So here’s a run down of the most-read Modern Reject posts of 2013. It’s always surprising to see what was most popular and wasn’t so much.

You know, who was the star quarterback and his girlfriend and who was the band geek and drama nerd (all of whom I love and adore).

Here’s the 10 posts you guys loved best:

1.  A Letter to Rick Warren

2.  Unfiltered.

3. The Bible-less Christian

4. The Myth of a Personal Savior

5. Sex is Yours

6. My View of Women’s Roles

7. When Rejection Comes

8. Stop Quoting the Bible

9. Our Ugly Jesus

10. The Biggest Lie I Believe About God

My Personal Faves from 2013:

1. I Want a Break from God

2. The Invasion of Jesus

3. My Physical Healing, Parts 1, 2, and 3

4. Size Doesn’t Matter

5.  And Then There Was Her…{To My Daughter}

Okay, is your favorite MR post from this year on the list? Anything you’d add? What were some of your other favorite reads from the interwebs in 2013?